Pukhtanna (The Pathans) By Sir Olaf Caroe

Pukhtanna (The Pathans)

Pukhtanna (The Pathans) Pashto Pdf Book Translated By Sher Muhammad Kareemi

The Pathan(English) By Khan Abdul Ghani Khan

Pukhtana (Pathan) is an English text by Sir Olaf Caroe translated into Pashto by Sher Mohammed Karimi. The Pathan book, first published in 1958, is an outstanding piece of history. It is a comprehensive historical portrayal of brave people, incorporating authentic ethnic and political studies. Pathan is both a classic and a modern book, as well as an invaluable insightful history of the Pashtun tribes. It is a document that details explore and documents a wide range of events from the ancient Greek era of 550 BC to the NWFP of the 20th century. A must-read for anyone interested in the latest developments in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pukhtana (Pathan) is an authoritative study of the social and political history of the Pathans from 550 BC to 1957. It also includes an article in light of recent events in Afghanistan. A wonderful scientific and research study of this strange tribal nation that has become one of the most important populations in the world today.

Although the Pashtuns are generally known as rural hill tribes living in the Hindu Kush living in the large non-governmental areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, they are now increasingly settling in the big cities. In a city like Karachi, the number of Pashtuns now exceeds 5 million.

This brilliant research work by Mr. Caroe is an in-depth scientific and research analysis of the synthesis of anthropological data on the long history of the Pashtuns to offer a long-term perspective on the cultural dynamics of the Pashtuns. In-depth research work by an expert who organizes the material in a unique and insightful way.

This is definitely a book that every Pashtun family should have in their home library. A book you want to give to your Pashtun children for historical reference. It is a must-use book when one wants to read about a particular period in Pashtun history, as it contains information from pre-Islamic times to the Arab conquests, the Mughal period, and British rule.

As most of us know and are often told, the history of our subcontinent has been distorted in various history books, especially the history before the partition. In this way, the history of the Pashtuns is often distorted in history books. The only way to reveal the truth is to read all possible sources. So it would be absolutely foolish to ignore Sir Olaf Caroe’s wonderful work on Pashtun history, or simply to avoid him on the grounds that he is a defender and soldier of British imperialism.

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