UPSC – IPS Mock Interview | Sandeep Kumar Mock Interview | Rank – 186, IPS – UPSC 2020

This is a Mock Interview Conducted before interviewing UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) – IAS (Indian Administrative Service) exam, you can call it a training session before appearing at the UPSC Board, and this kind of interview is conducted to check the preparation of candidates and their confidence. The similar type questions that are being asked are also part of these interviews,

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so any govt officials or their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

yes please do

good afternoon sir good afternoon good

afternoon sir please take a seat thank

you sir

yo mr sandeep kumar yes sir sadeep

comfortable yes sir

you have chosen english as your medium

of interview yes sir

sundeep you must have noticed that

we are taking adequate care when it

comes to covet and

we have taken many steps and one of the

step is that we have capped your chair

at adequate distance and

if you notice that you are at a safe

distance from anybody in this room right

so one of the advantages that if you

want to remove your mask because you

must be feeling safe then you can choose

to remove your mask as well would you

like to remove yes sir thank you please


thank you

okay yes okay thank you and you’re not

showing any symptoms yourself no no no

and are you vaccinated

, no sir i had to covet down code , in

so you’re making a covered position so

you’ll have yes right fine okay sandeep

so let us start to begin with i want you

to introduce yourself to board members


, my name is sundeep kumar i come from

madurai district of bihar i did my

schooling from jawaharlal vidalia

madhubani i have done my graduation and

post graduation from the department of

mathematics iit kharagpur

and i graduated in 2019 and since then i

have been preparing for civil services

this is my second attempt

you graduated from iit kharagpur which


which branch sir , mathematics and


maths and computing yes so it’s an

integrated , program which gives you a

post graduation in five years yes it’s

an integrated msc course it’s a

five-year course five-year course yes

and you took it , mathematics as your

option yes sir and that’s been your

optional here as well right yes

, so so you’re more or less a


ah good person to ask what are numbers

so what are numbers

sir numbers are

mathematical objects to describe



so for instance natural numbers help us

in counting the objects

and fractions can help us

also count the numbers and divide the

divide the objects in various quantities

fractional quantities

so in a way

number is

a measure for

measure for quantity

since you did maths and computing so i


from numbers we can move to the binary

things why do we choose

binary form of i mean binary set of


as a primary

way in computing


binary numbers are used in computing

mostly because

the computing is based on transistors

and the on and off switch

which are used in the transistors

and the sir binary helps us in that

one can be interpreted as on switch and

zero can be interpreted as off switch so

these signal links are done by

transistors and

computers are very efficient in

manipulating binary numbers and this is

the basis for computation in if you stay

with the number systems be binary we

decimal system hexadecimal system we

always find these systems are even i

mean you’re getting a point yes these

are even

even number of base for these systems

why can’t we have odd number based

number systems

if we can have a hexadecimal we should

be able to have september or

pentamil but that’s not the case

one reason i can think of is that




representation in the computation is

based on , byte that is eight bit is

called one byte



even numbers as the base four , number

system helps us in

building these various memory blocks for

instance memory blocks can be 2 raised

to the power n and that can be

represented by these even numbers 2 or 8

base or 16 base much more easily so this

is my understanding sir

are you appeased to be enjoying

mathematics i mean i’m a person who can

see if

why exactly you’re coming to civil

services you should actually be in


sir i like the subject mathematics but

my passion is for civil service mainly

because growing up in bihar the kind of

challenges and problems i like your

honesty you actually into

civil services just because you were

born nbr that’s an accident that

happened with you

it was not an accident but the

circumstances led me to think

differently about the issues that we are

facing in our country sir bihar faces

some of these issues under development

and lack of education and health care in

more severe terms and i had to face that

too that led me to thinking what can be

done about it and

, what you’ve been knowing that bihar

has got more than its fair share of

bureaucrats right yes both in police

administration and it has not changed

via a bit

so having more bureaucrats from bihar

will do nothing as far as upliftment obr

is concerned that’s what our history

that was the past is why do you believe

that adding one more to this number will

make any change


sir our problem is multidimensional and

it’s very complex

so actually one of the problem i believe

i’m sorry i’m interrupting is that

is the you are part of the problem

actually everybody want to become a

bureaucrat or a government servant

rather than actually contributing to

progressive bihar

sir i think bureaucracy will also have

to play a major role in

development of not necessarily

bureaucracy or biharis good bureaucracy

will play a role not necessarily a

bihari bureaucracy made consisting of

biharis will make



i think sir i’m

more familiar with the issues that bihar

faces i myself struggle with some of

those educational opportunities are very

few health care systems are not present

in many villages

so i think i have understanding of those

issues which will help me in becoming a

better bureaucrat you are right sir good

bureaucracy will help bihar answer we

want holistic development of bihar in

that government will have to create some

enabling conditions so for instance we

want to bring industry in bihar and for


to create enabling conditions government

will have to play a facilitative role

creating infrastructure better

regulations providing

credit support to entrepreneurs so in

this bureaucracy especially good

bureaucracy we’ll have to play a major

role sir i think

i want to join bureaucracy to contribute

towards that betterment in situations in

bihar sandeep you studied from java


itself and i can see you mentioned that

you were head of the saraswati puja


why should a school a state-funded


have saraswathi puja at all

we don’t have namaj we don’t have

other things in state funded institution

why saraswati puja

sir constitutionally there is bar on

religious instruction in state funded


but , this is a cultural program ,

which is that’s a smart and shoot way of

calling religious theme cultural that’s

been happening for many many decades


saraswati puja is mainly organized by a

student body and

school as an administration does not


a great role in it they provide security

they provide some , support , but it

is mainly done by students why should at

all there be swati puja at school

government state funded schools sir

your honest opinion , sir saraswati

there may be a

goddess in greek mythology also i don’t

care my question is straight yes why

should we have religious

pujas in government funded schools

sir this also shows the cultural

heritage of our country we as a country


a goddess a


representation of female deity

representing the importance of knowledge

and that is important to the students

and sir in my experience i have seen

that students enthusiastically

participate in it and

along with the

certain aspects of religious rituals

which are performed , sir many cultural

festivals are also ,

part of becoming part of the festival


sandeep what was the central theme of

the budget presented this year

so i said i have forgotten the any other

highlights of the budget

sir there was a

significant increase in infrastructure

spending ,

i think it was about 35

increase in infrastructure capital

expenditure sir

and ,

so there was , increased expenditure in

health sector as well vaccine

got 35 000 crore


various other measures like sanitation

and the

development of

healthcare infrastructure got a push

from the budget

so these are

what was the total size of budget

roughly so it’s about

25 lakh crore but i may be mistaken sir

i don’t know the exact field okay and

what is the amount of taxes government

expected to receive this year

sorry sir i am not able to in a rough


you’re studying mathematics you’re

saying remember figures


sorry sir i’m unable to neglect okay

i’ve not studied that

and have you studied the budget i think

you could have some impression about the



direct taxes and indirect taxes combined



18 of the gdp 80 percent of gdp

what is the size of udp of indianapolis

, sorry about three trillion dollar

three trillion dollar only

yes sir and nominal gdp is about three

so eighty percent of

that yes means how much

so it’s what ,



okay is it

yes sir that much taxes the government

is likely to receive this year


so expenditure of the government must be

bigger than that

yes okay which is the most important

infrastructure project under


what is the name of that project sir

right now national infrastructure

pipeline has been , rolled out that’s


, what are the components of this



national infrastructure pipeline

, covers white gamut of infrastructure

projects or emphasis is on , road



and , sir , industrial quarter doors

any scheme for road building

so national highway construction program


is one and sir industrial coordinators

, delhi ,


mumbai industrial corridor is being


and , sir there is a provision for

dedicated freight , corridor as well

eastern freight corridor and western

fred corridor , these things are being

built then there is provision for

defense corridor as well in the chennai

and in third place

so these are some of the projects i can

okay so only road and rail projects are

there in pipeline

no sir there are

other provisions as well energy related


there is one scheme related to building

a pipeline especially in the eastern

part of the country

so it is called i think urja ganga


okay runs from which place to which


sir it connects

bihar with the

asham i think sir any specific location

in bihar

sorry sorry i’m unable to recollect okay


which country we are having the largest

foreign trade with

so as a country it is ,

so i’m confused between china and usa

perhaps it is usa i think so


how much is the size of trade both ways

it’s about

80 a billion dollar sir


and second biggest trade is with china

yes and that is the size of

so it’s near what that sir , the

figures are very close either okay

roughly the same yes sir what is the

status of russia

sir with russia we have skewed trade

relations in the defense sector we have

significant , trade relations

but in other

other sectors we don’t have that much

cooperation so

so overall

i don’t remember the figures but it is

significantly lower than ,

the foreign trade with usa okay you have

studied from kharagpur iit when what is

was it established said it was

established in 1951. okay on the

recommendations of which committee or



sir it was recommended by sarkar


nalini ranjan sarkar committee sir

nalini ranjan sarkar committee yes okay

who was mr nalini rajna sarkar

sorry sir i don’t know much correct

priority is based on which institutional


, so it is based on ,

mit of the ussr

institute of technology

where it is located mit sir it is

located in , message sets which


, sorry sorry i don’t know how many

provinces are there in usa

, sir there are 50 states sir that i

okay states yes

so message users is located which state

sir i think message states is an estate

itself itself okay

in which part of the usa southern


western eastern , sir

it’s in ,

part sir i think okay that’s correct

okay sandeep thank you

thank you


so i gather from your daf that you read

non-fiction books yes ma’am

tell me the name of five books that you

have read

ma’am after means , i’ve read a lot of

books among them uncertain glory , by

professor ahmed sin and john drizzy

, second thing second book i read is ,

india on bond

by mr gucci indus then

the difficulty of being good again by mr


, i have also read

a think on these things by mr jedu



another book that i read , was ,

meditations by , marcus aurelius the

roman emperor

okay so tell me the just about this

marker earliest book

meditations ,

marcus aurelius was a

roman emperor as well as a stoic



his main sayings

relate to historic philosophy and it

says that

we may face all kinds of challenges in

our life but

rather than complaining about it or

whining about it we must face face it up

and we have to deal with it come what

whatever may be

and we have to ready for the


and that is the only way

and also it says that equinamity ,

whether it is , pain or pleasure or

sadness or happiness the equine

equinamity is ,

to be developed


developing the virtues , which are

central to greek philosophy

this these can only lead to a happy

state of mind this is the gist of marcus

or religious meditation

who also suggested equanimity

in indian philosophy

equanimity has been a central tenet in

indian philosophy as well , lord buddha

also taught equanimity and in

mahabharata , the in the

bhagavad-gita also lord krishna suggests

arjuna to maintain equanimity in all

kinds of conditions okay so you also

practice meditation yes ma’am

so what kind of meditation

mammoth is a mindfulness meditation okay

how is it different from rajyo ghatiyog

mam hut yog is mainly , the yogi

exercises , which are done


mindfulness meditation is mainly

focusing on breath

to observe the thoughts and emotions in

our mind

it is also

different from

raj yog

mam i don’t know much about rajyo

but mindfulness meditation is mainly

focusing on breath okay so recently our

pm compared our dhan or meditation to

some other technique of another country

he compared japanese zen with indian

meditation urdhan yes so do you find it

correct comparison or is there any


ah ma’am curiously enough gen word is

derived from the word dhyana itself

that dhyan got translated into chinese

and from there gen comes

and gen practices also

encourage meditation as a tool to

develop our personality

so there is similarity to that but

methodology methodologies might differ

in many ways gen

practice of meditation is

more close to

buddhist practice of meditation

and indian dhyana has been

systematized by patanjali’s yoga sutra

so there might be some differences

okay so tell me three women leaders you

admire from india they can be leaders in

any aspect


in politics

i had my late sushma swords


ma’am from the field of



from isro has shown us

what women can achieve she has been

called rocket women of


and in kovid pandemic management ,

scientists like mrs gandhip kang and


these have shown what women can achieve

these are okay you are from bihar so

tell me

um what is the difference between

women’s right in property and dowry

, by law women have equal right to

property and they have right to


and it dotty is still a reality despite

it being illegal in india and we have

seen harassments related to dowry’s


in bihar as well as in our country


relation is that sometimes dory is


by saying that

since women relinquish their claims on

property and mainly ,

the male members

get their inheritance from their fathers

it is justified to demand dory but i

think this is a very

very wrong interpretation of the loss

dory is an evil system and it has been

due to patriarchy and its

cruel demand


as far as right to property is concerned

we have to create better awareness so


women demand this right more fervently

and they enjoy it as well and that can

be one of the ways to

curb dori as well

okay thank you thank you


could you name

some indian mathematician and their

contribution in mathematics

sir india has contributed to mathematics

right from ancient time

whether it is the discovery of zero ,

during the time of artifact


initial development of calculus during

the time of

who invented zero sir there is ,

controversy related to this while zero

has been used in used in indian

mathematics , from very early on ,

vascali managed manuscript also contains

zero , which predates , aribat but

advert , arvid’s manuscript ,

explicitly uses it , in in his books so

that is the first instance we see of

zero being used in mathematics

so other than that , vascara in the

medieval period he also contributed to

the mathematics

if we come to modern periods

ramanujan is one of the greatest

mathematician he is from india he

contributed to infinite series


after that

mathematicians like

sunsekar khari

contributed to algebraic geometry sir ,

last year

css died he also contributed

phenomenally to algebraic geometry this

year ms nersiman

sir died and he also had contributed to

algebraic geometry which is a key branch

of mathematics

okay you are from madhubani

yes sir could you tell us about the

history of madhubani painting

and one thing more


tell us about the main features of

madhubani painting like subject of



paint if you can tell us


sir madhvani painting as a tradition

derives from the time of ramayana


it is said that when lord rama was

coming to

marry sita the the homes of mithla

region were painted with madurani

paintings to welcome him so

that is the origin of mathwani painting

second thing is that , the key features

of mathematic paintings are can be

categorized into the

three themes , one is that legends of


the marriage of ramashita

love between lord krishna these things

are depicted

second thing is that naturalistic theme

of madurani painting the the flora and

fauna of methylation tulsi plant

these things are depicted



third is the social settings social

cultural depictions in madonna painting

for instance this is part of coheber

painting the

the wedding horse which is painted with

madhavani painting so as far as famous

painters are concerned , sir this

tradition has been chiefly carried on by

women , maha mahandari devi is

award-winning painter madhuni painting

these women have contributed

phenomenally to maduni painting



interesting thing about maduni painting

is that it still depends on natural

sources for

painting for instance

color is obtained from

flowers and so for instance yellow color

is obtained from ochre okay leave it

leave it

, just before me madame were asking

with you about raj yoga and hattie i

want to know something also

is there any connection between yoga and


or both are different

sir as per

patanjali’s yoga

there are eight

parts of yoga


could you name all that

oh sure sir

, sorry sir i’m forgetting the right

order , yum nyam ashan ,


, dharna dhyan samadhi

and there is one this is not the correct

order okay okay

give any three reasons on the basis of

which we can select you


first thing is that

i have worked hard in my life to reach

here and i’m a hard working individual

who has lived his life with discipline

so that will be helpful in bureaucracy

as well

so second thing is that i’m passionate

about civil service mainly because the

issues that i faced have convinced me

that being part of bureaucracy will

provide me a platform to serve the

society in a meaningful way

and i will be able to contribute towards

the development of nation

and third is that i’m i remain

optimistic about my country and its


and sir i believe that the coming decade

is going to be india’s decade

as has been highlighted by the prime

minister as well that is going to be a

decade of india

and i want to be part of that

development process and contribute

meaningfully to it okay okay last

question from my side what are your


sir one weakness

i would say is that i’m not that

enthusiastic about sports and i want to

correct it

and so the second

weakness i can say is that i’m slightly

introvert , although i’m working on it

by talking to different people

so these are two weaknesses i am not

enthusiastic for many things

so this is my weakness

not necessarily sir but i think sports

and fitness they play a key role in our

life so i i wish

in school days i had

paid more attention to some sports

so i consider that my weakness okay

sir sandeep

you are from bihar right yes now tell me

one thing , recently , sputnik 5 has

been rolled out


variant of yes vaccine

in addition to covaxian and kobe shield

yes i worry about this yes yes yes

now tell me one thing ,

is this vaccine available in bihar

sputnik 5

is it being administered to a general

public ,

sorry sir i don’t you’re not aware about

this can you please tell me how

sputnik 5 is different from kobe shield

sorry sir i don’t know the technical

difference okay now will you please tell

me what is


time lag between the two dodges insofar

as sputnik 5 is concerned the first dose

will be followed by the booster dose

after interval of how many days

sir i’m not aware of the time lag for

west point why why this time lag has

been incorporated

in so far as administration of vaccine

is concerned in indian context as well

as in foreign countries as well


this this difference is , what is the


so the rational is that

first those causes some ,

immunity building in our body ,

and after a while ,

the second dose gives a booster dose and

it leads to a significant increase in

antibodies present in our body so this

has been observed after trials that

if we


gaps of few weeks between the vaccines

there is much more increase in the

amount of antibodies generating in our



this has come after trials and it has

been recommended , for that reason what

are the guidelines issued by government

of india for , vaccinating , women who

are in the family way

part mr i could not get the last part

women who are expecting means pregnant

women can they go for vaccination

what are the recent guidelines issued by

government of india


recently government has allowed pregnant

women to get vaccinated as well sir

but i’m not aware of the all the

technical details i think sir they have

they have to consult a doctor though

they have been a lot but

conditions might vary and as per

doctor’s recommendation you’re not aware

about the general guidelines you should

buy the government right tell me in so

far as parliamentary proceeding is

concerned i’m just giving you some ,

phrases you’ll have to explain that

point of order

sir point of order is raised when it is

believed that rules of the horse are not

being followed any member can raise it

and all the proceedings of

the parliament stops at that point and


rules are

followed and then the proceedings begin

calling attention motion

sir calling attention motion


a motion which tries to bring attention

to a

an important issue

who initiates this calling attention


so i believe any member can initiate

calling attention motion

it tries to bring attention of the house


any particular issue that is facing our



now tell me if india is to is to chart

the same path of economic development as

china undertaken

what will be the fallout what will be

the negative consequences of the same


one thing that has been seen in china is

that despite it being a communist

country income inequality has gone up


so that might be become a problem in

india as well that is problem number one

give a pointed reply yes sir

second , problem is that ,

during the process

, china has taken many coercive

measures for instance in ,

taking up the land , they have evicted

families and evicted the whole



if we go for that kind of infrastructure

post that might be a problem in india as


and third thing is that sir

china is one of the leading producer of

gsgs greenhouse gases

and with the same kind of approach , we


develop country as well because it will

lead to climate change becoming more

severe , for our country okay my last

question to you see it is generally said

and it is true as well that most of the

conventional indian societies

are having a foundation of

patriarchy deep rooted this patriarchy

is manifested in many forms you know be

it institution or our practices one

practice is

let’s go to bihar that the , bharata

starts from the gentleman’s house

to the lady to be married right yes the

gentleman , performs all the rituals

there at the lady’s house and brings the

lady to his house fine

what if the system is reversed

as a consent to the fact that if we do

this we are going to do away with a

system of patriarchy because this also


in any way

a form of patriarchy what will be , the

scene if the system is revolt

, so this system is actually

the river system is actually found in

some of the northeastern states for

instance in manipur

sir if

boys stay in girl’s home

also then

there is some problem basically

the issue is between

a family system where individuality is

not respected as such

and versus the

system of

individual freedom where boys and girls

when they marry they have their freedom

to chart out their own life rather than

becoming part of the joint family system

so i think even when we reverse the

system the

the problems of

institutional problems of family



create frictions

and the better approach would be

to respect the individual freedoms of

the couples to chart out their own life


in the meanwhile

we don’t need to

disrupt the whole family system but

there can be some changes which can be

brought about in the family system of





you want to become a

dm i suppose

suppose you ,

become a collector or dm in your own


and there is a situation that there are

district level appointments that’s being

made in your district you are definitely

the at the helm of the affairs

and when the appointments are through

and you have not intervened in the

support of these appointments ideally

you should not

, then comes the list

of the candidates who are selected for

the district level appointments may be

for teachers or whatever right and there

are 10

person in that list and all belong to

the same caste

and that happens to be your caste


right after that list came there comes a


to you


your jati panchayat jathi

sabha your cast to sabha

thanking you

for taking care of

your community and

working for the improvement of your


how will you react to both these

items at your table you have not done

anything wrong

sir here there is an issue of public


trust in public institutions are very


and , this issue of all people being

from same caste ,

can become problematic it can also

become politically qualified and they

have gone through the same process why

should you be intervening , sir so one

thing i will

do is that i will make this a

whole the process can be ,

made more transparent and what will you

do at these two things how will you

respond to these two lists

sir as far as the appointment is

concerned if

the procedures have been followed and

there is no discrepancy in that then i

will respect the choice

and , i will follow it 10 people same

from your cast being appointed

no matter whether you said or not

obviously they be they know who the dm

is that’s why they are appointed

sir again i will try to investigate

because this raises a matter of cons

this becomes a matter of concern for me

as well i will become suspicious of the

whole process so i will try to

investigate and see if any rules have

been floated and in the during the

investigation if anything comes then i

will take action but if

it happened that way maybe there was no

reservation or anything like that and it

is a coincidence that all people from

same cast got selected

such a coincidence is happening for a

lot lot of time in our country for 70 or

in fact as a matter of fact for

thousands of years such cause

coincidence are happening isn’t it ,

sir but we have progress towards making

administration what will you do about

the second letter

, so sir i will , reply to them by

saying that

i am not doing any favor to any caste i

don’t believe in the system of caste and

inequality associated with it

this has been done through a rigorous

process and i myself investigated the

whole matter as far as

the appointment of candidates are


and i will right away say to them that

please don’t expect such favors related

to cast from me

i am a public servant and i believe in

the constitution of the country i

believe the in the process of law and

rules and i will follow only that fine

sandeep it was nice talking to you your

interview is over you can go now

thank you sir thank you ma’am thank you

isn’t the bet

thank you


so how was it

what are the areas you believe you’re

okay and where you believe that you need

to work

sir asked about the budget

provisions on those things i have

studied but i have not revised them

properly so those things still have some

time yeah so still have a month or so i

will i will revise them and especially

regarding sputnik

and those things , i will devise them

economy and kovada specter you can

probably , re-look at it yes sir

see sandeep you’re definitely a very

good candidate you , come you have good

academic background you’re an iit and

you worked you studied from java

navidale you’re good you studied from

good institutions and

that way your personality is good you’re

groomed well

you’re coming to specifics your entry is

good sitting posture is good voice level

by and large is good in a verbal

communication , in fact on the boundary

line of the verb and nonverbal

communication you have this

good smile

which you use a lot

but you use it a lot right so that’s the

thing so you’re using it which is good

you’re looking good but at few places it

appears as if it’s you’re over using it

okay so maybe you can

work it i mean i see smile in itself is

not offending yes but there is always a

possibility that if it is at the wrong

places then sometime board members may

take like they may not like it okay

right that that is one area hand

movement by large is restricted , there

is a huge neck movement with you

right you move your neck a lot so it’s

not just nodding it’s more than that so

look at the video carefully and

if you also believe that it’s it is

looking a little awkward then you can

think of controlling it see it’s going

to be your call but my duty is to point

it out then this is one area you have to

look at

ah similarly this you have this tendency

of hand clasping right sir , hand

clasping is a technique which is used

only by the candidates who have this

tendency of a vigorous hand movement if

that is not you with your case place

your hands like this okay right if you

have this tendency of moving your hands

a lot and only in that case you can

think of clasping it right okay

other things ,

you must as you mentioned that whenever

the factuals

are asked

whenever whether it’s data budget things

it appears that you go a little low on

confidence there right one is obviously

not knowing not knowing is obviously a

problem you will work it out but in any

case no matter how much you prepare in

any interview there will be a patch

where you may not be knowing answers

right fine but then , the reaction to

this should not be by lowering your

confidence right so one you have to work

on two front one you have to prepare for

it and second you have to ensure that

even in the areas where for some reason

you don’t have answers don’t let your

confidence , dip right yes this is ,

another suggestion i wanted to make

otherwise usually things are good i

didn’t like the way you addressed hobby


i mean when us i have been saying it for

many years now whenever the issue of

hobby and interest come it is your

chosen area so you should have a obvious

expression of , happiness discussing it

in your case there was more of a fear oh


right so prepare the hobbies well now

yoga and all okay and second whenever

these discussions are being made

try and be more energetic now while

you’re discussing it right other things

well in place i am sure , you will be

doing very very good right all the best

thank you

thank you man thanks

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