Mutalia Pakistan Class 9 PDF Book In Urdu Punjab Textbook

Pakistan Studies Class 9 PDF Book In Urdu Punjab Textbook

Mutalia Pakistan Class 9 PDF Book In Urdu Punjab Textbook Free download book Mutalia Pakistan or Pakistan Studies for 9th class, which was published by Punjab textbook board Lahore Pakistan in January 2012. Ninth Class IX Pakistan Studies PDF. 
The writer of this Urdu ninth class and school book is Muhammad Hussain Chaudhry and Mrs. Uzma Azeem. Study the complete history of Pakistan politics and Pakistan making the story and more this book help students for making Pak study notes. IX class Muta e Pakistan Muft Kitab. 
To write a complete book on the history of Pakistan in detail one has to start talking to the rulers of the Mughal Empire on the subcontinent, for which a single book would need to be published in several volumes. You may disagree with the study of Pakistan but We can gather so much information from independent sources if we want, if some people disagree with it, it can also be explained, now that so much detail cannot be included in the textbook, which is why today many people do not agree with this book. 
And where the events and facts are written word for word in the textbooks of history, only those things are written it which are in the national interest and not those things that refresh the old wounds. I also do not agree with the study of Pakistan because it does not contain a solution to the problems of today’s emerging intellectuals, politicians, sages, incurable diseases, and terrorism. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding, but you will not find anything bad in it. 

The following four chapters and content in this Urdu book

1. Ideological Basis of Pakistan (Nazariati Assas)

  • Source of Ideology
  • Common language and Residency
  • Significance of Ideology
  • Definition and Meaning of Ideology of Pakistan
  • Rights and duties of the citizen 
  • Economic Deprivation of Muslims in India
  • Two nation theory (Do Qaumy Nazaria)
  • Ideology of Pakistan and Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam
  • Answer and Question

2. Making of Pakistan

  • Pakistan movement 1940-47
  • Pakistan Resolution 1940
  • Cripps Mission 1942
  • Jinnah Gandhi talks in 1944
  • C.R Formula 1944
  • Shimla Conference 1945
  • General Election 1945-46 
  • Partition and the creation of Pakistan
  • Quaid e Azam’s Role  

3. Land and Environment (Zameen Aur Mahool)

  • Location of Pakistan in Urdu
  • Physical Features of Pakistan
  • The climatic condition of Pakistan
  • Glaciers and Drainage System
  • Vegetation and Wildlife
  • Wild Life of Pakistan
  • Environmental Pollution and Types

4. History of Pakistan

  • Early Problems
  • First Governor-General of Pakistan
  • Liaquat Ali Khan’s Role as First Prime Minister
  • Objectives Resolution 1949 (Qarar Dad Maqasid)
  • Causes of Separation of East Pakistan

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