PMS – CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Hamid Ehsan PMS – PUNJAB 2021 Mock Interview

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Hamid Ehsan PMS PUNJAB 2021 Mock Interview | PMS Mock Interview Session

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS – PMS Q&A Session

your good name

Hamid Khan

you have done the written part of your


 yes sir

for the pms

when this result came is that the result

when it when it was announced that it

was announced on 30th of december how

many people have qualified the 619 619

how many seats are there

59 excluding

here thank you very much you’re ready

for the interview yes sir i’m ready we

are four people yes sir jointly

yes and i’m expecting that

jelly you introduced yourself to all of



as you know my name is hamidhisan and i

belong to any gradient family of salgo

from where i got my early education

so currently i am working on my phd

proposal with my potential supervisor

from the punjab university

and the area i am working on is indian

military modernization and its security

implication on south asia

as it is the extension of my anfield

dissertation which was on the india as a

factor in sign of pakistan relations and

its security implication

for south asia

sir along with that i am also writing

articles in different national and

international portals for instance my

articles have been published in

strafa asia it is an international

portal a uk-based international portal

and along with that sir  there are

policies in policies i have also got my

article published and in daily departure

these are some  or the portals where

my  articles are being published

sir as far as my educational career is


sir i did intermediate from government

college lahore

and sir apart from all the certificates

that i got during my early education

so the baggage that i got throughout my

education was cultural diversity so

the government college university is

known for that diversity and from the

former kingston college i did honors in

political science and i remained the

student of  the enlightened mind like

dr alpha siddhaza and dr sikandar

whom i admire a lot

because they actually helped me to

develop such habits as

the reading reading habit  sir along

with that

former christian college also gave me

some leadership skills because i was the

elected president of the former

political science society there

so sir as a president i also along with

my team we initiated some

some international symposium where we

call invited different international

lecturers for instance also came on

our invitation and along with that other

 respected members were invited sir

 after this very  initiative that we

took there for the international

symposium what we learned we learned the

value of the teamwork and the value of

taking the initiative which is still

going on in  which was initiated by us

and still is being embraced by the

university so after that sir i went to

kaidatham university for my  anfield

in international relations again sir i

was very fortunate to be mentored by

the the enlightened minds like doctor

jafar nawaz is paul and dr nazir hussain

with whom i did my dissertation and

during my stay in

in my during my stay in the kyrgyzstan

university so i developed somehow the

analytical abilities which are helping

me out to writing my in writing my

dissertation the proposal for the phd

and the articles nowadays

i’m going to ask you a few questions yes

sir take it quickly

then i will pass you on to right side



now you tell me how you will deserve

what is your understanding of pakistani

society because you have been with very

good teachers yes sir

how you will define it how you will

experience sir  i believe that

pakistani society is a very

heterogeneous society is is

culturally diverse

if we see

in the perspective of education we will

come to realize that those  segment of

the society that segment of the society

which is educated it is somehow very

embracing and very  welcoming towards

the diverse views what i have learned

throughout my educational career and

those who are not well acquainted with

the education or those who are not well

educated they are still they are still

not welcoming to the diverse ideas for

which we are actually witnessing some

some remnants of extremism and

intolerance in our society so on that

very basis or i judge our society is

really very diverse we have different

 different cultures like sindhi blochy

punjabi and in punjab we have saraki

culture and in punjab different we have

the porto hari culture the centralized

punjabis so it’s cumulative we can call

it a very diverse society as a society

and so secondly what i believe of the

society of the punjabi society if we see

 the cultural aspects of the society

so the culture of the punjabi punjab the

pakistani society

is really very

welcoming and adaptive  for instance

 we have the punjabi society has

adopted  the concept of basan

sabasanti the cultural festival which is

banned now

due to some human cost so what we have

adopted it from indian culture of

basant india the person is the

representation of spring so in in all

the cumulative sense we can say that


a culturally diverse society is a

traditionally diverse society now you

tell me the culture is part of the

society our society is part of the

culture so it’s like the same debate

which come for a sec or at the hand so

says it can be taken the both ways but

society is i believe that the society is

the overarching structure of which a

culture is the part sometimes culture

takes a lead and sometimes society takes

the lead

but eventually we will come to the

conclusion that culture is the part of

the society you said that you have


leadership skills can you define

leadership for me what is leadership so

leadership is a diverse phenomenon that

i would like to take the lead from

max weber

who has done a lot of work on leadership

as well so he says the leadership is a

two-way process it’s a process between

the leader and the led  and the

purpose of the leadership is to pull out

the society from the distressful

situation or the situation in in which

they are

there there are some lackings so the

leadership is the person leader is the

person who bridges those kinds of

lacunas in the society or those


lackings in the people who feel that we

should have some kind of guidance

to how do you see the future of

democracy in pakistan


in one line i i see that the future of

pakistan and the democracy in pakistan

is really very promising we are

witnessing the transitional governments

and it is very welcoming sir there are

some people and some even scholars who

believe that we should

the democracy couldn’t serve well but

the issue lies in the fact that how much

time have we given to this very concept


we have example of turkey why the

democracy has got stabilized in turkey

because turkey has written the third

transitional transition in its democracy

now we see the army is getting behind

the barracks now

army has realized its constitutional

role to a greater extent and  and we

are in the same manner we are in the

transitional phase and this is the third

this would be the third transition in

2023 which will help us to realize

eventually that that would be the

actually the consolidation phase phase

of the suicide democracy in the country

my last question with reference to


the term is being used big game

in afghanistan and who are the players

can you explain it sir big game

the term which is used is for the big

powers that are involved there

so sir if we see there are some internal

there are some internal stakeholders and

there are some external stakeholders in

the extended stakeholders we see the

regional stakeholders and the extra

regional stakeholders for instance the

extra regional stakeholder there is usa

there is

russia and now there is

turkey turkey is being involved in the

process now on the on the call of usa

and sir

the original players involved pakistan

 the neighboring country

iran china the central asian countries

 india is the part of that very

process and in the internal stakeholder

we see that there are talibans there are

some other non-state actors like isis

what is there why these all players are

there in pakistan playing this big game

what is their interest what is the

incentive yes sir every country has its

own incentive in afghanistan so for


i would start from united states of

america so in the united states of the

pentagon got its report published in

2018 which clearly states that our

interest in afghanistan is not to defeat

taliban but our interest in afghanistan

is to have the interest rate strategy

competition so we can see the united

states is there for the interstate

strategy competition so as far as the

russia is concerned sadashiva has its

old  claims russia wants to compete

u.s in afghanistan or south asia and

russia wants to have access to the

warm waters of the arabian sea so as far

as china is concerned china is massively

investing in   is planning to invest

in  iran of 450 billion dollars so for

that china needs the power through

for china it is very important for  to

be to have peace in afghanistan for the

investment that china is going to make

for india sir india is following its

kotalian policy india is india wants to

extend its tentacle across the border

and wants to become invincible in the

region so india

wants to engage pakistan through

afghanistan and india wants to have its

soft image in afghanistan because india

is building their the soft image by the


by the social capital india is investing

of three billion dollars in

afghanistan so indian interest is to

counter pakistan’s so pakistani interest

is very clear pakistan wants peace in

afghanistan because the peace in

afghanistan is correlated with the peace

in pakistan as we have written during

the eras of 90s that the whatever

happens in afghanistan will have the

spillover effect on pakistan as well so

turkey turkey wants to have the

leadership of the muslim world

turkey wants to take the lead

still afghanistan is not the the taliban

does not want turkey to have their

presence under the umbrella of nato in

afghanistan so they are not listening to

them so these are the major regional

players thank you

there is a lot of


in the parliament roudism

you see

allegations against asia even they have

gone to the extent of abusing each other


there have been some fights also fistful

blown into each other

why why it is so why has

the working of parliament


to that extent

it is

it looks that it is

you see

going down the drain

 sir in parliaments are the the recent

ruckus or the rumbles that we have just

witnessed  in the past few weeks that

it was really condemnable so the issue

what i believe is the issue of

intolerance that is prevailing in our

society which has resulted into

the non-parliamentary behavior of our


 sir secondly sir

instead of

instead of pursuing the national

interest we are unfortunately our

parliamentarians are pursuing their

personal interests at the party interest

they’re defending their party

irrespective of the fact that to what

extent they are going

and sir thirdly sir like like what so


they they want to defend their party in

any manner  for instance if there is

something  wrong in the party in the

wrong and the government the incumbent

government for instance recently we just

witnessed there was a load shedding

as a simple example and the sitting

parties started accusing the previous

governments of that very issue which is

still  we are facing

so and it it there is always a small

there is always a small number that

leads to the major fire fires that it

was that small number that actually

resulted into the fire so second is our

own on the budgets so we have just

witnessed that how

how intolerant they have become over the

budget debates they did not let


the opposition leader which is very

important to who whose speech is very

important in the national assembly on

the budget they did not let the

opposition leader to speak on it

so this kind of behavior actually shows

the intolerance on either side of the

aisle in the parliament  sir the issue

if i take the issue sir so this is the

basic issue

in our extremist behavior that we have

adopted unconsciously over the decades

so the major issue is that regarding

this parliament request

and so secondly

  i also want to add so there is a

concept of power above vacuum

such type of

vacuums should not be created in our

parliamentary system as we are just in

the transitional phase and such

transitional phase gave

also always give

the non-democratic forces to come and

fill the gap so so the parliamentary

parliamentarians should behave

responsibly for that matter how do you

differentiate between

international relations and

diplomatic relations


as far as my understanding regarding

international relations and the

diplomatic relations are concerned so

they are actually the two sides of the

same coin


diplomatic sometimes  inter

international relation is entirely

a subject a complete subject of our

relations so diplomatic relations are

actually our relations with

international  organization the

international parties or the

international states states as an actors

or the institutions as a bodies or

regimes in which we are interacting so

sorry international relation is a

subject of which diplomatic relation is

a part

so international relation is an umbrella

term for the diplomatic relations very


you have given a very

difficult answer

and i tried to make it simpler

what do you mean by nuclear safety

nuclear safety is

the concept which

which is about

the nuclear countries who have acquired

the nuclear power  who are they

acquired the nuclear weapon so as far as

the nuclear concept of the nuclear

safety is the concept that we

as the responsible nuclear states there

are around seven nuclear states in the

world and

they are

they are considered to behave

responsibly so so for that they make

some plans for their nuclear safety in

in the fact that it should there should

not be any kind of theft as is happening

in india right away nowadays we have

witnessed there twice  in a week after

what as a theft of  uranium  the new

so those centrifugal forces which may

help for the nuclear engagement such

kind of theft so for that we have

actually established the whole security

for our nuclear safety  that is such

 spd it’s a special planned vision for

nuclear safety for which we have also

allocated our budget we have also

recruited some  7 000

personnel there for the purpose of the

nuclear safety okay

how many nucleus summits have so far

been taking place

so i’m sorry i i don’t know about it but

the recently  iaea has been  has

called a meeting in geneva

and appreciated the efforts of pakistan

regarding the civil nuclear nuclear

enrichment and the nuclear safety of


nuclear summits they are different than

this the one which you are referring to


terrorism you see is a scourge which we

are facing

so many years

how do you think we can we

we can fight it out effectively


terrorism sir is

is actually has

to some extent was it ingrained in our

society we have witnesses in the past

but somehow sir

if we see the two approaches the soft

approach and the hard approach as far as

the hard approach is concerned we have

done a lot so we have

laid down some 74 000 of our lives and

125 billion dollars in this war against


 we have  initiated different

operations operations


are some of the operations that we have

we have taken out against terrorism so

now so what we need to do is

we need to do something on the softer

side for instance  we need to have the

basic idea that from where the terrorism

starts so for instance in blochesan we

see sir bla blf they are operating

follow simple follow the national action

plan yes sir you see implement the

national action plan

you see to its entirety that is the only

there are there are

many points on which

the national accent plan is lagging


you see work

on those points have not been completed

so there are big gaps in it that is why

we are facing this problem national

action plan has to be implemented and


in real terms if we

want to

be effective in this area

and finally

difficulty in maintaining work life

balance that is your weakness

what does what do you mean by this in

maintaining work life balance


sir i have remained out of my house

i am i am leading a hostel life since


sir after that i was totally engaged in

my education and studies so normally i

don’t get enough time to spend with my

family normally sir i used to live in

hostel for three or four months even my

father used to come to pakistan he is an

expatriate he used to come pakistan and

sometimes i i caught only two or three

days to meet him so what do you what do

you mean by this



i am too indulged in my work and my

family is getting compromised over this

my life is getting compromised for this

how many you seem to be a very smart boy

3.9 gpa

right man why do you want to come to the

civil service

ma’am as far as the education is

concerned and there is  there is no

age limit to this and it is a very noble

noble thing to take education  ma’am

now there there are three major factors

that i really want to join civil service

now ma’am first of all i have an

inspiration within me because

i was in grade 12 or in grade 11.

an incident happened in our village

which actually

in inculcated in me to do something like

the person did now may i narrate the

incident memory

there was an assistant commissioner i

i couldn’t recall the name of that very


madam in in our village there is a

railway line there is a crossing in our

village of railway line and

and there is a school on one side of the

across the railway line and  the small

kids used to go to school every day and

ma’am there were incident every other

month or two there was an incident of

visuality of a small kid and the people

were very worried about it they

complained about it and the assistant

commissioner visited and ma’am what i

saw there and i want to quote it when he

announced that there would be

the railway

there will be a check on it there will

be a person sitting here who will

maintain all this and there will be

gates  on this so that we can avoid

such casualties down the line madam then

i saw a lady who was actually lifting

her dubatta up and giving praise

to the ac

and she was praising and she was weeping

at the same time

madam at that time  actually a wave

went through through my body and i

realized how nobler is this profession

where you are not a doctor and you are

saving the lives of people so that was

my first inspiration towards this and

man secondly  some three four months

ago i read a book ikigai

actually i went through its review

it was a book the ikigai is a japanese

word which is which means that  reason

for being and the c and reason for being

that for what reason you are living

he in the book  the author discusses

about three things he says that when

your passion meets your profession

and you get your financial stability out

of your that profession then that is the

best job you need to do and i think that

my passion will meet my profession and i

will get a salary out of it

and it will help me okay thank you in

your one of your remarks you alluded to

cotillia yes when you spoke of indian

strategy in afghanistan

and i suppose you’re quoting

yes and it is enemy of my enemy is my

friend yes ma’am

would that mean that you consider

afghanistan as an enemy

we mem

no ma’am there is another another

principle in arthashastra which says

that if if you have some strong interest

with your enemy with your neighboring

country  basically kotalia says every

neighbor is your natural enemy

the basic concept of italian philosophy

is every your neighbor is your natural

enemy and the enemy of that enemy is

your friend

so it means the neighbor of that

neighbor that very neighbor is our

friend so what happens in case of


we have strong kotalia says when you

have strong interest with your

neighboring country then the principle

does not apply here for instance we see

in case of china we see that india does

not share very good relation with china

but india still does have 100 billion

trade with china around 100 billion

trade with china and it applies the

kotalian philosophy here the same case

of ours is with afghanistan because our

enmity with afghanistan will result into

our with result into costing of our own

very national interest which we do not

want actually so for that matter we will

have we will again follow the italian

principle here that we will manage good

relationship with our neighbors as well

so what’s your understanding of


ma’am  i only know about the long it

is a long tail

but i i really don’t read about it and

don’t read about it so

because mahabharata is basically

the indian ghandwas concept of the

region that india

has the right

for territory from central asia to


right man

thank you thank you very much

okay  your answers quite smartly okay


governor generalship of kaithazam

to governments dissolve what you say

about it and do you think it’s a


under the governor general of the

government what was dissolved

 two governments and provinces here

the 1947

 till that until the death of james

again we’ll talk about simon commission

simon commissioner came to

subcontinent there was a slogans go back

simon go back simon kaidos he was a

constitutional lawyer as well he was

very strong in constitutional law

he was he will again in only be opposed


kyung here or tiki

so at that time it was right  on part

of kythem and every other political

party this was right because simon

commission in the simon commission we

have it and there was not any indian

that was incorporated in the plan


neither was the congress here nor was

the muslim league there so without

incorporating the people of

the subcontinent in the plan how can you

make policies for those very people who

are not part of the plan so again it was

constitutional demand on part of pride

and that the muslims and the hindus

have you read the  end of history in

the last one by francis propaganda sir i

have gone through the review of end of

history basically he says the francis

fukuyama says that democracy and the

liberal ideas

have won over the communism and this

would be the end of history now there

will be no other system that will

compete democracy and yes it does not

mean that democracy will become static

there may be improvement in the

democratic system but it will stay the

same it will stay a democracy the

liberal world idea  it was basically

the conquest of the liberal world

after demise of the soviet union

okay okay well

 well again in 1996 there was a book

clash of civilization and remaking of

new world order in which samuel p

clinton discussed seven civilizations

in the last chapter he told he he said

your future


or third civilization to play a very

vital role sorry for my memory and

knowledge serves me well so i believe

that he said that there would be a clash

between the confucius civilization and

the western civilization and the islamic

civilization will play a major part in


sure so if my memory serves me well sir

check it again it’s a hindu civilization

 so that’s why you as united states of

america change their policies towards


international relations there is

generally stated that

hitler fought a war of destruction

against france and


but hitler fought a war of extermination

against soviet russia what did it mean

war of external extermination

sir no sir i haven’t read this statement


so i have

remarks on this thing that he says that

hitler out of his power he wanted to

actually take the lead of the world

so for that matter he extended its

tentacles toward the russia at the



the and i will quote he said that our

men will become will come back to our

country before spring

 so whoa

lake in what happened there we it rest

is history now

that’s forces got stuck there and they

got freeze there and

that was actually the hitler’s plan then

then i can say that it was a hitler plan

to exterminate russia which was once his

ally during the war okay robert d kaplan

okay thank you let’s conclude it

we concluded this session

thank you hmm much

so let’s be informal and it is a

feedback session yes it is a sort of

training session for you


i mean there are a lot many areas where


you have to you need


good very very good personality is very

fine your communication skill up aboard

you are intelligent you are confident

you are knowledgeable

number one keep it up all right sir



daily basis

or constitution cooperative district


18th amendment

you’re a very brilliant boy

and believe me you’ll be frustrated if

you get into government service

i’m telling you very seriously

with your kind of intelligence this

isn’t the place for you

but nevertheless since you’re coming in

is not just religious

it is their

strategic thinking which they have

translated into

 religion and mythified it yes ma’am

right over

the thesis about indian military buildup

was may it should be a very core element

of your thesis


don’t look at it seriously

i’m confident as a shock shakatsu nikaha

you will do very well


as you know

 elderly figure i can tell you okay

this isn’t the place for you

ma’am actually i wanna

i was the qualifier of 2018 in ce 2018

 i couldn’t

do good in the interview  i scored

only 127 in the interview

despite scoring 680 in in the written

part to

mam i was little confused honestly i

was confused because i was only one

foodie family i was the first with

little very little guidance i had no

idea about it


just don’t mention

just tell


you have got the knowledge

to be you as a legend you are thinking

and you are talk speak right sir thank

you thank you very much

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