How To Prepare For TOEFL Test in 1 Month?

if you have four weeks until your TOEFL test read this article carefully because these four weeks can change the whole trajectory you have to be wise about them you have to do things that I’m going to talk about in this article to make sure you feel great during the exam to make sure you’re confident during the exam because all of this is really important for you to pass the TOEFL test and score whatever you need a score so if you only have two weeks if you only have one week this article is still going to be very useful for you now let’s talk about the plan that worked for the students who took a TOEFL course

Week #1

You have six out items on the list item

Week1- Task #1:

Get Acquainted With The Test:

make sure you know that it has four parts that they’re gonna check your Reading, Writing, listening, and speaking skills there are different types of questions in every section that there are several types of essays that you’re gonna write that there are several things that you should pay attention to when you’re doing the listening section so this is your chance to make sure that you understand what the TOEFL test looks like.

Week 1- Task #2.

Get Acquainted With The Strategies.

Get acquainted with the strategies that would help you answer questions In the TOEFL test the thing is there are strategies for every section, for example, the reading section includes three or four passages with 10 questions each and you have 54 to 72 minutes depending on how lucky you are depending on how many questions you got to answer all of them and there are different types of questions purpose reference vocabulary and so on and there are different strategies for each question for example to answer rhetorical purpose questions you read the question first you don’t really look at the answers you go and find the paragraph in the reading section you start looking for the keyword that’s in the question then you read one or two sentences that come before the sentence with that keyword and those sentences would normally contain the answer. The thing is the TOEFL test is like maths you need to know the strategies you need to know how to answer each type of question because sometimes the texts are so complicated and you just get lost.

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Week1- Task #3

Find Someone Who’s Gonna Give You Feedback.

Now getting ready for the TOEFL test by watching videos on YouTube is a really good strategy, however, the problem is with the videos you’re not getting any feedback for example if you’re doing your speaking section there’s no one to read your answer or if you’re writing an essay there is no one to rate your essay and this is why I would recommend finding a teacher who specializes in the TOEFL test.

Week1- Task #4

Take A Practice Test.

I recommend you take it in one sitting just like on your TOEFL test day just because the exam lasts for three hours with a short break between the listening and the speaking sections and things get stressful you need to make sure you had enough to eat you use the restroom like all of that stuff but also you need to learn how to stay focused for three hours straight. The reading section comes first because this is where you have to be as sharp as possible if you can regulate this but it is just so hard you need to be really focused on your reading section like pay attention to every single word because it’s super intense it gets easier with listening but it’s still kind of intense, So the test flows the way it flows starts with a reading section then goes on to the listening section then short break then speaking and writing and then you’re done.

Week1- Task #5

Analyze Your Weaknesses And Strengths.

after you take your practice test and by the way, you can take it on the website this is the official organization behind the TOEFL test and what they’re gonna do they’re actually going to show you all of the questions that you got right or wrong so you would actually get your points for the reading and for the listening sections and the maximum that you can get on those sections is 30 so you will see whether it’s like 20 out of 30 or 15 out of 30.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a teacher or if you’re not enrolled in the course there won’t be any feedback on your writing and speaking sections but at least you will be able to practice doing all of them in one sitting.

if you’re striving for a hundred out of 120 on your TOEFL test then you would need to score at least 25 points on each section right what if you scored 15 out of 30 on your reading section this is where you draw conclusions about what was the most difficult thing for you and then you build the whole preparation process around focusing on the most difficult part first so if reading was the most difficult part then you start every day every class with the Reading part and then you move on to the sections that were easier for you.

Week1- Task #6

Start Focusing On Your Weaknesses.

Start focusing on your pure weakness in the reading section and do it over and over again find more practice tests find more exercises just do them over and over again.

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Week 2:

Week 2 is all about practicing and working on your weaknesses.

Week 2 – Task #1

Dedicate One Day To Each Section:

Starting with your weakness take at least two practice tests for that specific section for reading and listening review the wrong answers and practice the types of questions where you made mistakes for speaking and writing pay attention to how much extra help you need with grammar and vocabulary for example if you think about a word during your writing section you’re like I really want to use this word but I forgot its spelling and I actually need to use my dictionary now this is what you pay attention to because you can’t use a dictionary during your TOEFL test you rely on your memory and so you do this every day.

  • Monday two reading sections
  • Tuesday two listening sections
  • Wednesday two speaking sections
  • Thursday Two writing sections
  • Friday two reading sections
  • Saturday two listening & 1 Speaking Section.
  • Sunday two listening & 1 Speaking Section.

Week 2- Task #2

Working On Your Vocabulary

During this week you would also need to start working on your vocabulary.

TOEFL will reflect your current knowledge of English but what I also want you to do is to brush up on some idioms and vocabulary that you could potentially use in your writing section just because when they check that section they specifically look for more advanced vocabulary. You can just Google the top 100 words for TOEFL writing or TOEFL speaking and select 10 words every day those could be words and phrases that you know already it’s just for you to brush them up and make sure that you use some of them in your writing section.

Week 2- Task #3

Create Your Templates Memorize Them

The next task is for you to create your templates and to learn to memorize them so that you can use them during your test there are templates for each question in the speaking section and there are templates for the essays in the writing section.

Week 2 – Task #4

Review Your Wrong Answers

Task number 10 in our overall list of tasks is to again review your wrong answers figure out why you got it wrong and what you could do to avoid answering those types of questions incorrectly in the future.

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Week # 3

TOEFL is coming so this week it’s all about practice, practice, and practice

One Day One Section

One day one section and this is where you also start timing yourself you only have 18 minutes to complete every passage in the reading section so 18 minutes no more are no less because if you do everything in 15 minutes then go back and check your answers. So timing yourself is what you’re focusing on during your third week of TOEFL prep.

Again You Focus On Your Weaknesses And More Vocabulary.

10 words and phrases each day try to make sentences with them try to select your favorite words and phrases and make sure that you actually use them in your writing and in your speaking sections.

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Week # 4

In the fourth week I actually recommend you go to the place where you’re going to take your TOEFL

Just to figure out the whole Transportation situation how busy it gets with the traffic how long it takes you to get there what’s the parking situation all of that.

Review All Of The Vocabulary You Learned

Now, this week you stop learning the new vocabulary you just review what you’ve learned because you don’t want to learn any new words that you don’t have time to practice because they can actually distract you during your TOEFL test.

Take A Couple Of Full Practice Tests In Two Settings

Take a couple of full practice tests in two settings so one sitting per test just to mimic the whole experience but don’t do that a day before your actual test day.

Rest The Day Before You Actual Test

you rest you watch a movie in English kind of surround yourself with the atmosphere because if you’re nervous if you didn’t sleep well if you didn’t eat well this is going to affect you because this is a really high-stress environment and you need to be as calm as possible because this is the only way you can focus.

Keep in mind you won’t be able to learn English in four weeks you won’t be able to learn English in a week but during four weeks you’re able to get acquainted with a test get into the right mindset relax and also remember that this is not the end of your life if you don’t score what you need a score you can take the test as many times as you want yes it is not free but life is not over if you didn’t score whatever you needed.

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