What Is ICJS | Interoperable Criminal Justice System Project | UPSC Exam Material

first of all, let’s see why is it in the news

Recently the center approved the

Implementation of phase 2 of the

The interoperable criminal justice system

that is

icjs project by the ministry of home


it has been approved at a total cost of


3375 crore during the period

from 2022 to 23

to 2025 to 26.

now let’s discuss what is icjs

icjs that is interoperable criminal

justice system

is a national platform for enabling

integration of the main i.t system

used for delivery of criminal justice in

the country

it seeks to integrate the five pillars

of the system

police through crime and criminal

tracking and network systems

e-forensics for forensic labs

e-codes for codes

e-prosecution for public prosecutors and

e-prisons for prisons

the icjs system would be made available

through a dedicated and secure

cloud-based infrastructure with

high-speed connectivity

ncrb that is national crime records

bureau will be responsible for the

implementation of the project in

association with national informatics

center that is nic

the project will be implemented in

collaboration with the states and union


now let’s discuss about phases of icjs

in phase one of the project individual

i.t systems have been implemented and

stabilized even as search of records

have been enabled on these systems

under phase two the system is being

built on the principle of one data one


under this system data is entered only

once in one pillar and the same is then

available in all other pillars without

the need to re-enter the data in each


now let’s discuss about ncrb or national

crime records bureau


ncrb was set up in 1986 under the

ministry of home affairs to function as

a repository of information on crime and


so as to assist the investigators in

linking crime to the perpetrators

it was set up based on the

recommendations of the national police


1977-1981 and the mh is task force 1985.

ncrb brings out the annual comprehensive

statistics of crime across the country

according to the crime in india report

having been published since 1953 the

report serves as a crucial tool in

understanding the law and order

situation across the country

now it’s time for the practice question

consider the following statements with

regard to the interoperable criminal

justice system that is icjs

one it will be implemented by the

national crime records bureau


ncrb was set up based on the

recommendations of the national police


which of the above statement or

statements are or are correct

one only two only both one and two or

neither one nor two send the answer of this

The question in the comment section

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