CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Shazia Ishaq (ASP) | Teacher to CSP officer Mock Interviews

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

Shazia Ishaq (ASP) | Teacher to CSP officer Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

introduce yourself to all of us


my name is shazia Ishaq, i’m from

kpk and i’m serving as headmistress in

government school

in bps16 i have done my bs and political

science from

islamia college university of shower

and my i’m a key sport player

i like and hiking i like gardening

and now  i’m a written qualifier of

css 2020

and hopeful for serving in

the public sector of pakistan again in a

broader perspective so you are

serving as a headmistress in one of the

government high school

middle school set one of the middle

school yes sir

 what is the strength of staff which

you have got so

including me we are eight star eight


you yourself have been teaching yes sir

i’m teaching also i’m also the head of


what are the methods of teaching in your


sir as i’m i have a little experience

that is of only

three months so as far as during these

three months i have

observed and the teaching criteria that


my stuff they are applying and broader

perspectives in teaching like they are

engaging the

students in activity based on and as in

corona virus this disease though the

major grouping was not allowed so they

are and that is in limited perspective

secondly they are using charts

and also they are and having

discussion and group discussion there is

also added in this way

yes there are certain difficulties to my


and the people there are a little bit

conservative so they

this also feeling difficult in this

regard like

when you are saying there will be a

function the students are reluctant to

participate there

shazia if

you are in a classroom and there are say

10 students 10 girl students

and out of 10

2 are outstanding seven are

very good and one is

poor now you have to make the sitting


in that classroom it is your choice how

you what

seating arrangements you will make

keeping in miu

the caliber of the students

yes sir i will arrange my students in a

way that i can

use the two students they are

outstanding so i will try to arrange to

accommodate that between the good

students and the one that is left being

i have to take

him to take her in front of the class so

she can participate accordingly and i


make one of the good student outstanding

students to sit with her

so here she can help her in the


what topic what subjects you are

teaching sir i’m

teaching an english in grade

grade i’m teaching english and to grade

6 i am teaching general science and to

grade 7 i’m also teaching english

one of the topic one of the subject

you took was gender studies can you


five gender issues which we are facing

in pakistan

yesterday just names yes sir

and gender-based violence ragging from

honor killing to all these

child marriages these and unless an

opportunity is given to women

in educational institute and thirdly

they are no choice that is given to


regarding marriage and choices there’s


then and fourthly there are less

participation of women in politics

and fourthly and there are also less

participation of women

in other multinational organizations

working inside pakistan especially

in sarvanam there are no certain laws

they can carry

and the woman in the front so they can

perform good

criminology was one of the subject can

you define crime for me

yes a crime is any act that is

considered as that is considered the

break of any law

any update is against the social norms

against the law of the land that is

called crime

they disturb the society what are the

institutions of criminal justice system

can you name them yes sir there’s a


prison judiciary prosecution prohibition

and these are the institutions briefly

tell me what are the salient features of

1973 constitution of pakistan

yes a 1973 constitution gives us

the certain type of political system and


it’s the parliamentary form of

government is the written constitution

it’s a federal form of government we

have an obvious

fundamental rights and

what are your comments about the

performance of this political government

this political gun sir this government

is performing

it has certain in a good perspective


and in some perspective the government

is not performing

performing accordingly what it this

government has

promised before the elections like here


our economy is moving towards a

positive trajectory secondly and

the various programs like the essa’s

emergency cage program that is good in

this coronavirus disease

and secondly we have and to some extent

we have

gained certain objectives in our foreign

policy a

platform and thirdly our initiative

regarding cpec we

are going towards we are gaining

benefits from the project

and the recent last month last two three

months we have seen there was a conflict


azerbaijan and armenia

what was the reason for that conflict

there was a war

yes sir the main reason for this

conflict was the territory that is

inside azerbaijan nagorno-karabakh

it was a territory data survey jungle

and it’s mine basically it’s

azerbaijan’s territory

but the people who are living there the

armenians so armenia saying that though

the people are majority armenians are

living there

so this is our territory so and the

sixth seventh divorce was prevalent


finally and azerbaijan has won the war

and now it’s the part of azerbaijan in

last two three months we have seen that

almost india and china they were at the

brinka for

what are the issues so the main issue

between india and china is a border


and a line of actual control where china


and has claimed regarding the area

india saying it’s my territory so

therefore it doesn’t emerge there and

more than 20

soldiers of india were killed pakistan a

heart country

this is one of the

book you have read what is the central

theme of this book

the central theme of this book here

anatoly and he’s saying that

there are various perceptions about

pakistan in the western world like


it’s a failing state so in this book and

the author is saying that pakistan is

not a felony state

though there are certain difficulties

economic issues and terrorism issues and


issues here in pakistan but pakistan is

not a failing

state pakistan is doing well in certain

perspective so if there are no


inter internationally inside pakistan

then pakistan will not fail

who is the author of this book and i

don’t live in

another it is not mentioned here

the pass is your first choice pakistan

administrative services

so what functions are performed by the

deputy commissioner

the deputy commissioner performs various

range of functions

they meant the primary function is to

control the district

who is the deputy commissioner is head

of ranking from the various

issues implementations the laws and

regulatory functions

and issues regarding the land record and

the law and security situation

along with the police of the area and

other security issues

which are the happening inside the

surprise checking

and all these issues and

and the how will you  or

how you describe patwari culture and how


how will you counter it separate but

very culture is prevalent in pakistan


there are certain and the but very

mainly the

culture that is not certain there are

difficulties man they are taking pride

and they are not recording the land


so this is a bad habit to curtail this

digitalization is a good solution the

land the recorded lane should be

digitalized according to the

owner they are holding the lane

district administration performs


so how the performance of a district

contributes towards the overall

governance of the state

so when the district is governed

according to the rules of the country

then the people living out there have a

peaceful life then it’s contributing

against the governance of the state

the basic level the governance is good

then again it’s contributing to the

larger extent the government is

functioning well when the district is


not according to their will of the

people are according to the

law then we cannot expect the whole

country to be

ruled accordingly pakistan custom

service is your

second choice yes sir so what functions

are performed by the customs department

sir custom department basically is

dealing with that all the issues and

border issues regarding the smuggling of

goods item

smuggling of are those contraband items

they are

actually to tackle all these issues

within the border issues they all are

happening here

only only they only

are doing anti-smuggling

this is only one of the main functions

performed by custom department

they are also creating revenues helping

in the

enhancing of the budget means not easily

forget humiliation that is

that is your weakness

what do you mean by this not easily

forget humiliation

sir this means when someone behaves


to me then it’s difficult for me to

easily forget that

situation i cannot come out from this

situation easily

so my criteria is i behave with people

in a bad manner in return i expect them

to behave with me accordingly

britain has an unwritten constitution

how is it possible

that a country like britain is being run

without a written constitution

sir it is not necessary for a

constitution to be written

so return is a good example in front of

us where we have

and the conventions they are actually

there they are practiced for many years

and the constitution though there are

certain part of the constitution they

are written

but majority of the parties unwritten

which part is written

sir they still magna carta they are the

district reports

and all these are the bill of rights the

petition of rights they are the written

parts of the constitution

and all the the remaining major part

they are the convention regard the crown

regard the house of common regard the

house of lord

and many other issues regard the

convening of the house of common and all

these things

why it took eight eight to nine years

for our country’s constitution

to come into being so there are really

there were various reasons

which were an obstacle on the way of

making constitution for pakistan

so firstly the death of our founder

kaiti azam it was also a

setback to the and constitution making

secondly sir

there was very the vested interest of


people who were making the constitution

it was also an obstacle

third thirdly there and the dissolution

of the constitute and question assembly

it was also an obstacle so fourthly the


parts of the pakistan is not a single

culture country it’s a multicultural

country so all these things were

defected to make a

constitution for a multicultural country

so these were the factors

how do you view the 18th amendment was

it good

or or do you think

it doesn’t suits the interest of


sir 18 amendment according to myvi i

believe is that is the milestone in the

history of constitutional development of


as we can say that constitution 18th


all attend amendment closed the door for

an interventions

in our country in our political system

so thirdly it gives certain basic rights

to our

constitutional right light and article


the basic education to the people and

the second lesson we can say there

and it also and gave us

the province is more a liberty like the

nfc award

for this saturday it also

institutionalized various appointments

but do you think the provinces had the


to handle that extra work which was

given to them

sir if we are looking the problems here

then here say there are more work is

need to be done so that the provinces

become able to

carry out the work which has been given

to them means more power are given

to the most concurrent list has been

abolished and the powers are given to

the provinces

so the capacity building of the province

is needed

so that they can come up with the

practical work

thank you sir connected with the

previous question of

 my senior colleague what are the

financial implications of 18th amendment

sir in financial perspective the

provinces have gained more share

57 point something percent they are

province again and center has

more powers and in this regard there are

certain claims of

the center that though we have the major

chunk of like we have to manage the


and the defense budget and we have the

communication and all these things

we have to pay the loans still we don’t

have the amount

which is needed to take care of all

these things the provinces are rich in

this regard

so you think that federation is now

regretting this the scene

sir we cannot say federation is

regretting but there are certain

and objectives of the federation that

they are saying that

they are more power financial powers

have been given to the

provinces and centre is like in this


 since you are associated with the

education sector of pakistan

tell me the three major issues of

education sector of pakistan

some major three issues according to my

view are the first is the budget issue


it’s two percent allocated for education

system if you see one night but they are

investing and giving four percent of

their budget to their education


in this regard sixth and so and so on so

secondly we have the curriculum issue

we don’t have we have four major

division inside our education system


private schools public schools madrasa


and the other like the vocational and

training institute all these things

so it’s a good point that our

and the government has come up with


single national curriculum and so it’s a

good initiative in this regard

so thirdly the main issue in education

system is the

training of the teachers as i myself is

a teacher i have begu i have been given

the post regrettably i’m saying that

i was not given any training in this

regard i i graduated from a university i

applied for the post

i qualified and i was positive

headmistress in middle school

okay no problem what are the three major


of chitral vis-a-vis afghan

borders proximity

proximity to all three major issues the

three major issues

firstly is the law and attention from

the government side

and they go there in chitra there are

mostly the ngos they are working more


there we see the lake of interest or

government this is the first issue

so secondly the road we can say that the

road from which we are coming and going

to chitra

the road are not up to the mark don’t

you think lavari tunnel was made for the

people of chitral

sir we can say they are is nif but in a

bigger perspective we can say it’s a

route that to link it between china and

central asia may be the part of it gonna

be the part of cpeg

okay so who is dpo chitral right now

do you know yes sir who’s sonia

i particularly asked this question that

a lady is heading your police

department in your district but you did


mention police as one of your options

may i know why sir basically

i want to serve in paris this is my

first priority

well i’m not saying pakistan police

service is a

it’s also a good option for me so before

going for police service i

prefer pakistan administration

administrative service it has a broader


and to carry on thirdly sir my family

preference also come here

my father says to me to go for pass


if police service is offered then i will

go to it inshallah

and no foreign services will no sir why


saram elder’s sister so i have

responsibilities regarding my siblings

thank you what were the key feature of

mento morale reforms

ser minto murder reforms they were the

constitutional package given to the

indians by the british

and one of them and for as far as i

remember is that the

so i’m forgetting sorry what

what cabinet kitchen what is government


cabinet kitchen side

small members of the cabinet who are


so sorry i’m not kidding so what is

spoil system

search for system is the system

prevailing in u.s political system

where the incoming president usually get


from his friends and allocate relatives

in the british

in in his political system in usa and he


usually reject all the nominees which

the pre and

predecessor means the president has done

last question what is

the student-to-teacher ratio in pakistan

sir sorry i don’t have any idea

okay how do you see this with the kpk

sir i see the merger of water with kpk

from positive lands

so as we see from the history it has

been a point of

many all the and we can say not good

activities there

means the basic the terrorist terrorist

activities so the merger is a good

opportunity for the people of water fata

so they can come up with this so they

can benefit from the government services

before it was we can send a tribal area

now we can say it’s the past

it means the part of the province so our

judiciary will extend

to them education institute will be

provided to the people there

and budget our three percent our budget

is it has been said that it will be

it invested in their fata have you

have you traveled from peshawar to

torkham in the recent past

do you know there is an economic

corridor which has been constructed

between peshawar

did you know you never traveled on that


okay let’s conclude it let’s have a

debriefing session

but sorry i’m not getting you i don’t

get you what you said

let’s conclude this   interview


let’s be informal and

we want to debrief you and if you have

got any question you can ask this

question from us

you have made it is a great achievement

that you were made in the written part

of this css examination

which is basically two percent of the


all students aspiring to be in it

and it appears that you are martial

intelligent you are hard working

your personality is fine and

your communication skills are also good

now there you are going to compete with

the best one from the kpk province

okay when you are fighting between the


then you have to fight in a better way

you should be fully prepared

so today we feel that as far as the gap



police officer so that should be

that should have motivated you and

get you to opt for police

dmg that is your first

and considering from the part of

pakistan where you belong

you are very good mashallah



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