First Woman Cured Of HIV | HIV Cure Operation

first woman cured of HIV a

leukemia patient in the u.s has been

cured of HIV that is the virus that

causes aids she is believed to be the

the third person in the world and first

woman to be cured of HIV

she received a stem cell transplant from

someone with natural resistance to the

aids causing virus

it is the first time that this method is

known to have been used as a functional

cure for HIV now information about stem

cell transplant patients undergo

chemotherapy to kill the cancerous

immune cells doctors then transplant

stem cells from individuals with a

specific genetic mutation stem cells

have the unique ability to develop into

specialized cell types in the body

these individuals then develop an immune

system resistant to HIV

the woman has had no detectable levels

of HIV for 14 months after stopping

antiretroviral therapy that is art

note that the two prior cases occurred

in males who had received adult stem


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