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How To Use Following Words In Your Sentences

  1. At sixes and sevens: Home rulers, who were all at sixes and sevens among themselves agreed only upon one thing and that was the freedom of India.
  2. All in all: The Head clerk is all in all in this office.
  3. All the same: It is all the same to me whether the pullover is homemade or bazaar-made. 
  4. At large: The culprits are still at large.
  5. By fits and starts: He works by fits and starts and does not apply him steadily.
  6. Black sheep: We should be aware of the black sheep in our society.
  7. A bone of contention: This property is a bone of contention between the two brothers.
  8. To break the ice: We all wanted to talk on this subject by no one was willing to break the ice.
  9. A burning question: Kashmir is a burning question of the day.
  10. To back out: He promised to help me but backed out at the eleventh hour.
  11. To beat about the bush: Stop beating about the bush; say exactly what you mean.
  12. Bed of roses: A military life is not a bed of roses.
  13. In cold blood: He murdered the merchant in cold blood.
  14. To fall to the ground: The theory has fallen to the ground.
  15. Go hand in hand: Diligence and prosperity go hand in hand.
  16. Leave no stone unturned: Shah Faisal left no stone unturned to bring about unity in the Islamic world.
  17. Live from hand to mouth: Our middle-class people live generally from hand to mouth.
  18. Look down upon: He is so proud of his promotion that he looks down upon all his former friends.
  19. At a loss: He is never at a loss for an appropriate word.
  20. To pay back in the same coin: If a person is rude towards you, it does not mean that you should pay him in the same coin.
  21. To keep pace with: Agriculture in the states has kept pace with manufacturing, but it has far outstepped commerce.
  22. Red tape: Florence Nightingale was a sworn enemy of red tape.
  23. To speak volumes: The murders spoke volumes about political conditions before the Indian elections.
  24. Up to the mark: You don’t look quite up to the mark today.
  25. To get into hot water: Do not quarrel with your officers or you will soon get into hot water.
  26. Time and again: Time and again proverbs come to be true.
  27. Cut off: The supplies were cut off from the soldier due to snowfall.
  28. Run against: Zuhair Akram Nadeem was running against Dr. Farooq Sattar in the elections 89.
  29. To turn over a new leaf: The teacher pardoned the boy on the condition that he promised to turn over a new leaf in the future.
  30. To nip in the bud: The plot to overthrow the Government was detected and nipped in the bud.
  31. To feel like a fish out of water: Being the only educated person in that village, I felt like a fish out of water.
  32. To shed crocodile tears: Don’t be deceived by the beggar’s crying. They are only crocodile’s tears.
  33. Lion share: The stronger person generally gets the lion’s share of the property.
  34. To cry over spilt milk: The damage has been done but instead of crying over spilt milk do something to repair it.
  35. It is high time: The exams begin next month so it is high time to study seriously.
  36. To save something for the rainy day: He wasted his savings and has kept nothing for the rainy day.
  37. With a high hand: He is the most unpopular because he decides matters with a high hand.
  38. Day in and day out: I have been warning you day in and day out.
  39. To make the most of: He let me use his bicycle for a week and I am going to make the most of it.
  40. To make fun of: We should not make fun of handicaps.
  41. To make room for: They made room for more guests as all seats were full.
  42. To go through: He went through the whole book within a week.
  43. In all: He got 782 marks in all.
  44. All alone: Yesterday night she was all alone in her house.
  45. To put into practice: The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) put into practice what he preaches.
  46. A wild goose chase: The robbers fled away and the police gave them a wild goose chase.
  47. To end in smoke: All his efforts ended in smoke because they were not made sincerely.
  48. With flying colors: If you work hard you will pass your examination with flying colors.
  49. Odds and ends: The shopkeeper does not sell any particular article, but deals in odds and ends.
  50. Under one’s nose: The police were on the lookout for the culprit who was hiding under their nose.
  51. To poke one’s nose into: One should not poke one’s nose into other’s affairs.
  52. To kick up a row: It is useless kicking up a row when the matters can be decided peacefully.
  53. To wind up: He is winding up his business in the city, as he going abroad.
  54. In black and white: I want your statement in black and white.
  55. A red letter day: 14th August is a red letter day in the history of Pakistan.
  56. To run into: Last night my friend ran into a cheat who deprived him of his briefcase by changing it with an empty one.
  57. To bring to light: A number of facts were brought to light by the Prime Minister in the recent Press Conference.
  58. At the eleventh hour: The president postponed his meeting with the journalists due to the visit of the French delegation at the eleventh hour.
  59. To come across: At the wedding party, she come across two very close friends from University life.
  60. To give up: The doctor has strictly advised him to give up drinking and smoking for the sake of his life.
  61. To call a spade, a spade: Islam teaches us to call a spade, a spade even before a cruel ruler.
  62. To look after: All the parents have to look after their children during the early period of school life.
  63. To break up: The two partners have decided to break up the partnership and divide the assets equally.
  64. To get rid of: Pakistan must get rid of that type of foreign aid, which puts on her, under undue political pressure.
  65. At a stretch: Saeed Anwer played an aggressive inning and continued to score runs at a stretch.
  66. To give in: Imran Khan and Miandad were real fighters and they would never give in till the last ball.
  67. To let down: The rich feel proud of their wealth and usually let down the poor.
  68. Once in a blue moon: I am not so fond of movies and watch some fine art movies once in a blue moon.
  69. To fall out: A short-tempered football player fell out with his opponents and got wounded.
  70. To call on: The winners of the 1994 World Cup called on the President, with their captain.
  71. To call off: The University students finally decided to call off the strike as their demands were accepted.
  72. To bring home to: Rizwan brought home to her all the important aspects of the matter.
  73. To get over: The Indian Government made all possible efforts to get over the epidemic of plague.
  74. To get across: The news of Mr. Eddhi’s self-exile got across the country within no time.
  75. To make up for: The Government and people of Iraq are working day and night to make up for the loss caused by the Gulf war.
  76. To make off: The robbers made off through the back door just as the security guard started firing into the air.
  77. To bring out: The telephone Corporation has brought a decent Directory in three volumes.
  78. To bring up: Abraham Lincoln was brought up by his parents in a state of very limited financial resources.
  79. To take off: The Hajj flight will take off every morning during the next couple of weeks.
  80. To take place: The wedding of my cousin will take place in the first week of November, next.
  81. To keep up: Our cricket team must go through extensive training and practice sessions to keep up their position in the next world cup.
  82. To stir up: The statement given by Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi caused a great stir-up in political circles. 
  83. To go off: While the policeman was cleaning his rifle, it suddenly went off because it was loaded.
  84. To let off: Finally, the defaulter was let off by the civil authorities in view of his undertaking to abide by the rules in the future.
  85. To beg for: The Quaid-e-Azam begged for peace and friendship with his former enemies, the Congress leaders.
  86. To furnish with: The chief justice was furnished with all the documentary proofs against the accused.
  87. To look for: After the panic had subsided, people started looking for their misplaced baggage.
  88. To run after: According to Einstein, ordinary people run after ordinary objects such as property and luxury.
  89. To turn down: The secretary was taking down the main points to prepare a summary of the Seminar on pollution.
  90. To watch over: Sensible parents make it a point to watch over the outdoor activities of their growing-up children.
  91. To bank on: Never bank on a fair weather friend because he will certainly cheat you.
  92. To blow hot and cold: It is part of his nature to blow hot and cold as he favors this political party today and the other party tomorrow.
  93. To break the news: It was really very hard to break the shocking news of her husband’s accidental death to her.
  94. To call names: He is such loose tempered man that he often begins to call names to his neighbors.
  95. To turn the tables: The pace attack by Wasim Akram and Waqar turned the tables against India and our cricket team got a victory.
  96. To hold water: The judge will give a favorable verdict only when your lawyer’s arguments hold water.
  97. To face the music: Those who are responsible for terrorism in the city must face the music and be dealt with.
  98. To be under the cloud: These days, the opposition leaders are under a cloud and being tortured by the Government.
  99. By hook or by crook: The corrupt politicians try to win in every general election by hook or by crook.
  100. To run short of : These days most areas in Karachi are running short of water supply.

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