Inpage Urdu Professional User Manual Pdf Book Free Download


Inpage Urdu Professional User Manual | Learn Inpage Urdu Typing Pdf Book

InPage Urdu is a desktop publishing software designed specifically for typing in the Urdu language. It was developed by a Pakistani company called Concept Software Private Limited and it has become the most widely used software for publishing Urdu content on computers.

Here are some of the features of InPage Urdu:

  1. Urdu text editing: InPage Urdu allows users to type and edit Urdu text easily using a keyboard, as well as copy and paste text from other sources.

  2. Nastaliq font support: InPage Urdu has built-in support for Nastaliq, a calligraphic script used for Urdu writing that is known for its beautiful and flowing style.

  3. Text styling and formatting: The software includes a range of text styling and formatting tools, such as font styles, font sizes, bold and italic text, and color options.

  4. Image and table insertion: InPage Urdu allows users to insert images and tables into their documents, as well as customize their placement and appearance.

  5. Unicode support: The software supports Unicode, which allows users to type and edit text in other languages besides Urdu, such as Arabic and Persian.

  6. Spell checker: InPage Urdu has a built-in spell checker that helps users identify and correct spelling errors in their documents.

Overall, InPage Urdu is a powerful desktop publishing software that makes it easy for users to create and publish content in the Urdu language. It is widely used in Pakistan and other Urdu-speaking countries for publishing newspapers, books, and other types of documents.

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There are  135 pages in this book & the book size is about Megabyte (2 mb).
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