CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Mahnoor Ali (Information Group) Mock Interview

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

Mahnoor Ali (Information Group) Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

how are you

i’m doing good how are you very fine

okay you can introduce yourself to all of us

my name is Mahnoor Ali  i come from Rawalpindi i was

born and raised there i have two siblings

i graduated last year in doctor of pharmacy

and other than being a student of

medicine throughout my academic years i

actively participated in the

extracurricular activities that is the

student society

of the university it  it gave me a position

to work on it gave me a position to work on

on a big level where i interacted with a

lot of people

and it helped me a lot  polishing my

skills of leadership

planning management public speaking

and with public speaking i also was

hosted consecutively for

 convocations of the university

mine was the fifth one that got

unfortunately delayed because of the


other than that i have a passion for

taking care of

the stray animals and i have been doing

it since a year now

thank you you’re coming from

 district rebel bundy any challenges

which you feel the ravel pindi’s city is

facing the waste

and the other three in fact one is the

issue of waste management the other is

the transportation

and third is the rising cases of

terrorism that are  being

 seen in double window yeah you have

done your pharmacy

yes you completed yeah i graduated last


you graduate last year how do you see


pharmaceutical sector can you tell us

because we don’t know much

give us your overview of the whole


so pharmaceutical industry basically

aims at

a few things regarding the drug it aims

at manufacturing

the distribution the regulation of drug


it reaches the patient the

pharmaceutical industry is completely

involved in these steps if i

specifically talk about pakistan we have

two areas here

one are ones being built by

multinational pharmaceutical companies

and the other is local pharmaceutical


that are on the rise at the moment

they are working great but other than

that we also have

a few problems one of the problems that

i didn’t i can identify is the

saturation of pharmacists

in the industry  because of which the

career development is

not it’s not a fast step in the

pharmaceutical industries

in the recent past there was criticism

that government of pakistan has

increased the prices of medicine

is it correct sir it is the drug


authority that has to increase so that

sees basically the regulation of prices

and if the import

is because pakistan imports most of the

raw materials from india and from a few

other countries

including china if we are facing an


increased prices or increased tariffs on

the imports in the industry

has to increase the prices in order to

deal with that gap

 and when  the imports or or

certain issues with india are faced and

our imports are also banned by india

and we have to look at other avenues

where we  where we have to get the raw

material in higher prices

because of that purpose we have to

increase the prices and the government

has to be taken on board for that

but since public is not much aware of

the whole process so

it is criticizing it also it criticizes

the government

most of the times pakistan is going to


they say we are going to face water


do you think that we are going to face

water crisis

sir i do believe that we are a water

skiers country

 climate change is  is the phenomena

of 24th is a destructive phenomenon 21st

century that we are facing with and

pakistan is on number fifth that will be

affected through climate change

and if that were since pakistan is going

to be a water scarce country by 2030

and islamabad is going to face a lot of

scarcity in

coming years that is in 2025 so pakistan

definitely faces the issue of buddhist


you have done this anthropology can you

tell us what is anthropology

so anthropology is the study about the

evolution of human being

 study of of human beings

 how human beings have which they

talk about the origins of human beings

how they have evolved through the

different civilizations

it it basically revolves all around the


 being under his sitting around the

civilizations the culture

around how family systems developed

the system of marriage

system of siblings and everything that

involves a human being

it is is it science that it is an art

so i believe it is the study of both

science and now exposed as a foreign

service officer

how will you promote the soft image of


abroad so

soft image of pakistan already our

government is putting a lot of effort

into helping the image of pakistan be

created in a in a greater way for that


pakistan has taken the platform of

united nations

general assembly to do to highlight its

soft image

and for further purposes it is also

taken part

actively taken part helping the afghan

peace process being dealt so through

that process also

soft image of pakistan is being  is

being shown to the world

how pakistan is a peace loving country

how it is working to improve its

diplomatic ties for different states

even it offered a hand of friendship


india when the current government came

into power so

this in these and such more steps

pakistan is  working

to enhance its soft image abroad

and  sir it is also

there are so many other things which you

could do over there

inviting people

you see from from that country where you

posted to come to pakistan

and see the  tourist

resorts tourist places the northern area

beautiful northern area i mean

this could be promoted through tourism

that is the best way to

promote soft image then the efforts the

government has

taken to enhance the

you see the

the women empowerment the way the

government has

gone to empower empower women

and and and there can be many others


what you have said is fine

that’s also true

the united nations there

some reforms are being contemplated

in the structure and functioning of the


what are those sir i’m not aware of that

you’re not aware of that you should go

and have a look at it

it is important joint comprehensive plan

of action

2015 what comes to your mind

so it was the deal between united states

of america

and iran and other countries were also a

part of it

aimed at containing the nuclear

proliferation of iran

and in return iran would be relieved of

the sanctions that were imposed by the

united states

to help its economy grow but majorly it

was to contain the nuclear

provision of iran and the trump

administration pulled out of that deal

but the biden administration incoming

administration has

according to his speeches it has been

showed to his foreign policy

objectives that one of the objects would

be that he would be getting back into

negotiations with iran if

iran complies back again with the deal


the cabinet plan

you know

pakistan the history of pakistan

do you have any idea so i have read

about it but

right now i am unable to talk about it

okay then how many

summits have so far held on climate


 sir , i  i’m not aware

you should know

the summits the last summit when it was

held and

what were the targets set

to reduce carbon emissions

to the member countries targets were

given objectives were

also set these these are the objectives

and these are the targets

which have to be met so

this is important because you have

environmental sciences as your option

subject but this is also a current

burning issue climate change you know

yes taking care of stray animals

yes as a hobby sir if you allow me to

say about

i i always had passion towards animals

one of the incidents occurred in front

of my eyes where i saw

a kitten being run over by a car and

there was no help to which it could run


so from that point i took an initiative

in my own capacity

to help stray cats and dogs most of the

times it’s the cats

so i have to get initiative in my own

capacity to work for them

and in that for that purpose i

started creating  gardening boxes

i have started asking the shopkeepers to

keep those carton boxes for me so

 so they basically donate it to me and

i keep it outside my house’s

my house and i have also a few of my

neighbors have also taken a part in that


so we have built small shelter houses

for the animals

 that can take refuge if the weather

is bad or if they

need any care so we put food over there

and also i have taken a vet a veteran

doctor on board with this if there is an

animal that seeks

 who needs medical attention so

together we work for that

for that particular animal and it’s been

a few months that i’ve started this

thing  since last year

that’s good you’re into pharmaceuticals

tell me what is your view on this

vaccine for kobe 19.

none pharmaceutical industries

work on research and then they produce

the vaccines

currently we have seen five to six

companies who have produced worldwide

vaccines  the topmost being pisces and

that has

 created the vaccine in collaboration

with bioin tech

then there is a moterina vaccine

china has also started taking initiative

and india has also started taking an


 through this process and i believe


if we  take capitalism out of this

thing then the world

can benefit a lot from  the whole

pharmaceutical industry right now as

much as pharmaceutical industry is being

benefited right now

because of the situation that government

has brought brought upon all of us

can you really take out capitalism from

pharmaceutical no

so your statement is idealistic yes

great and

what are the main foreign policy

challenges for pakistan

one of the main challenge is the

security position of pakistan that


let us go from security to the economic


in our foreign policy  structure

the major one is being posed by our

immediate neighbor that is india

so it is a threat then we also have


the current situation in afghanistan as

a threat to our security

because peace in afghanistan means peace

in pakistan

so it is also one of the one of the


being faced then we are also

being  we are also facing the issue of

in the muslim world if we need to turn


one sect or to another sect and for that

pakistan  always has to

go neutral and it also comes off as

as a problem for the foreign for


relations with such countries

and others such more are the problem

challenges that our foreign policy faces

right now

and what is your view on recognition of

israel by pakistan

for this i will start my answer by


the founder of pakistan he was also of

the view that pakistan shall

not recognize israel unless the

palestinians are given their due right

unless that happens pakistan will not go

for the recognition of israel

and that is also the stance of the

current prime minister of pakistan

 secondly if we if pakistan does go

for the recognition of

israel then it means that we are

jeopardizing our situation

in kashmir are we standing in kashmir

because indirectly we would be accepting


israel is doing to kashmiri

apologies to the palestinian people and

what india is doing in kashmir

thirdly our public opinion is not in the

favor of recognizing israel so

in your in near future pakistan will

not be

 recognizing israel but if the

circumstances change

if the palestinians are given their


then it could be a possibility that

pakistan could

recognize it thank you so much

thank you what was

martial plan so i have to revise it

so what is the difference between

working boundary

line of control and international border

so international border  sir i you

have to study about it but if you

allowed to make

international  boundary is the

recognized region  recognized boundary

between the india between

between any two countries but  the

line of control

is the disputed territory is the

disputed border

 between two countries and what is

working boundary

 working working

last question you know that in few

countries pakistan is a high commission

and few other we have embassies so what

is difference between these two

 so high commissions are in those

countries that were previously under the

rule of

 great britain and embassies are  in

those countries that

have never been under  at least in the

colonial rule of the great britain and

in america we have high commissioner


we have an embassy in america they also

remain under

britain as well sir i


said mira

this is all i can say best of Luck

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