Top 5 Cyber Security Tools

Do you know friends that cyber security software is required for companies or individuals cyber security and cyber privacy security is a mean of protecting network system applications from cyber-attacks it is employed in order to prevent illegal data access cyber-attacks and identity theft.

What is Cyber Security?

what is cyber security? cyber security is the practice of protecting systems networks and programs from digital attacks. this has been fueled by the explosive growth of the internet with 3.4 billion users which has become a haven for hackers, cybercrime has quickly become a top-level security priority across the globe this has created a huge demand for cybersecurity experts this is why learning about cyber security is more important than ever to develop secure software identify and respond to cyber threats and critically analyze digital evidence to solve and prevent crimes. cyber security can open up many different career pathways for example ethical hackers are useful in testing the system security, while a cyber forensic investigator works with law enforcement to retrieve data or find digital evidence we are more reliant on technology than ever, and cyber security plays an integral part in every device we

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Top 5 Cyber Security Tools

In today’s article on cyber security tools, we will briefly discuss the top 5 cyber security tools

Kali Linux

The first tool that we are going to study about is kali Linux. it is among the most common tools used in cyber security this operating system consists of a range of tools that are used in security auditing networks and system scanning for vulnerabilities one of the main advantages of this platform is that cyber security experts with different levels of understanding can use it making it an ideal choice for even an entry-level professional


The second tool that we are going to discuss is metasploit, it has an excellent collection of tools that are perfect for penetration testing professionals who often use it to meet a wide range of security objectives such as discovering vulnerabilities of systems and network designing strategies to improve the company’s cyber security defenses and many more

Johnny Ripper

Let’s discuss the third tool which is johnny ripper security experts use john the ripper to test the strength of passwords, it designs helps in exposing weak passwords that pose security threats to a particular system, in the beginning, it was only designed for the UNIX platform but the new version allows it to work on the other operating systems as well such as stars windows open beams and etc


The next tool that we are going to talk about is Wireshark, it was earlier called ethereal it is among the best tools for cyber security based on the console it is a packet sniffer tool that allows professionals to allow network protocols and sniff real-time networks in search of any vulnerabilities that can be exploited moreover it collects necessary information related to the levels of network traffic


The last tool that we are going to discuss is nikto, it is an open-source software tool that is used in cyber security to determine vulnerabilities in the web and take necessary actions professionals use this tool to scan for identifying managing web vulnerabilities nikto’s database consists of approximately 6400 distinct types of security threats

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