Application To The Inspector-General of Police (Sindh) Expressing Concern about the Lawlessness Prevalent in your locality

12/4, Shah Faisal Colony,Karachi.April 09, 2017 The Inspector-General of Police,Government of Sind,Karachi Dear Sir, I, on behalf of the residents of Shah Faisal Colony, take the liberty of bringing to your notice the state of lawlessness that prevails in this area. Some undesirable elements have entered the facility and have made the life of respectable … Read more

How To Write An Application To Inspector General Of Police

To,The Inspector-General of Personnel.Governing of Sindh,Karachi. Dear Sir, I, on behalf of the residents of Sovereign Faisal Dependency, demand the independency of bringing to your mention the utter disorder that prevails in this Atlantic. Both unwanted elements know entered into the section and hump prefab the existence of the fair grouping misfortunate. A tea stop … Read more