UPSC – RAS Mock Interview | RAS Topper Varsha Gehlot Mock Interview | Rajasthan Administrative Service

This is a Mock Interview Conducted before interviewing UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) – IAS (Indian Administrative Service) exam, you can call it a training session before appearing at the UPSC Board, and this kind of interview is conducted to check the preparation of candidates and their confidence. The similar type questions that are being asked are also part of these interviews,

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so any govt officials or their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

yeah please

good morning sir good morning please

take your seat thank you sir

are you more comfortable in english some

more comfortable in english okay so

as you’re aware that we are

trying to take whatever precautions

possible as far as covered is concerned

right and there is adequate distance

between me and you

so that you feel safe

and also we are removing mask only when

we are speaking otherwise we are wearing

masks you also have this opportunity if

you want to

remove masks and you feel comfortable

you can

or if you’re more comfortable with masks

i’m comfortable now okay and

you’re not showing any symptoms of

yourself right and you’re comfortable

yes sir okay then let’s start i want you

to introduce yourself to board members

yes sir so my name is varsha gehello i

belong to the airport district i’ve done

my graduation btec in electronics and

communication from modi university of

science and technology

, lakshmana

and you did it in 2015. yes sir

, you’re unemployed for five years now

um yes sir why was your university and

your education

inadequate to get you a job

and also

when i had campus placements


did had job i did and

got placement in

, two companies but i didn’t join the

companies i

came for the preparation of civil

services that was the reason why you

went for the b tech at all so

when i was in 12th

so there was a


the social environment was like , we

need to

have to get a good career and to get a

good if we want to have a good

professional degree we should either do

like engineering or mbbs such degree so

hence what i took btec as my

professional when was the last time when

you took a decision on your own so very

important decision not really what will

you eat and all so

when i came for this preparation of

civil services but then it’s a bandwagon

everybody goes for it it cannot be

independent decision

almost everybody goes so the , it was

my decision to not join the , company

in which i got placed and go for this um

but that

that is hardly an independent decision

that’s what my question is independent

of not just your family but independent

of the bandwagon that goes around in the

society any independent decision you can

take pride on so

in after my college in entire life if

you’re 25 years anything you believe

that you took an important decision

which you took on yourself which was not

as per the social norms and you that

shows that you’re not essentially

conformist so it was my decision after

10th to go for


take my science science as my subject

any good student takes science it’s a

social pressure

so i can say that i was

according to the perception at that time

as well as it was my decisions i was not

that against for not taking science or

not taking b tech as my graduation okay

anyways you have done electronics and

communication engineering yes you’re

comfortable with

the entire engineering part or you want

a specific area to

be discussed now so like um tell me a

very simple thing silicon germanium both

have valency four yes and we use it at

semiconductor carbon is also in the same

bracket but we do not use carbon and

semiconductor why

sorry so i will be able to answer for a

p-type semiconductor what kind of what

would be the doping material sorry so

you know i see engineering last last

scale ic engine is it the same as a

microprocessor or a microprocessor and

vlsi are ic are going to be different so

in ic engineering i see a integrated

integrated circuit yes sir very large

scale integrated circuit and


these are two

same things

these are different things so there are

different things what is the difference

between a blsi and a microprocessor so

microprocessor , like in our college we

study the microprocessor 8086


it it performs multiple tasks

, so it is used and you call it still

uses eight zero eight six to twenty


yes sir we studied in , zero eight six

in 2020 so in when we had the subject

microprocessors micro

we okay tell me how how do you do the

biasing in edge rate six so i’m not able

to recall it right now have you seen the

oscilloscope i’m sure you have


that shows the waveforms yes sir yes sir

tell me the terminals on the

oscilloscope sorry sir so

version yes tell me about the

cryogenic engine cryogenic engine yes

sir sir it is

cryogenic engine is the one

which uses

liquid nitrogen as its fuel what is

quantum dots quantum dot sorry okay what

is project loon project loon so project

loon is a

initiative by google they will be having

hot air balloon kind of

devices for which they will be providing

internet services what are around that

region what are the objectives of nano

machine in india so nano mission ,

mainly focuses on the nanotechnology and

developing those nanodevices for various

functions tell me about a brief

information about the cloning process

chlorine process sorry okay valve never

is very important , in odapa reason why

it is so important so it’s near the um

mining area

so it’s a copper stone civilization and

it was developed near the

other name of our civilization other

name arthur

what is importance of yoga at the

cellular level in the body so yoga is a

process which

i’m not getting there okay

in between

and it was built for ,

it was it has a story behind it that why

it was built can i go forward with the

story no no what is carbon nanotube and

how is differ from the carbon fiber

sorry okay tell me about the

two lakes two canals or isn’t from the

artificial intelligence

so major reasons which can be counted

for the urban flooding are um

one of the major reason is the um

expansion of the cities which is taking

place , without

i i will say unsustainable expansion of

the cities like there are some um the

concept of sponge cities that is not

been taken care of during this expansion

like the storms drains

urban flooding

around this time sir okay tell me what

do you understand by technical recession

technical research

okay then , what do you understand by

this term bank run

what is bank run so bank run is when

bank gets



then ,

have we seen this phenomena in recent

times bank run

i can say of the npa crisis which are

taking place in the recently a bank

failed in india can you name the bank

it’s a pnb bank

that was pnp bank has failed no sir no

it’s not pn

it got np it was under the npa right


we hear a word very often these days

this term vaccine nationalism sometimes

it is combined vaccinationalism what is

this so during the recent corona crisis

times each country is trying to develop

their vaccines for their

citizens what is wrong in that so there


there’s nothing wrong in that place yes

sir there’s nothing wrong but the thing

is that , there are some countries

which are developed nations then there

are some which are developing and there

are some which are underdeveloped so in

that case ,

this is a pandemic and in developed

countries they will , they are having

good technology so they would be able to

develop it much faster than um

the other nations you are not answering

my question i wanted to know

what exactly is vaccine nationalism and

why it is

considered to be not right so because we

are living presently we are living in a

globalized world

and if we cooperate even if we

coordinate more then our there can be

optimum utilization

every nation for itself no there is no

global cooperation as such yes sir okay

can you tell me about this circuit

dispute sir

dispute so circuit dispute is between

india and pakistan

circuit is a place near the

gujarat region and it is a mainly iran

ran like area


when any such maritime dispute is there

inland maritime dispute there is one


a very well known principle that comes

into play what is that so it is , so

i’m not exactly remembering that

principle but it also took place during

, when india and bangladesh were having

issues over there my final question to

you india reorganized the state of

german kashmir into two new duties last


and india came out with its new map yes


so three countries protested

one was china one was second was


which was the third country

and why is that said during the

formation of

union territories of ladakh and kashmir

yes so another country was


sure about it

thank you

take your seat for sure

thank you sir

yes tell me how was the interview what

are the areas you believe that you

you’re comfortable and where you need to

improve yes i need to improve a lot and

i thought

okay i think so and , are you able to

are you in position to identify the

areas you need to improve yes definitely

so my

um that engineering thing was

i couldn’t brush it up right now

see that’s the last degree you have ,


so it makes sense to brush it up because

see you need to understand the dilemma

of the board members they don’t know

anything about you so they they need

something to crack the conversation for

that the best thing is about your

education and for the best last thing is

your last degree is the most important

thing so usually , one should , brush

up the last background subject as good

as possible yes see , basha you’re a

good candidate your personality is good


in general your appearance is good entry

is good the sitting posture by and large

is okay by and large i’m saying because

you have this tendency of clasping your

hands clasping hand is always

a no-no when it comes to interview

because it kind of shows the nervousness

and the the kind of things that’s going

on in your mind so

placing your hands like this is the best

way and besides , not only the clasping

thing you also have this tendency of

having a lot of hand movement and

moving your hands moving your hands is

again a problem because it indicates

that the candidate is short of words and

which is trying to supplement , the

conversation with the hand movements so

least hand movement is something we

always prescribe okay so you can work on

that yes otherwise sitting posture is

good voice level in general is good um

eye contact is also good and flow is not

that bad right so that way the bubble

communication thing is okay though i

still believe that

when you were speaking hindi you were

more comfortable i don’t know why you

chose english as your medium but there

despite having an english medium you may

have to appear in hindi so be ready for

that okay and i think you’re ready for

that actually

you’re insisting for english thing is

something i’m not yet very comfortable

it but then it’s your decision right

okay you can work on that on the


you also have this tendency of giving

long preface to your answer

right your answer should be crisp to the

point my gold standard is that i always

tell candidate that

please understand the intention of the

board member and make sure that you hit

the intention of the board member in

first sentence okay okay

at most ,

late most in the second sentence but

first sentence is the ideal thing okay

you have this tendency of giving a

little preface to your answers you can

avoid that right

you also

need to understand that

the communication here is a formal

communication and unfortunately unequal

formal communication right it’s not we

are not unfortunately the equal

contributors in this communication so it

means that

you should always allow board members to

interrupt you

but you cannot interrupt a board member

that’s a basic , golden rule okay so

you have this tendency that even when

the board member interrupt you want to

finish your

stuff right you can avoid that you can

stop stop the movement board members

speak even if you have very important

thing to speak just let the board

members finish that will be good right

other things , generally , okay

generally okay okay

you can brush up your

electronics things as much as you can

yes all the best

thank you sir

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