CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | FAHAD ZIA AC-IRS Mock Interview

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

FAHAD ZIA AC-IRS Mock Interview | Assistant Commissioner – Inland Revenue Service

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

please take your time

you introduce yourself to all of us

my name is farzia i belong to district

mansera but i am settled in islamabad

my father works in the ministry of

foreign affairs

and since my childhood i have never been


my primary education has been from india

and second education from iran

i completed my metric and fsc from

turkey i came back to Pakistan to pursue

electrical engineering

after four years i worked in a private


and in a private company i served as an

administrative administration as well as

technical side

and in that time i realized my potential

of becoming a better administrator

so i decided to join join some

administration job

and i found an opportunity in islamabad

as an administrative coordinator

so i came to islamabad and i served in

that institute for almost three years

in that job i worked with the british

council as well as with the beer and

federal war

then continuing on

i realized that i wanted to

serve the public so i decided to join

public sector

hence i applied for a job

in kpk public service commission where i

was selected as a district food


so i had the honor to serve as the

youngest district food controller in


and i served in korvar that is one of

the toughest areas of apk which was

formerly a part of a part of

the pata the provincially administered

tribal areas

and while i was serving there i

qualified the exam of pms

and then i was selected as ac ut in kbk

so right now i’m serving as assistant

commission under training

i have undergone five months of ut ship

there and currently i am undergoing

online training by ppsf

shower good

to how long you stayed in turkey

three years three years

at what level what was your age  high

my age was

it was a metric in fsc i did it from

there you did your metric and fsa level

what is what they call it

then they call high school and college

high school and college

quite  i think you’re quite

old enough to tell us something about

turkey definitely so turkey is a

wonderful country and especially once

being a Pakistani i was there i felt

honored because they used to call

turkish the turkey in Pakistanis

which in turkish means brothers

and i went there in 2009 and when i went

there then there was a guy who met me

and he was crying i said very crying and

he said that our leader

bruto she has died in the recent episode

so we are sad for her and the people

there in turkey especially the old

people there they really feel like our

brothers and sisters to us

and second thing is that they’re highly


they really take care of their values

which i’m really impressed by them why

they call them sick men of europe

they’re called sick men of europe

because in the early 20 in the early

20th century  what happened was that

turkey could not bear the burden

because it was the center of the ottoman

caliphate so it became so weak at that

time that it could not carry on the

legacy it had

that’s why

what is the traveling time between this

 istanbul to

europe as foreign how much time it takes

so i went back only took me six hours

ankara to istanbul


six hours


you have been an active service in the

kpk province then you are assessing

commercial entertaining there

what type of training you are getting

there in their district

so we had ac ute ship we were attached

to our senior badge and we were mentally

we dealt with the responsibilities of

covert 19 sop implementation in the

markets in marriage hall schools and


apart from that we had revenue training

as well to some extent what are the

function of  the adept commissioner


the main function of the deputy

commissioner is he’s a representative of

the provincial government that is

primary role there and he is the

district collector of all the taxes and

second thing is that he is responsible

for all the departments which are

devolved to the potential government

under the district like health and

education he oversees the functioning of

those departments and he reports the

performance to the permission government

what are your views about development of

tourism in kpk what new initiative have

been taken pastor i myself was lucky to

be part of the team which was

responsible to highlight the locations

in kbk especially in district mancera

because it’s the topmost district for

tourism which are suitable for the

investment we had a team from the uae

and we decided that we should now

highlight those spots which have those

potential which has not already been


and especially i was in the desert

buffer there buffer purple so we

highlighted the spots of the tourism

potential such as which need investment

right now and we should also make sure

that we should go for sustainable

tourism and we should not convert the

greenery into the concrete based

buildings and authorize investments

so we worked in that field too so the

potential for tourism is great in that

area yeah recently where kpk government

has bought two buildings in kisakani

bazaar yes sir what are those buildings

i read in the news that there isn’t

a type building there and the kpk

government has opened that to the public

so public can see the heritage there in

that building no the the two buildings

they have bought one is the

these are the two old houses they say

 two old houses

so i think they are elected to actress

something actors yes  they were actors

and they have bought that and i can’t i

cannot recall the other one

there is a claim of the kpk government

that they have brought a lot of

reinforcement at the health sector and

they have changed tana culture can you

tell us what has been done yes sir i

myself visited the thanas and various

political stations there as well they

have made some model police stations

there in those police stations we can

really see that some change has been

brought in them for example when someone

comes for the complainant we’re bringing

a complaint that complaint is registered

in a very in a very in a sequential way

such that it’s also online and others

can also access their complaint of that

office second thing is that the

atmosphere currently earlier it was

thought that hana culture is something

like one should be afraid of one should

not go to china but while being there i

realized that yes the model thanas i’m

not talking with other ones but

especially these channels they are

really they provide some sort of support

to the people emotionally as well as


how the policies are made you are a

student you have taken the subject of

public policy

how policy formation is done what are

the steps

yes sir i said for policy formulation

there are multiple steps first of all an

issue is taken up

by the stakeholders then they decide of

the issue that okay what what happens

with this issue starting from the root

cause how is how to resolve any issue

so first they highlight all the the key

points in them and then those key points

they involve the stakeholders then they

take their input from the stakeholders

like from and talking realistically

there are multiple departments if they

want to make a policy regarding a

certain department they’ll take input

from their department they’ll guess they

want to make this policy give us your

input after taking those inputs from

them then they formulate them in a

sequential manner they prioritize the

poli the demands

this should be first it should be second

after the doing this process then they

are put forward for the further

implementation and once they are decided

in a formal manner then they are

then they are put into in such a way

that they can be implemented

on the grassroot level

after implementation what is the state

so after implementation then there is a

five years process in which we call

every year we examine the policies which

we have been made and are they achieving

their targets or not for the purpose

which they were made so they are

assessed on annual basis till five years

and in case some change is required then

that change is incorporated next time

when they gain a policy is being made

and if it is found that that policy does

not serve the purpose then that has to

be truncated but normally in public

service policies are not so much

truncated they are modified to get



can i have your comments about the

current political situation in Pakistan

i said current political situation is an

innovative turmoil because right now as

we have seen in the past also that there

is opposition party and then those on

the treasury benches there are

loggerheads so  i think we need we

have some political consensus to make

this democracy move forward

but they should do


now interestingly both the parties are

talking of democracy and democratic

process but what they are doing is

exactly the opposite of what they should

do for the democratic process who should

take the initiative so those on the

treasury benches since their driving

seat they should take the initiative

what are the characteristics of a good


so the main characteristic of a good

bureaucrat is that

he should have empathy and he should

know he should be able to understand the

problem of others and solve them in a

manner that rules and regulations allow

him to do so

rules and regulations


sir that’s all

so this is the main characteristics

apart from that then there are other

things like as the web has described

that following the code of conduct and

then following the hierarchy and moving

through that system of the governance

if if bureaucrats follow the rules


do you think it will

the public interest will suffer because

this way


matter get delayed

so strictly speaking the rules are made

in such a way that they should help the

public yeah in certain cases if you

follow the city some things can be

compromised but broadly speaking they

serve the public if they’re followed



today there was an article

in the paper

regarding the this

 the house of dilip kumar and

raj kapoor


the caption was roots

how do you read it

so i related a person who is born in one

place he has got some sort of emotional

attachment to that place now despite the

fact they are in india they are doing

their own career but their roots belong

to vishal

and they own it

what is the central theme of

this book


by michelle

obama central theme

so the central theme of this book is

that how to be yourself in face of the


how to trust in yourself how to

trust yourself in the face of the

obstacles you face in society

and how you

and how do you see the presidential


filed in the supreme court

 regarding the senate elections

sir  so i don’t have much read about

this but i believe that the difference

that is filed in supreme court about

senate election  things should be done

on their proper time and once we try to

play with the system and tweak the

system for our vested interest it does

not serve the purpose

do you think supreme court


rule against


provision of the constitution what has

been specified there with regard to


can supreme court overrule that

repeal that

i don’t feel it will overrule but it can

give some interpretation in such a way

that the process is not stopped it

carries on

what is


nuclear non-proliferation treaty have

you heard of about it yes sir npt pd

what was

when was that


so i don’t remember the exact year but i

know it’s theme why was it done

why was this made yes yes

this was a purpose because at a time

when there was nuclear waste going on

among the competitors they came to this

npt non-nuclear non-proliferation treaty

that they should limit the number of the

nuclear arsenal to make this world a

peaceful and healthy to live in and they

would not they will not compete in

making the nuclear  bombs or immunity

measures to compete with one another

this was a sense of this treaty

is Pakistan

Pakistan signed it ratified it

Pakistan is not reformed

Pakistan said that if Pakistan will

ratify it subject to condition that

india was ratified because they are in

the nuclear ways

but apart from this but apart from this

there are certain other reservations


this is not the only one that india has

signed it so

 Pakistan will not sign it there are

few others also points others in this

case i cannot recall them exactly right

now but i believe there are these two

and and what is ctbt

a comprehensive test ban treaty and the

purpose of ctbt was to stop the testing

of the nuclear arsenal to and to make

sure that environment does not get

hazardous furthermore

to limit the damage to the environment

of all the tests whether done in the

question or online

the comprehensive test ban treaty ban on

the tests of users when was it executed

time frame otherwise you see 1960s or

70s no no


and the non-proliferation that was 1968.

what is Pakistan’s nuclear doctrine

palestine’s nuclear doctrine has no

first use policy

no first use policy are you sure


it has changed

it has gone beyond

no nucleophile

now it is full spectrum

go and have a look at it

and the possibility of first use of

nuclear weapons is there now

in the new policy


what are tactical weapons

 so i have no idea



what is

the difference what was the difference

between the philosophy of

 so i believe dearborn were a bit

conservative as compared to lulamar and

they were open in their thoughts who has

founded nadua

so i don’t know exactly

would you like to tell me the three main

feature of mentor modular reforms

so there was a right of the separate

electorate for the muslims the first one

in 1909 which for the reforms were made

and then there was the partition of

there was an annulment  no it was


 main theme was separate trade i can

call that tell me two more features as


let me ask another how french president

is elected

 so they have their counsel of the

members from which is elected

and who

elect this member of councils

what are the three

main feature plato ideal state so

let us either state states that the

philosopher king who should be the one

who should be ruling that

first of all he should be free from any

private interests that’s the first thing

second thing is that he should not have

any family because if that is a burden

you know he will not be able to

discharge his duties

and the third thing is that whatever he

is doing he should do so in public

interest and he gave a theory of


which applies in this part of the state

of state

do you know that

in 1946 kadhiasm has accepted the


mission or cabinet

proposal for united india

why did he accepted

this proposal for united india

i believe there was a last attempt to

make sure if there’s a possibility but

that did not survive

no of united india why nehru has

rejected the cabinet proposal

so i haven’t given a second read so i

cannot exactly comment on that my last

question is


many people believe

that the french revolution

was basically

this idea is basically taken from

american war of independence


so the american war of independence took

place in 1776

so those people when they revolted

against the british

rule and then they also got encouraged

if people there they are also english

men both are english men and they are

evolving against one another for their

rights why can’t we do so so the french

evolution took inspiration from them no

basically the soldiers who have

participated on the side of american

once they return back

they ask the same demand equality and

democracy and few others then this

franchise revolution has been started

from there

they came back to france



would you please tell us something about

iranian society

what i felt there is that young society

they mainly focus on their health that’s

the first one thing and second thing is


they focus on social activities a lot

and they are really the key towards


as and they like playing football a lot

and as far as other social things are

concerned  they really give a

homage to their religious festival


like naros and like other festivals they

have in iran

and last thing is that they are peaceful

people they are

peace loving people

is there any similarity between nikola

tesla and ellen musk

so i believe there’s a striking

similarity first thing is that when we

read the lifestyle of nikola tesla he

faced so many hurdles in his life

and when i read the lifestyle of the

elon musk

at time he was so devastated that there

were all opponents against him his ideas

but now we see spacex collected the

tesla motors hyperloop paypal all these

are the functions which have been made

by elon musk and even he has named that

company in honor of tesla the tesla


okay you told us that

turkish people they regard Pakistani


very much

why so is there any historical

connection to that


the brotherhood which turkish people

extend to Pakistan yes i asked this

exactly the same question to an old man

in turkey and he replied me with a very

nice answer he said that the khalafar

movement which took place in past and

that laffer movement even the women they

sold their jewelry to make sure that the

clubhouse does not

come to an end it should survive so at

that time in 19 in the before at the end

of first world war the Pakistanis and

the people of sub-continent they played

so much they took so much care of us and

so we need to also take care of our


and what was the azam  opinion about

khilafat moment at that

time  i cannot exactly recall but i

remember that he did not give much to it

even lamar can you call him he said that

yeah now the timer is not not there

okay one last question what are the

elements of good governance

so the very first element of good

governance is accountability and that

comes with responsibility so once

someone is made responsible he should be

made accountable for that there are

other elements yes sir then there’s rule

of law that comes next second then there

comes transparency

and moving on then there comes the

public service

element of an element of good


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