What Is Chat GPT and How Does It Works

What Is Chat GPT and How Does It Works

You may have learned about chat GPT around the internet. Some say it’s groundbreaking technology, even comparing it to Google.  The GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model was developed by OpenAI and was first introduced in a paper published in 2018. The original GPT model was followed by the release of GPT-2 in 2019 and GPT-3 … Read more

Medical College Offering Nursing Admission 2022 In Pakistan

Nursing Admission 2022

In the article, you will learn about the latest opening of admissions for BSc nursing Admission in 2022 In Pakistan, The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a 4-year program that aims to train graduates to provide safe, competent, and compassionate nursing care based on theory and professional standards. The curriculum is based on relational … Read more

36% of teenagers make problematic use of the Internet and social networks

teenagers make problematic

36% of teenagers are currently making problematic use of the Internet and social networks. This is indicated by the study published today by Unicef ​​Andorra on the impact of technology on adolescents, which analyzed the data of more than 2,000 secondary school students in the country. In this sense, the Minister of Education and Higher … Read more

Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

In our modern western society, we often tend to think of addictions as a mental disorder, when the reality is that addictions are a choice. People who suffer from addictions are faced with the inability to control their use of certain substances. This can be drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, food or even activities such as … Read more

How To Save 1000 Dollars In just 90 Days Using Small Transfers

How To Save 1000 Dollars In just 90 Days

There seems to be a sort of boom in personal finance information. Investment Methods and savings are all over the internet. While there is a positive side to promoting financial awareness, scams and false investment promises can be found online. Learn how to save a thousand dollars in less time with an easy method. It is better to focus … Read more