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we are going to talk about a very

Important topic from your examinations

point of view that is the significance

of donbass region this topic is very

important from the perspective of

prelims specifically geographical and

also means gs means paper to because

this is a topic for international

relation and if you’re a political

science student of course

this is going to be very important for

you from your

papers from your mains paper option

paper point of view so let’s begin and

look at

the different subtopics that we are

going to discuss over here so i’m not

going to just hop on the background on

and on i will talk about the current

scenario and of course

i am going to be as brief as possible i

will make it crisp as possible i can and

you have to make sure that you build on

the structure i am giving you here so

what is the news now vladimir putin the

president of russia he has signed a

decree which recognizes

two independent republics in luhans and

donetsk that is ukraine’s donbass so

luhansk’s people republic people’s

republican dunes people’s republic are

now according to russia a separate

entity they do not belong to ukraine

anymore what does this mean what does

this mean for russia for the world it

means that russia now can supply troops

and it can also supply arms to these

regions the the region by the name of

donbass under the pretext of saying that

ukrainian government

is being aggressive in donbass so in

order to protect donbass this decree has

been signed and douma that is the lower

house of russia it has supported this

decision the defense secretary the

defense minister everybody was in favor

of this what does this mean for india

what does this mean for the world in

general what does this mean does this

mean war let’s see so before we begin

with anything just remember one thing

that this is an agreement which has been

signed between vladimir putin the

president of russia and the rebel groups

of the donbass region we will talk about

donbass first because until and unless

you know what is donbass what will you

understand so

this is for the people who have no idea

about donbass

donbass is basically the southeastern

region of ukraine

it according to russia is now a separate

entity okay so

culturally historically linguistically

it is very similar to ukraine but it is

a mixed population

area you can say

this area donbass donesques

and new hanks now according to the

degree donesks people’s republic and

luhans people’s republic this is a

different entity and this has been given

a thumbs up by russia of course the only

thumbs up to be given so donbass region

is a region which after the 2014

annexation of cremia when krima was

annexed by russia there was a lot of

unrest in these regions okay donetsk and

new hampshire so what happens that

these two regions they were pro

separators they did not want to get

linked with ukraine

and because of that they were considered

a separate entity a separate entity by

russia and this was basically the

separatist region

separatist okay remember this so these

were pro-russians

russia always kept an upper hand in

ukraine with the help of creamy and

unmiss okay so now these two regions are

supported by russia to be a separate

entity russia can

amass troops over here coming closer to

ukraine it can give weapons to this

region and that is not that is a grim

situation for the world many countries

such as china india many other countries

they are trying to calm the situation by

saying that please practice restraint

and if from geographical perspective it

is asked which


lies near donbass c of a zone c of azo

is lying in between ukraine the donbas

crimea and of course

tell me in this segment a common segment

what is

this region called okay what region is


i hope you are able to see the what

region joined c for zovat black c tell

me in the comment segment okay so this


because of of course the ukrainian

crisis wise

vladimir putin doing so because of the

crisis that is happening in ukraine the

simplest thing i can put here is russia

does not want nato

or nato to expand

beyond its according to russia’s own

process of thinking that it should not

go beyond

certain countries which are near to

russia and ukraine is one of those it

also wants nato to

have an agreement between the states

which were considered a part of nato

after the year 1997. so this is

something that russia has been saying

but it as um us and

ukraine were not listening to it it is

doing so so the situation is very grim

let’s see what happens now and if we

talk about the arm buildup this is a map

i have attached for you to understand

what is the arms buildup

very important for you to understand why

it is

for us for us as indians it is a grim

situation because we are dependent on

energy we are dependent on

many things right now from the central

european region and we have many

investments with respect to russia many

many investments india wants to have

with respect to russia and that is why

it is important for us to understand

okay so we have talked about that in

2014 uh large suites of donbass became


with unrest because they wanted

to have an understanding with the

russian with the russian population they

did not want to be associated with

ukraine so this was one thing secondly

there was also the

signing up of

minx deal

in the year 2015 this is not 18

2015. to have restrained to have proper

peaceful process of an agreement when it

comes to territorial attitudes but that

did not happen it was basically a

ceasefire agreement but that did not

happen so russia state duma has already

asked and urged putin to recognize the

independence of the two regions now


had issued eight

hundred thousand russian passports to


red residence which was by an order of

april 2019 so if they were not getting

passports they were not getting proper

identification to travel from ukraine

russia started to do so this was the

first step towards justification of that

region that yes we consider you as a

part also russia directly finances

pensions and public sector salaries in

eastern ukraine’s two separatists region

that were

hanks and dunes because after the war

the ukrainian government stopped giving

them any sort of financial support so

that was another thing both the

separatist region they have abandoned

the ukrainian currency of hyrunya and

that was in favor of

russian ruble so that was the third step

this is how russia and the two

separatist regions came together in 2021

the dunes people’s republic marked

rashadi on june 12th in showing their

sentiments these two regions were ready

they were very open that yes we consider

ourselves russians and then in late 2021

putin ordered the russian government to

lift curbs on any sort of import and

exports of goods between russia and

parts of the donescan luhang’s region

basically in order to show support that

yes we are supporting you financially we

are ready for investment okay also

united russia which is a party

pro-russian party in ukraine it

campaigned in eastern ukraine on

territory controlled by moscow-backed

separatists before a parliamentary

election in september 2021. also local

authorities in dunes they said in

january 2021 that russia had begun

supplying its sputnik

vaccine which was not at all

in consonance with the ukrainian

government because ukraine did not want

to import

vaccines from russia

because of the western alliances they

had okay moving on if we talk about the


first we need to understand the

significance of donetsk and luhans

the region as a lot because they are rich in

coal also

it might surprise you that although the

coalfield which extends through the

east to russian territory it is the

fourth largest in europe but the problem

is that it needs a lot of investment to

get it

the cost benefit analysis basically the

investment should be in such a manner

because this region is not very

beneficial when we talk about the cost

benefit analysis a lot of investment

might go but a lot of

what do you call it a lot of return may

not be possible because of the

low economic capacity of the region so

first is that then from the perspective

of defense we need to understand that

the steel which comes from these two

regions are very important for russia so

numerous companies in eastern ukraine

they provide important raw material and

products to russia especially for

russian space and defense industry and

we all know that

how does russian defense industry work

the name they have got for themselves

by supplying their ammunition and arms

to the world specifically to regions

such as india as well countries such as

india as well we know that how important

of a defense sector for russia is then

also we talk about sovereignty and

security as i told you that russia does

not want

nato to move

towards its borders which is happening

estonia lithuania through all these

countries russia wants restraint from

nato’s point of view so that is

something that we need to understand

because russia does not want the

presence of u.s near its region that is

why it is insecure and that is why by

recognizing these two territories that

is coming closer and closer to ukraine


it is i don’t know but let’s not hope

it’s a war

moving on because we cannot afford a war

right now right so on the indian economy


the prices of oil crude oil are already

shooting up can you tell me in the

comment segment uh at what year high

they are at

so first that secondly

the uh the specificity right now we can

see with respect to energy is very


very dangerous why because we are

getting back on the track omicron did

wreak havoc but it did not wreak as much

havoc as delta did so we we are trying

as an economy to get back on track if

it’s something of

even a small-scale word occurs

which is in the process i hope not but

it still is

so what will happen investments will

fly away from those regions because

people will try to

protect their investments and not invest

more in regions which are very crucial

for energy supply and that if that

happens that is already happening if

that happens at a much larger scale it

will recover for india and there will be

distortion in energy prices we already

know that

india is walking a tightrope when we

talk about balancing its ties with

russia and ukraine and u.s so it is a

very tough job for india india has been

a leader of the non-aligned movement

non-alignment movement but is it really

possible in this century when india is

gaining significance on the global map

with respect to having a very versatile

approach towards democracies

let’s talk about that as well because

this this is a missed opportunity for

india missed opportunity why why am i

saying this as you can see russia

ukraine crisis u.s scrambles to mount

response after putin’s announcement

diets china

now here the problem is it

did talk to india but it is seeing china

is getting closer to russia china might


what do you call it

that much of clout politically maybe

through its deal which happened in the

winter olympics that it can talk to

russia and why not india why not india

why india was not seen from the similar

perspective so it was a missed

opportunity for india right now

india never wants to talk about internal

matters this is something that india has

done since a long period of time

why do we say that we do not welcome

outside comments in our internal matters

every country is different

every country has their constitution

every country has their own history so

india is very firm on its standpoint

when it says we do not want to talk

about somebody else’s internal matters

india is saying that we want restraint

and that is that has been welcomed by

russia india has said that we do not


to have rhetorics we should practice

quiet diplomacy

so first thing is that and if we talk

about the sanctions which u.s has

imposed worrisome

not a lot but a bit why because one

thing that we need to keep in mind right

now as we are discussing it us has not

imposed sanctions on russia u.s has

imposed sanctions on the two newly

independently created or recognized

regions by russia that is

luhans and donetsk so what does this say

first of all let’s read out what does

this say the sanction

executive order on blocking property of

certain persons

and prohibiting certain transactions

with respect to continued russian

efforts to undermine the sovereignty and

territorial territorial integrity of

ukraine so any financial support any

investment support or any trade cannot

take place

from persons of u.s origin from persons

of us no origin from people from u.s in

the donbass region this has been said so

u.s warns that

russia does not capitalize on the gains

which it can

by recognizing these two regions as

republics so

keep that in mind not

on russia but of course on the on the

regions which have been created but it’s

a problem for india because india if

this grows into a full-fledged war india

has signed four defense agreements with


russia is a time-tested friend of india

russia has

supported india russia has stood by

india and it still stands by india with

respect to

the narratives india has for its own

country so first that we cannot lose our

friends such as russia also in the far

east region of russia india has

has actually it has it is determined to

invest in the russia’s paris region

which is rich in natural gas and oil so


we all should hope that we cannot afford

a war right now china

cannot china is also very firm on its

stand when it say we cannot afford a war

right now because this is a

post-pandemic i hope this is a

post-pandemic world where every country

needs to have their own outlook towards

dedicating their approach and getting

back together not tearing each other

down so quiet diplomacy the russian

envoy onward to the u.n has said the

at the emergency meeting of the unsc

that we are ready for diplomatic talks

but when it comes to sovereignty we will

take every measure as possible so this

is very important for us to understand

that every country has their own

sovereign issues which could be solved

with the help of diplomacy because

they are saying that in retaliation to

the sanctions that the u.s has put they

will come with their own sanctions the

word is not ready for sanctions not at

all we have experienced the trade war we

have experienced the kovit 19 pandemic

for the economy the investment is going

down we have seen the investment the

sentiments of the investors in the stock

market how the stock market is going

touching new laws so that is not

something that we are looking forward to

let’s have a look at our question okay

so why is donbass region of ukraine

important for russia discuss the

implications of sanctions imposed by the

us on russia with respect to the recent

decisions of russian donbass

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