New Species Of Skipper Frog Discovered | New Discoveries

recently a team of

researchers discovered a new species of

skipper frog the discovery has been made

in a collaborative effort by scientist

of the zoological survey of India that

is zsi and the national institute of

science education and research that is

n-i-s-e-r bhubaneshwar the latest study

has been published in the journal

zootaksa this species has been

discovered on the western plains of

india the discovered species is

jalaldhara skittering frog

now information about jaldhara

skittering frog the scientific name of

this species is euphylactus jaldhara it

was first spotted in the

bird sanctuary in kerala in 2017. it has

a predominant distribution in the

western coastal plains of peninsular

india and some parts of the western


it has distinct morphological characters

and a high genetic distance the new

species looks similar to the common

skittering frog

they were the first vertebrate organisms

to get affected due to water pollution

due to their primitive body plan

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