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This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

Osama Abbasi AC – IRS Mock Interview | Assistant Commissioner – Inland Revenue Service

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

you feel like if you want to introduce

yourself please

sir my name is mohammadu samabasi and i

basically belong to puerto balochistan

and i grew up in the city and completed

my education till college in the city

from there onwards i went on to complete

my higher education

in islam

i went to berry university and did my

bachelor’s in business administration

with marketing

and during this time after graduation i

started my first job as an account

executive at zones pk

and i worked there as an account

executive handling different clients

mainly who were from usa and during this

time i also started my master’s in

business administration

with marketing from Bahria university

islamabd after doing my masters i left my job to

pursue my lifelong goal of inducting

myself into the civil services Pakistan

and i went for a preparation and after

giving my exams i started my second job

as a content creator and copywriter at

oxbridge digital which was a marketing

and advertisement agency and

also during this time i’ve been doing


with graphic designing and videography

and my other hobbies include

videography photography playing football

and also writing in my free time

and i’ve also had the honor to represent

Pakistan and bari university

at the harvard national model united

nations conference which happens in

boston massachusetts

and i’ve gone there twice once as a

delegate and once as a head delegate

in 2018 and 19 respectively so

thank you

so you have done your mba

yes sir this is management marketing


can you tell us what is management

how you

describe management

management can be described as the

process of

having people it can be in an

organization or it can be in an informal

setting but management is how you manage

different things with regards to your

company and this can include the

finances and the hr the human resource

management and how you manage your

resources to efficiently run your


there’s a recent incident in much

miners were killed

and still the people are there

what do you think how do you see this



first of all it’s a very unfortunate


and obviously

i think that after a long while it has

happened in balochistan so i can say

that the security situation has improved

but i think that with regards to

management there needs to be done more

in order to have more proactive approach

with regards to intelligence and with

regards to forcing these things and i

think in this way it can be preventable

they are still there and they have

worried the dead bodies no sir they are

still protesting and they are waiting

for the prime minister to come and

address their grievances sir

what do you think the political

government of williamstown

how do you see their future the present

political government

so i think that

they have performed well so i think that

they do have a good future obviously

there is always room for improvement but

i think slowly the province is moving

towards a more prosperous future and

we’ve seen more development projects

going on and the security situation has

greatly increased so i think that yes

they do have a good future in the

province but i think there are always

rooms for improvement remain

today there was an event in congress of


what is that what was the

the congress of usa were certifying that

joe biden and kamala harris were

becoming the president and the vice

president of usa

and donald trump was trying to deny that

firstly by

you know telling his vice president mike

pence not to certify the results when

that did not work his supporters stormed

into the capitol house and tried to

disrupt the proceedings and they

destroyed a lot of belongings of the u.s

government and also took some of them

with them

which halted the certification of the

president but it happened late into the

night and now  it has been confirmed

that joe biden and kamala harris as the

president and vice president of usa

remember the subject  one of your

options subject of sociology

can you identify five major social

issues of malachista

malice transparent

specific  one of them is poverty sir a

lot of the province is

and secondly sir with regards to

illiteracy because it has the lowest

literacy levels out of all the four

provinces in Pakistan so that is a major

issue so all the other major issues are

water scarcity again it is one of the

major provinces of Pakistan which is

facing acute water shortages and there

are severe droughts over there sir so

another social problem is that  you

know the overpopulation in the urban

areas and  balochistan has two urban

cities or developing urban cities which

are koita and gawada so a lot of people

are flooding into these cities and there

isn’t enough mechanism to help you know

develop the other cities so that people

don’t come here

that’s the four issues that i can come

up with

is the future

and the people have got the right to

move together

but i think in the long term there needs

to be have you been together or not

sorry yes i’ve been there once

how do you feel about the development of

gaba especially with reference to


so i feel positive about it i think it’s

bringing a positive

upturn in the province and in the

country a lot of local

baloch from the province and from the

city are being employed and it’s

creating a good economic progress in the

country and in the province

you you did your

 mba in marketing yes

so how will you differentiate between

business administration and public


so i think business administration

mainly focus towards private or

corporate enterprises and how they can

 effectively you know effectively i

mean utilize their resources which

improves manpower and also includes the

finances when we talk about public it’s

mainly focused on the  macro level of

the society in the country and how you

need to cater to all of these different

people and their demands so i think

the management of you know the business

is a micro level and it differs from an

organization to an organization

in balochistan only five percent or


a little more of the area is police area

the extension is

it is being extended police

area but it’s very slowly

there was a time when it was the oh the

entire area was declared as airy old

all the districts were notified as

police areas


you see

the arrangement was reversed

i am sorry i do not know the answer to



during his tenure


made sure that

the arrangement which was earlier they

were on ground

it was reverted back

blue sun was area but

probably in 2008 in the middle yes

decision was taken by the

provincial government

to restore the

the bay area again the same arrangement

falls do you think if balajissan is

declared as area it will improve

the law in order situation of blush sun

if it is all police area

sir i don’t think so that it’s as simple

as declaring as all policy i think that

there needs to be done more in order to

accommodate the people who are not happy

with the federal government

people who believe that the resources of

balochistan are being used or who

believe that they are not being given

rights i believe that there needs to be

firstly dialogue with these people so

that they can come up with a productive

solution to this and if not then they

can always of course go towards a more

stringent approach with police or with

intelligence operations but i think the

priority should be with dialogue with

these groups

what currently is the Pakistan’s foreign

policy thrust


right now foreign policy of Pakistan its


so the foreign policy of Pakistan is

basically centered around the national

interest of the country a lot of it we

see that

is promoting how india is doing

atrocities in kashmir and how

we are raising the kashmir at an

international image but also recently

we’ve seen that Pakistan has taken a

proactive approach with its foreign

policy and it started restarting

dialogue with the united states it’s

trying to improve its relations with

russia as well and other countries and

it’s probably proactively trying to

maintain a good image whereas previously

we saw that Pakistan had a reactionary

foreign policy nowadays it’s changing

and they’re moving towards a proactive


like any any specific instances

 recently we’ve seen the foreign

minister and also the foreign

spokesperson they keep telling the world

that india will commit an attack on

Pakistan and this previously this was

not happening as an attack happened and

then we took a reaction but now we’re

warning the world beforehand that india

can attack Pakistan so this is one of

the main proactive approaches that has

happened in the change of foreign policy

of Pakistan

why Pakistan could not get out of the


fat of gray list

so it is because

we are non-compliant on 6 out of the 27

points that they raised and upon

completion of the remaining six points

Pakistan will hopefully exit the great

list and

but there is a lot of positive news that

the country has taken the right steps

and hopefully in the future it will be

able to move out of the data as fast

just tell us


the government of Pakistan can do

to normalize the situation and to cool

down the

situation the turbulent situation in


i think

the first thing is that


because right now


which is why intelligence operations and

proactive operations are more important


generally you see

it is felt that  people

in village son they feel that

they’ll not

it will not  give them

the benefit

the which was promised

which is said that it will give benefit

to the people of balochistan and

they’ll benefit from it a lot they are

they have reservations

what are your views

taking place

you are a perfectionist

perfectionist you have written

it as your weakness


so because

being a perfectionist every time


you are

partially quite intelligent

so you’re confident  you are


communications are very fine

i think you have got a plenty of chance


make your way but now you need to keep it up

and you need to spend maximum time

or you are

improving your

knowledge because

current knowledge is very important and

i let me tell you

80 90 percent of interview will be from

This  sheet

they will start from Osama it could be us


you very

serious yeah are you like




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