CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Saad Bin Khalid (AC) Punjab (IRS) Mock Interview

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

Saad Bin Khalid (AC) Punjab (IRS) Mock Interview

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session


so how are you as i am good thank you

then you take a lead introduce yourself

to all of us

you have mentioned my name apart

from that sir i belong to this techno


sir i am a teacher son my siblings are

students and professionals as well

so after completing my metric and

intermediate from a nearby town

i graduated in civil engineering from ut


and that was followed by job with a

private firm

for one and half a year there sir i

realized that my vigor and energy must

be expanded

with government which is primarily

functioning for welfare of the state

then sir i switched to another job


allowed me with different nature that

allowed me to prepare for the exam

apart from that sir i also pursued a

master’s in public administration as

well from kardashian university

actually this decision was made to

accommodate myself

if specialized exams start taking place

after that sir i was inducted into pms

in 2019

then sir i also said

when there is layer time and there is no

assignment preferably

i go for physical exercise and social


so in future aspire to

go for higher studies abroad as well sir

so you are coming from sir

river indus it flows from north to

south or south to north so it flows from

north to south

sir can you tell me what are the

 what is behind this south punjab

province movement they want

a separate province of south punjab said

why sir actually what could be the


sir i was going through a report and

its name was the story of punjab

in that report actually there were four

districts of

punjab and they were regarded as

the christians of endemic poverty and

all of those four provinces

were related to south punjab so this is

the first reason that there is

movement for bifurcation of punjab that

if we get our separate funds

if we get our share in nfc that fund

would be expanded in south punjab

and there are hopes that it its uplift

would take place

this is the first reason for that and

second reason

for the second reason for the movement

behind bifurcation of punjab is that

they claim that

it would strengthen our federation

because right now

according to article 59 of our


141 mnas are coming from punjab

so whoever wants to come in power and


he focus he or she focuses on punjab and

you get 141 seats and you don’t need to

put your focus on rest of the three


so they say if you buy for kate punjab


it would strengthen federation because

it would allow the people who who are

seeking power in center

to focus on other provinces as well sir

what is the population of south punjab

about 50

is it is about 33 percent you can say 30


32 you are very right about that sorry

it is the total is 10


and what is the ratio of area sir area


about 52 and 48 52 belongs to south

panjab and 48 belongs to

the rest of the punjab what is the

progress of setting up the

secretariat of south punjab sir actually

the officers have been transferred to

the secretariat

right now secretariats are working in

bhavalpur and bolton

its buildings progress is underway but

until its building is completely


but i believe this is a good step they

have started

functioning and definitely they are


towards the objective of are you doing

your training or you have completed your

training sir i am entertaining

where  sir right now i am attached in

food department for secretary training

and we are getting our we are getting

started our academic trainings from

january 18. sir

sir actually he has influenced me what

he did for his country

he was awarded nobel peace prize in 2019

as well

and the reason behind that recognition

was similar that

he has actually resolved 30 year old

problem with eritrea

apart from that sir the policies he has

pursued in

domestic  in his domestic failures


press freedom and releasing political


that actually has moved me apart from

that sir he is also working on


the great renoisians dam of ethiopia as

well that is going to make

actually ethiopia independent in

a water and electricity circle but he is

constructing the dam at the river nile

and why egypt is unhappy actually

nile is nice what is the total length of

the nile

river from ethiopia to

egypt and to the ocean sir i will

struggle to recall that

and why sudan is unhappy with ethiopia

sir actually

these three states egypt  ethiopia and

sudan they

combinedly get benefit from thai so

definitely if they are going to store


the rest of the parties are going to

like show their apprehensions

he is constructing this dime and which

night blue night or white ride so it is

being constructed on blue knight and

what is the total capacity of the

production of this

electricity estimated so

my knowledge of this regard is limited

6.4 gigawatt

sir and the nile blue nile the length of

blue nile is 6 000

miles from the origin in ethiopia

to nile going to the ocean passing

through the egypt

and the egypt is even planning to attack

ethiopia if they don’t enter into a

agreement with them have they failed the

dam or not

 sorry sir have they failed ethiopian

have filled the

dam or not it is  its construction is

underway it is not completed

yet it is not completed but the first

part of filling has been done they have

without getting into

without getting into any agreement with

the sudan or egypt

sir that is again something very good

for them sir

to score update karna if you want to say


is your

now you tell us why mr trump is

being  impeached tomorrow

there may be in the congress sir

and see

pelosi is going to fight she is a


why sir actually  initiating

impeachment the u.s constitution there


you can say there are three conditions

for impeachment

three conditions for which the president

may be declared unfit for presidency

and these three conditions are number

one treason

number two bribery  and the third one


like  minor wrong doings so first of


sir sir the first one is treyan

he may be impeached on the charges after

him the second one is bribery

and the third one is sir  exactly sir

my for minor wrongdoings so first of all

he is being impeached

for in third category not for trying not

for bribery

but minor wrongdoings in those minor

wrong doings

they are claiming that he has actually

urged people

to storm into the white house washington

capital hill sorry not vice so he is

being impeached on this charge and they

are urging vice president

mike pence to actually declare that

president is not fit for presidency

and according to 25th amendment he must

take over

and become the president of the united

states and then

the vice president would be confirmed by


pms me how much generated mars what was

the percentage of retail mass which you

have got

sir we have not got our dmc’s because

there is some sort of

litigation and

total interview what was your position

there yes sir i was 19


you play cricket sir why

i mean Pakistan did not perform well in

new zealand

Pakistan’s cricket team said no

what happened there said i have sir i

know sir just tell us sir Pakistan was


with huge margin of an innings and 176


so the this is the second time

back-to-back defeats

first in england now in new zealand

sir why why these

standards of sports in our country has

gone very gone down

sir so basically

it is a domestic structure that matters

a lot

so in Pakistan that domestic

structure is struggling our prime

minister who has been a characterizer

he pledged to reform that domestic

structure and then we are like

we are hoping that our cricket standards

would be revived

but sir it has been the history that


not specifically Pakistan but many teams

from asia

they have been struggling on the semi

pitches and rainy conditions

so in england in australia in new


so all these three conditions are there


you cannot trust whether there can be

rain anytime

and there are bouncy pitches so in their

batting technique they struggle

so in both these tours in england and

new zealand our batsmen have struggled

so with gradual times sir i believe our

bowling is also on the decline

sir okay yesterday

there was air and firing  after the

results of

 lahore bar association and sergoda

the lawyers the victorious party

their supporters they started firing in

the air

sir what is this show

lawyers who are custodians of law

sir they are taking the law in their own


sir did you witness on television how

the firing was going on

firing with revolvers pistols clashing


said these lawyers were doing

they were celebrating the victories like

this sir how do you view this

so you are very right to point out that


unfortunately i could not witness that

on television

but i believe unfortunately


this has become like the polarization in

our society has become so evident

there’s these unfortunate incidents

happen on

frequent basis so i will definitely

this is against the law they are the

protectors of the

constitution interpreters of the


but overall sir i believe this has

become a part of unfortunately a norm of

our society and this must be

bridled down this must be controlled i


public administration is was your master

you did

in masters

what was the difference between the

scientific management theory

and the human relations theory sir

sir actually among the you can say the

five different school of thoughts and

public administration that have been

evolving since

since 1920s so

the behavioral theory actually it

focused on how can you

enhance output and efficiency

while focusing on the social model like

what is actually  what is

actually the state of mind of those


if they are giving  such type of

benefits like salaries

can their behavior and work can be

changed so this was the behavioral


the second one is like this is

scientific movement that actually


 implementation of scientific models

that if you

 go by mathematics if you input

certain formulas and you are working

in your mechanism whether it can enhance

your input

efficiency or not sir

well give them neat clean need clean

environments give them the tools with

which they can

work so  it was more materialistic

sir if they if you provide them


environments if you make it easy for

them to work

sir so they will

produce more give them rewards give them


on daily basis engage their work on

daily basis and see

if they are doing well give them rewards

material words so it was

materialistic scientific meaning

scientific manner

the the focus was on materialism give


sir and then those human relations and

mess law have you heard of mess law sir

i have definitely heard of him

what was that so actually he is famous


exponential physiological needs for

motivating your employees

he has described the five needs in

hierarchy of that need


police you want to join police service

of Pakistan that is your

second choice so police order 2002.

sir  is by and large

in vogue in Pakistan according to which

police is working

sir so how do you see this law and how

do you

see the police performance after its


sir so actually police has been working

according to the embeds of police order

1861. so it was

a right step and forward thinking for it

was a forward thinking and right

direction the police order first of all

i should admit that it was a right step

apart from that there were certain

permissions of police order

that were meant to enhance the

performance of police

but unfortunately the tesla between

military government and

the political government that actually

became a hurdle

in smooth functioning of like smooth

implementation of police order

but please allow me to give an example

same has been the case with local


it has been implemented by no

cut it short can you give us some

key characteristics of police order so

it focused on community policing

it focused on internal accountability

within police

 apart from that internal what do you


there were they would be held


within from the department

and what else sir i am

struggling to recall apology for that

what is balanced right

sir the balanced diet is

regarded that diet that simultaneously


vitamins carbohydrates

and lipids and these types when all of

these ingredients

get into your food you can say diet is


sir ji saad sir

saad a lot has been discussed about the

rebel nile

sir can you tell me the very unique


correct  characteristic of nile sir it


unique from rest of the rivers because

it flows from south to north

good sir okay so

what is 25th amendment

in the constitution of united usa sir

sir 25th amendment was ratified by

38 states in 1971 it was

actually it happened sir

i cannot actually

remember whether it was 1971 or 1967. Its

necessary was felt when president john f

kennedy was shot dead

and president lyndon b johnson had to

become the president

it is like there are certain conditions if

the president become dysfunctional if

he has died and if he resigns

in three conditions the vice president

would be the president

and then his vice president would be

nominated and definitely confirmed by

senate okay sir

and any  okay sir

impeachment sir how many presidents

have been impeached in the history of

united states

so actually there are three stages of

impeachment the first one is style the

second one is conviction and the third

one is

you can say punishment three or four

before trial

let’s say 10 people from congress want

to impeach

trump sir can the trial be initiated

no sir so the condition for

initiating tri-love to be impeached

president is like

a house of representative who would


the  resolution with simple majority

you can say from from 438

the 50 percent of 438. okay sir

so how many have been impeached  sir

three presidents have been actually

brought under trial and none of them

have been impeached sir who said that

the first one was

india johnson the second one was

president bill clinton

and the third one is president trump

nixon was not impeached

sir nixon was not impeached he resigned

sir but

the resolution was passed sir

the process could not be initial

completed because

before the trial redesign and later got

the presidential party

okay what was the charge on bill clinton

so actually the charge on billy clinton


extra marital relations with an intern


the white house is it a crime in usa

sir actually the bars are high for the


he was impeached for perjury

he lied under oath he was not impeached

for having

any sort of extra relations with any

other women okay

he was impeached for  perjury and

by margin of how many votes he was

spared impeachment

sir he was rescued in senate  but

only by two votes sir okay

my last question what is the

contribution of marx weber

in public ad sir weber is

famous for his theory of bureaucracy and

there are certain key elements of that

theory tell me four characteristics of

bureaucracy he told

sir  i will i have to study for this i

apologize thank you

sir sir

there is sadness there is fear there is


what are its reasons

so actually migrated from india from

hoshido to saiwa

so i believe he had witnessed the

rags of migration the pains of migration


that pains are evident in especially i

believe i’m good

what is similarity between the poetry of

hazar sultan bahu

and ella makbal there is one

very prominent similarity

and they both converge on the concept of


the concept of ishq

this element is in is evident in

the poetry of both what is martial plan

so marshall plan was

i struggled to recall exactly the share

of marshall plan but it was

to for uplift of europe after

world war ii

i think you have rightly identified that

you are not in a

 serious mode casual okay

sir this is shortfall at my party no no


i am telling you because

you are at a point

where you are competing in punjab

okay you are already in the pms and you

have made good marks there

now the problem

otherwise your personality is good

you are quite composed and confident


impression create cursive intelligent

communication skills are good

but  for this is a event of life which

you are going to

which are you when is your interview it

is on 18th

18th now after say seven days you are

going to

have an event of life

tomorrow a to z it will be discussed


because you have written it and they

will verify it whether

you are correct or not certified

verification taken


you should be very


next time

you should have been properly dressed

it only matters can be


thank you

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