How To Get Focused Study For Hours?

Being Consistent and focused in studies become very harder for some peoples after a routine break, so I decided to make an article about easy tips to focus and study where I share with you guys how to study for long hours without losing focus.

10 Easy Tips For How To Focus and Study Hours

Hopefully, these 10 tips to study focus will work for you guys as well but before I begin though I want to make it clear that this article isn’t just for medical students as long as you’re a student looking for some study tips you can avail yourself of it here.

A lot of things in this article would be for you to experiment and check whether they work for you since everyone has a different nature.

1) Discover The Best Time To Study

Many peoples are different by nature if you’re anything like me you’d love studying in daylight but a lot of my friends prefer studying at night and that’s what works for them. So you need to discover whether you’re a morning or a night person.

2) Find Your Mode Of Learning

Some People love textbooks, others love videos others might like drawings and sketches, find out what works for you I personally am not a big fan of textbooks prefer to watch videos online for whatever topic want to cover and then give it a read from the book,  and here’s a little tip if you don feel like reading there’s a lot of software stuff that read out loud pdf text files, I usually use those and trust me it helps a lot here’s an example

3) Music Or White Noise

Let me make it clear first by the music I mean music with no vocals, I would definitely not recommend listening to American rapper Eminem or Cardi B while you’re studying, you’ll end up focusing on the lyrics and losing focus on your ease. Some people also find it helpful listening to some kind of white noise like Fan or Sea you can easily find these on YouTube and try to see if they work for you.

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4) Make Studying Fun

let’s be real studying a hundred pages from a textbook gets boring no matter how dedicated you are, you need to find ways to make studying fun for yourself. For example, I had to do the hearts anatomy in my last module and I was in no mood for opening up the textbook so I spent an hour drawing a heart on paper and labeling it on my own, and trust me I actually had fun and also learned it really well you can do similar things use different colored pens markers, make drawings tables or if you’re really creative make a song for things you’re having a hard time memorizing, hope you get the point what I meant for making it fun for yourself.

5) Force Yourself to Follow a Specific Routine

There have been times when I studied for ten hours and one day and then took a three-day break just because I wasn’t used to studying for such long hours, that’s why developing a fixed routine is more important than you think and it helps you stay consistent like going to the gym when you miss it you get kill trips and that motivates you to work even harder, so after you’ve discovered what time suits you force yourself to follow that routine until you adapt to it and start following it subconsciously, do not leave everything for the end whenever you’re having an off day, just imagine a situation where you have an exam tomorrow and 10 chapters piled up that type of stress should definitely motivate you to study.

6) Put The Distractions Away

No matter how focused you are, you do get distracted when you hear a notification beep on your cell phone, even if you don’t check it at first the sound of every notification tortures you with curiosity until you end up checking your phone, and before you know it you’ve wasted a whole hour scrolling through your social media feed or your WhatsApp messages. To prevent this from happening silence your phone and put it somewhere away from your study table so that it’s not accessible to you. We, Humans, are lazy, it’s less likely for you to try to check your phone if it’s away from your study table

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7 )Test Your Knowledge

You’ll never be satisfied with how much you’ve studied and you’ll always feel like you’re not prepared until you test yourself and apply your knowledge, practicing questions and model tests is very effective not only does it make you realize your weak areas which you can work on but it also improves your time management skills, it provides you with an exam environment so that on the day of the Competition exam you don’t find the exam setting foreign.

if you’re an aspiring student looking forward to getting into a medical college in Pakistan and plan on taking the MCAT or MDCAT Nearpeer is an online education system that has a lot of quizzes and practice tests for you to test your knowledge, and after solving the test not only will you get your score the correct answers but also descriptions for the answers which you got wrong,  you’ll also be made aware of the topics where you need improvement via a graph, on top of that there are discussion sessions for the answers to difficult questions.

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8) Get Done With Everything Else

When you’ve got some pending work you’ll constantly keep thinking about it and even if you don’t it’ll stay in the back of your head making it difficult for you to focus get done with all the pending chores, wash the dishes water the plants and then sit down to study so that you can give your 100%.

9) Use The Stress And Anxiety As A Driving Force

a lot of people ask me if they have exams coming up and they are stressed out, for me, stress and anxiety are nothing but motivation I get it, you’ve got an exam in a week and you’re stressed so what are you going to stop studying? No, use the stress and fear to motivate yourself to work even harder.

10) Breaks Are Important

Studying for long hours without breaks is Unhealthy and you’ll end up being tired and you’ll forget a lot of the stuff you studied, initially when you’re trying to develop a routine start with 45 minutes of studying and then a 15-minute break, with time passage increase the study duration and decrease the break duration simultaneously you’ll definitely see your focus span increase but it will take time.

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Finally, I want to emphasize the fact that things don’t happen overnight follow these steps and they’ll work for you, in the long run, remember practice makes perfect if reading this article helped you then share it with friends who are unfocused in their book study.

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