What Is New India Literacy Program?

Recently the central government has

approved the Naya Baharat literacy program

this scheme has been launched for the

period from the year

2022-2027 this scheme is in line with

the national education policy 2020 and

budget announcements of 2021-22

the objective of this scheme is to

provide basic literacy and cover

important subjects like basic education

life skills vocational skill development

this scheme will be implemented through

volunteers in online mode this scheme

will cover non-literate people of the

age of 15 years and above in all the

states and union territories of the

country under this scheme a target has

been set to benefit about 5 crore

persons in 5 years significantly

according to the 2011 census the number

of non-literate people above 15 years of

age in india was about 26 crore.

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