CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Syed Faizan Haider (ASP) Mock Interview

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

CSS Mock Interview by Syed Faizan Haider (ASP) Mock Interview | CSS-2020 Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

CSS Mock Interview by Syed Faizan Haider (ASP) Mock Interview | CSS-2020 Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

now you introduce yourself to all of us

my name is syed faizan

i was born in rawalpindi soon after my


i along with my family moved to rahimir

khan from where i got my initial

education till

class 4 then on i moved to karachi from

where i completed my education till my a


and then i moved to lahore from where i

got my undergraduate degree in

accounting and finance from lumps

currently i’m living in islamabad i’ve

moved here so i’ve lived in multiple

cities all my life

apart from this throughout my academic

and professional journey i’ve

shown three consistent traits one is my


the second is my ability  consistency

in achieving those ambitions

and third is my ability and desire to

learn diverse set of skills and

knowledge these three traits have

essentially allowed me

to get internships that some of the top

multinationals represent Pakistan in

debating and excel at

sports as well and after that i realized

that my

destiny lies in css and therefore i gave

the exam and today i have the pleasure

of sitting with you people

okay thank you so

i hope you have prepared yourself for

the interview

yes sir i’ve tried my best what do you

expect that what  the

 what type of questions you will be


i said so the general

just name the topics which you have

prepared that you

anticipate that these questions could be

sir i feel that

they’d ask me about my optionals because

accounting and business are

non-conventional options or optional

subjects i feel that they will ask me

about that

 current affairs i feel i will be

asked about  particularly with regards

to what’s happening in usa

because i have us history as an optional

and i feel

some questions regarding my

efficiency when it comes to my

preferences i feel that these are the

questions which will primarily be asked

topics within these i feel that there

are multiple dimensional

dimensions you are multi dimensional


yes okay i think you were born in the

last century in the 20th century

yes what are the major events of the

last century which you remember

sir  the the two world wars

i feel that they defined a lot of things

and then  during the last century i

feel that

the the rise of  islamic militancy

which culminated in 2001

911 attacks i feel that  these two i

would primarily consider

how many years are in a century

you start from 1901 yeah and you


two thousand two thousand huge yes


 sir  formation of Pakistan

obviously is an important event as well

but  i i the events i pointed out were

more in a global context how

they have impacted the world order as it

is right now

i feel that those are the two women the

world war what are your views about this


do you think it is good for the european

union or that

so for the european union i feel that

it is they have got a good deal

the deal that they have got right now

they are happy with it

i feel that the problem will be for the

united kingdom

in fact european union will survive


 the problems will be with the the

united kingdom

so because  now they have taken a step

with the nation

which has ruled the world for whole of

the centuries yes

 sir i feel that exactly that is the

reason do you think they have not

thought about all these things

so when populist rhetoric takes

precedence over

 they had plenty of time after

referendum they have been thinking for

two long years sid i feel that once the

populist rhetoric

sets in it is very difficult to roll it

back and i feel that

decisions made under the pretext of that

populist rhetoric

i often times that as we have seen in

Pakistan are oftentimes


and i feel that now they have

essentially this country which has ruled

over the world over you know centuries

has taken a step which is irreversible

in nature

and the consequences of which obviously

we we will see in the future but i feel

that they will

what are their arguments positive

arguments what they think what they have


so they feel that the united kingdom is

now going to be a much more

uniform country in in a sense that now

they will not have the european

immigrants coming in

they will be that is the first the

second is that they feel that they will

be more independent in their decision


in terms of their trade laws in terms of

who they want to trade with

who they want to give you know

immigration status to and all of those


now they have got the whole world the

whole american continent

australia canada they will have

independent relations because here in

the european union they were stuck up

because of the european union

sir i do not feel

i do not yeah exactly that independence

they will have

that is the argument that they give and

third argument which they give is that

the less fortunate in the united kingdom

or the people who are hard working


you know who you call the working class

they will

now  be economically advantaged

because of the immigrants not coming in

i feel these are the three primary

arguments that they give

what is the definition of crime so crime

is an act or a mission which

is which is contrary

to the laws which have been stated and

when when a moral value is codified in

the constitution or in a law

and then it is broken it becomes a crime

how do you see the future of democracy

in Pakistan

i feel that the future of democracy is

is bright

i feel that  we are living in times


 any other option other than democracy

will be very hard to  to justify and

to implement

you say that it will be good but on what

you’re saying so i’m saying that because

we are no longer living in the 1900s

we have we have a free media we have an


civil society a civil society which is

willing to stand up on certain

principles not all principles but still

certain principles they’re willing to

stand upon and the third i feel that now

after three consecutive transitions of

power the people have had a taste

of  of political participation


over the last 10 years the political

participation has increased

and so now people are no longer ignorant

about how their country is being run or

who’s running them who’s running the


how do you assess the performance of

this government for the last two and a

half years

sir i feel that this government has

the benchmark that it set for him for

itself has not been met

undoubtedly it has not been met but

despite that there are positives to look

into as well

our problems are structural so you

cannot expect one government to come in


make sweeping reforms the structure

needs to be corrected and i feel that we

are on the path of making those

structural adjustments

can you tell me what are the

implications of covert 19 on

our society not economic side social

social side so  first i feel that

what i’ve noticed in my personal

capacity is now the

the sense of family which was slowly

deteriorating has again sort of come up

because  children who were excessively

you know

going to schools colleges universities

jobs they’ve got time to spend with

their families and

in my personal capacity i’ve seen that

that is is a positive thing which has


the other thing sir i feel that

the the concept of self-sufficiency has

come into our society in which we have

decided to take

matters into our own hand when it comes

to education we

are now more self-reliant in terms of we

have gone towards online education our

systems have gone online

a third thing sir a social transition a

social transition which has taken place

because of covet

is now we have realized how important

health care

is for the country how how important

sustainable health care

 and disaster management is for the

country and i feel that is a very good

thing the fourth thing which i feel is

very important

is that we have in a disaster situation

we have implemented this hybrid model

in which we had the political leadership

and operational capacity of other


and this has proven to be very

successful and so now we have a

model on how we can deal with future

problems if they arise anytime

thank you why there is upsurge in

violence in afghanistan

yes recent upsurge so we have seen that

the taliban

operate under the model which is fight

and negotiate this was a model which was


started by the united states of america

but the taliban have actually

implemented it over

over the last few decades where they

fight and they negotiate the fight and

they negotiate they do it all the time

and they do these things simultaneously

taliban in an attempt to strengthen

their position on the negotiation front

are  sort of engaging

in violence this is the first factor the

second factor is that there’s also space

which has been exploited by other

non-state actors which include is

and certain other factions

section six of the constitution

was amended in the 18th

amendment what amendment

was that or is that sir i cannot recall

what amendment was made in the section 6

of the constitution you know what is you

know what is section six

no i’m not aware of the constitution

very important you should know

about it i will read up on it sir how

will you evaluate the

the working of a bureaucratic missionary

so i feel that  our bureaucratic


is has been

has been problematic in a lot of ways

where it has had its positives i feel

that it is important to outline the

negatives at this point in time because

the negatives have been very

far-reaching in terms of their impacts

 these negatives i feel include

that this machinery is outdated in terms


we have not really tried to improve up

on the bureaucratic machinery which we

inherited after partition that is the

first thing

the second thing i feel that there is an

excessive divide between the

bureaucratic machinery and the

population i feel that this divide needs

to be

bridged so that bureaucrats are not

thought of as

the rulers in fact that thought of in in

in reality as civil servants i feel that

that that is

a second thing about bureaucratic

machinery i will the third thing

we are still living in the times of

paper and files

where the world has moved on to

information technology e-governance

and we have seen some institutions move

on to that model we have nadra and we

have the

these sort of institutions who have

inculcated information technology in


operations i feel if the bureaucratic

machinery as a whole

improves on this we can go a long way

prime minister inspection committee on

administrative reforms

has put up quite a number of proposals

to the prime minister

for improving the working of

bureaucratic missionary

can you tell us about those proposals

about a few

of them sir so from what i have read up

on and from what i remember

the first one was the some reforms

regarding recruitment

in which it was argued that people who

select groups in which they want to go

into should have

should give the exams  of the optional


with regards to their with regards to

the group they want to go in so if

someone wants to go into the police

service they should have criminology if

someone wants to go into foreign

service they must have international

relations that that is

one of the reforms the other was i think

they also argued about security of


which is a controversial topic and there

was no conclusion i feel which was


regarding this  the third  and i

think mr ishra tussain

argues vehemently about it is

increasing the sort of financial

compensation and bring it to market

level at least for the bureaucrats i

feel that

these are three of the reforms which i

remember from the many which were given

or you one of your weakness you have

mentioned is overthinking

what do you mean by this or overthinking

sid i feel that

in in routine tasks i

i tend to think if i can do this in this


i can do it in this manner so i take my


to assess which option or which path i

should take

i feel that that oftentimes in in

in ways can be disadvantaged okay you

can you can

write some appropriate word overthinking


carry any sense right if it had i would

not have asked you this

question parliamentary committee on


what is what is its role and how it


so the parliamentary committee on

accountability i’m not exactly sure of

it if you’d allow me to guess

is is headed by the leader of the


 in the national assembly and its role

is to assess  which government

projects which federal projects

whichever are being implemented are they

adhering to

principles of financial  you know

financial righteousness

if you could say that so they hold

federal legislature accountable to

any expenses they are taking up and

those things but it how they do it

what is the motorcycle trendy that i’m

not exactly sure

officer foreign service is your second


yes what is diplomatic community so

diplomatic immunity

 is given to  is a concept

in which  foreign

diplomats foreign embassies they have an

immunity in a sense

that they’re not treated under the

same laws as as the host country

so a diplomat is immune to a lot of

a lot of the laws which are applicable

 on these things in fact the united

states of america argued for raymond


 under the this pretext of diplomatic

immunity they felt that

he’s  in fact he was not a diplomat

but they argued the case

on those basis that he should be given

diplomatic immunity

but but was he tried there in america on

the charges

on the  i do not think he was he was

charged in america i’m not sure but he’s

supposed to

he is not you see action

will be taken against him not in the

host country

but in the country of his origin where

he can be taken to task legally


sir so from what i  got from steve

cole’s book he wrote the directed at s

 and how the cia and isi fight wars in

in afghanistan in in that book he

mentioned that they actually the

american government on behalf of raymond

davis paid blood money

to the victims here and i feel that if

that blood money was paid Pakistan did

not agree that he has diplomatic

immunity because in effect he was not a

diplomat he was not in the list of

diplomats the american had given to the

foreign ministry

and so  compensation blood money was

paid according to Pakistani law and then

he was allowed

to leave so i feel that that means that

he cannot be tried in the united states

of america because he has been punished



you have opted for foreign service as

your second option

 what do you think are the major

challenges of Pakistan’s foreign policy

ma’am the first challenge i feel which

is primary

is that decade in decade out we change

our direction

one decade we are going in one direction

and another decade we go in another

direction there is no consistency in

direction i feel whichever direction we

take if we stick to it

we will do good  but every government

coming in and changing direction i feel

that that is a foreign

policy issue in Pakistan

similarly that is the first one the

second one i feel that is more

operational is how do we balance our

ties in the middle east

because middle east is important for us

iran is a neighbor saudi arabia is a

friendly country how do we

 balance between them and the third

issue which i feel will be of immense

importance in the future

is now that we have bet on the chinese

investment due to cpec

and we see that a sort of a

collision is inevitable between the

united states of america and the chinese

because the chinese is a china is a

rising power how will we balance between

between that i feel that these three are

the primary challenges

would you kindly elaborate what you mean

by saying

that we keep on changing direction can

you elucidate with the example

right so

one government is very friendly with the

the saudis then there comes another


which is excessively friendly towards

the opposite block in the middle east

which is the turkish and the iranians

so that is a that is a contradiction i

and i understand that a government

should have the right to

to formulate its foreign relations but

there should be some

strategic  strategic consistency

which should be there similarly

sometimes we are

very friendly with the united states of

america and i understand that that is

that is a transactional relationship i

understand that but

then sometimes we are excessively

friendly to the chinese we do not

maintain a balance

we do not maintain a consistency in who

we want to be friends with and who do we

do not want to be so good of friends


so from this emanate two questions

firstly is there any distinction between

rhetoric and policy definitely ma’am

definitely there is a difference between

rhetoric and policy

 but a lot of times we we we let

retrick take precedence over what should

be strategically beneficial in fact when

you ask me of this

i think there was there were times when

the Pakistani president was slapping


you know in in a fun gesture the u.s


and then very soon after that within a


we were organizing this islamic meeting


in in Pakistan so this is

not not this is extremes so we

even if we want to go to an extreme we

should stick to that extreme i feel

and the second question from because

as i said two questions emanate one

question i’ve already asked the second

question is

do you think that international system

is static

no it’s constantly changing so

 but having said that ma’am why should

we be reactive

to the static to the changing world


we should be proactive we should align


and in fact once we align ourselves we

should be the ones

changing the static nature not the ones

reacting to the changes happening around

interesting now tell me


have done environmental studies

what are the major environmental issues

for Pakistan

the first and foremost Pakistan is the

you know fifth most prone country to

environmental damage

despite the fact that we do not

contribute that much

to environmental degradation globally

that is the first thing that we are one

of the most prone

i think the second thing is how rising

sea levels

will affect Pakistani cities urban

cities karachi hyderabad

these cities are they do not have the


or the ability to be able to sustain a

rising sea level if it continues to rise

at the rate at which it is rising

as that is the other reason and third i

feel which i

personally felt change in four years of

my time in lahore when i went to lahore

there was no concept of smog at that

time but by the time i was graduating

from my university in four years

the smog was such that it was difficult

to breathe in and i

haven’t been to lahore in a recent time

but i’ve heard that it’s got even worse

lahar is one of the most

the worst in terms of breathing air so

so that is the third reason  it is

also an urban city

the fourth i i think would be

unplanned urbanization

in Pakistan this is something which is

related to environment

and we must address this issue as well

with the rising middle class


is going to take place but we must make

sure that we plan it properly

 in cop 24 they spoke of blue


do you have any idea about that ma’am

i’m unsure of it if you’d allow me to


it is related to making seas

sustainable it is related to something

related to

the activities which take place within

the oceans and the seas

but i’m not very sure of this thank you

very much pizza

aslan what were the three main feature

of mento modular reform 1909

i have read this but i cannot recall it

at this point what is

a massory compromise sir

this was a compromise in which it was

stated that beyond

the 4360 was the line i i think i do not

remember exactly but beyond which

slavery is not going to be extended and


 missouri was to be existed was to be

admitted to the united states of america

as a slave state and maine

was to be admitted into the united

states of america as a

free state so this was a basically a

compromise between anti-slavery and

pro-slavery people in the united states

of america

and what was third june poland

so the third zone plan  i’m unsure of


i do not my last question is what was

the impact of

american war of independence and french


sir  i think

  american revolution

in in in some ways inspired the french


so because  the americans here had


a colonial power which was the united

kingdom and it

it inspired the french people also to

to rise up against monarchy and

americans had not just fought the

colonial power they fought for democracy

that fought for self-rule

and so the people in france i feel were

also inspired by this fact that we

should have a self rule

thank you thank you

fathan the only thing i can tell you

that you keep it up

my shuttle you are intelligent you are


your communication skills are very good

you are quite confident but

now keep it up thank you sir

because you are competing with the best

of the best

is very tough competition punjabi and

there are people like

you not many people like me so you have

to be

keep in view that you will maintain

objectivity be analytical

and what you are thinking express it

if you get an opportunity so

from today i think you are very good



is very important

fizan you are very capable mashallah but

there is a knowledge gap

fill it up bitter because you have very

little time i didn’t ask you the


i wanted to just for a teaser that do

you know the difference

i mean why are diplomatic diplomats

given diplomatic immunity

 i’m unsure of it man basically


they are representatives of the

sovereign yes and a sovereign cannot be

subject to the laws of another sovereign


and that’s why they are immune right

right right

so it’s not given

it is mandatory upon them

because if i for example am posted to

usa and i succumb to those laws

then i am not representing the sovereign

state of Pakistan with this flag

then i am subject of that state and i’m


so i would not okay so that’s why

diplomatic immunities and privileges

or vienna convention 1961 may

do remember that 1961 diplomatic


in 1964 which was on councillor


and counselor immunities are different

from diplomatic communities

and the reason is that a diplomat is a

representative of the sovereign

but the councilor is supposed to give


he is not representative of the


he is part of the team that gives

services therefore they do not enjoy the

same immunities

as a diplomat would in Pakistan we have

the same foreign

service in which you can be posted as

council general you can be posted as


so as ambassador your immunities will be

different as council general it will be


in other countries the counselor core is

very different from the diplomatic code

they have two streams of services

so just to educate you on that for your


thank you thank you

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