How Does the Cyber Security Assessment Tool Works?

Your organization’s cyber security definitely needs to be a top priority. Issues can unknowingly impact your entire organization. It’s simple. You need a well-designed action plan. The Cyber Security Assessment Tool gives you an insight into all possible risks. Based on an international framework it collects security data from your hybrid IT environment. From endpoints and local systems in your network, to cloud-based software. Automated scans make for quick results collected within a matter of hours. And provides a risk-based action plan. This strategic plan gives your organization a cyber security roadmap. So you can deploy the right solutions and justify investments. Finally, periodical assessments help to improve long-term security. Don’t wait for incidents to happen to make cybersecurity a priority now.

many organizations struggle to define the right action plan to improve their cyber security where do you start and what investments are justified a holistic security assessment with the cyber security assessment tool (CSAT) defines your action plan and helps to smartly invest in the right security improvements.

What is Cyber Security Assessment Tool?

everyone today understands the importance of security for their organization while the motivation for resilient security is there many find it hard to achieve this a lack of insight into cyber security risks and costs of security improvements make it difficult for it and business management to be aligned on a security action plan and roadmap. The Cyber Security Assessment Tool delivers these insights by collecting relevant security-related data from your hybrid id environment via automated scans and a questionnaire with the CSAT we have a great way to deliver security assessments to any type and any size of organization by providing insights into your current security status and by providing effect and risk-based action plan business management and its management will align on security improvement activities and budgets.

Data Collection

 here you see a typical hybrid it environment some local servers an active directory laptops and cloud applications being used a complex environment which is growing in complexity every day employees working from remote locations sharing information with each other and providing external users with access to this information too in a security assessment with the CSAT security related data is collected via automated scans you see just a couple of examples of data sets here CSAT is installed on a server within your own it infrastructure no data is transferred to external storage locations only you define who has access to this data CSAT collects data from endpoints laptops desktops servers and virtual servers it retrieves data from the local active directory and azure active directory and it pulls data from your Microsoft 365 and azure tenant next to the sources from which data is collected via automated scans there is a questionnaire the questionnaire in CSAT is used to collect information about security procedures and processes and it is used to define your security maturity.

Management Presentation

The results of the assessment are presented in a final report and management presentation which are generated by CSAT the management presentation summarizes the findings of the report and it presents a plan of approach to help you take the next steps to improve your security it also shows a majority scoring on all important security topics optionally an investment overview and TCO calculation for the suggested improvements can be added the recommendations will balance between quick wins and longer-term improvements this way you can act now with manageable remediation while planning for the long-term route map.

Final Report

The final report clearly presents the security findings based on the data discovery risks that are associated with the security gaps explained and you see the recommended actions


Cyber Security Assessment Tool helps to improve your overall cyber security based on facts in a smart and efficient way only limited time and effort are required to deliver the assessment the outcomes will help you to make informed decisions about security budgets and improvement projects to enhance your overall security posture

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