CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Fahad Shabbir Cheema (Youngest CSS officer ) Mock Interview

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

CSS Mock Interview by Fahad Shabbir Cheema (Youngest CSS officer ) Mock Interview | CSS-2020 Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

CSS Mock Interview by Syed Faizan Haider (ASP) Mock Interview | CSS-2020 Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session


fahad we are four people i’m jointly


Right relax and

if you’re comfortable then you can

Introduce yourself

so my name is i have done my bachelor’s

in civil engineering from military call

of engineering nest

and i belong to a town outside siarkos

i have after my i started preparing for


after my bachelor’s degree and i haven’t

really have any

proper field experience or anything in

my family i have

two siblings one elder brother who is a

medical officer in general hospital


and a younger sister who is still

studying  pharmacy

and my father is a farmer

anything else nothing comes to mind

okay thank you so you are coming from

sal court

no it’s not why sea alcott is famous

sialkud is

primarily famous for its business


it is a leading exporter in sports

scripts and surgical instruments

sal court recently exported its football


fifa worker 2014 and 2018. apart from

football it is it also manufactures

other sports equipment

as far as surgical instruments charcoal

surgical instruments are have a

huge market in the european union

and charcoal also manufactures leather


other leather products anything else

 there are two famous poets that

belong to sergeant one is lamar mohammed

paul and the other one is good

there is a tripod in yes sir how is that

experience what do you know about

that tripod is  situated a little


a main chakra city it is it has been it


it is part of the district yeah right so

i am talking about logistics

it was a inaugurated in 1980s

and 1980s around about 1983.84 with the

collaboration of pakistan

government as well as the business

community of civil code it has

helped the city streamline its exports

rather than

and have enabled the city to create a

central point from where all of the

exports can be sent to the other parts

of the city

 a parts of the country such as the

karachi seaboard or lower tripod

what is your age my age is 23 right

i will turn 24 in the sip okay you are

subject to geography also

yes sir okay can you tell us the

geographical location of pakistan on the

map pakistan is located just above the

trophy of cancer it begins from

around about 30 degree latitude and

stretches up till somewhere between 60

to 70 degrees

as far as the longitude it is

located around about 30 to 40 degrees

pakistan has a arabian sea on its

southern border

and iran is situated in in pakistan’s

southwestern border as far as

afghanistan it is situated in the

northwest and northwestern border of the

pakistan and stretches

over 2000 kilometers for china it is


among the hilly areas on the northern

portion of pakistan and china is the

shortest border with pakistan

the other country that has shared this

common bond with pakistan is india

and it shares the longest border with

pakistan stretching

somewhere between 2500 to 3000


there is a conflict between india and


in the himalayan region so can you tell

us what is this himalayan region

and what is the conflict so himalayan

region it basically stretches out

between the regions of it starts from


in the east and stretches up till

pakistan and its kashmir valley

the main issue between china and india

is over the

aksaichan region and some parts of

ladakh and kashmir valley

china states its claim over those

regions  but india says that

it were historically its own and they it

historically belongs to india in the

1962 battle china took over the exciting

region from the

indian government and after the war

there it was  there are peace

we can say there are comparatively

peaceful beginnings after that but in

the last year we have again witnessed

some skirmishes between the indian army

and chinese army over some

border conflicts

there is a term there in the literature

when we

review this conflict chicken neck they


chinese have got control of almost they

are sitting on the chicken neck

and then they also use the term five


no i haven’t really studied the session

we have not looked into it

right now the

there is a change  of

administration you know by 20th and u.s

president will be changed the trump

administration has

certain issues on the tariff issues with

chinese do you think this will continue

or there will be change of policy

these issues will mainly continue

because the trade deficit between china

and u.s is a lot higher

it is somewhere like u.s exports to

china somewhere in the region of 110 to

120 billion dollars

while china exports somewhere around 450

billion dollars

so there’s a high trade deficit and us

believes that china is

the next economic power so it will try


suppress the chinese economic rise as

much as it can so i do not think that

there will be

any  further change in the policy

they may overtly become a little bit

more peaceful as because trump was

just following his unilateral moves and

was not really caring about the

overall american persona in the

international award

as far as joe biden he carries the

liberal policies of

his democratic party so he he might not

be overtly so aggressive

but the policies would not  very much


how do you see this brexit which has

happened and the

uk is now britain is independent of

european rather i will say yes sir do

you think this is something good has

happened and for britain

or for the european union it has both

his pros and cons because

brexit basically the british people are

thinking that they are paying excessive

to the european union

and in return they were getting a high

inflow of immigrants into their country

because they  under the european union

deal each country has to contribute

something to the

european parliament to keep it running

and recently we witnessed the

germany also showed some hesitation


bailing out greece after its economic


so after that  some of the

conservative british politicians raised

this agenda among the people to

initiate the brexit but

brexit already had its own issues and it

could have

resulted in a decline in the british


but after and the recent covet pandemic

it just exaggerated this whole issue

and has hampered the british economy to

a great extent

now it only depends upon the policies of

the british

and how this final brexit deal pans out

because if the

britishers are not allowed to move

freely or

have to face some trade barriers from

the european union then it will be

difficult for the british business

is who are settled overseas because this

issue of the brexit it will go both way

the european union was contemplating

that due to the brexit many of the

citizens of other european countries who

have settled in britain

they might face issue and but the


kind of issues would also be faced by

the britain because

many of its citizens have settled

overseas in other countries like germany

which is the one of the faster growing

economies and

so i believe that brexit will have both

its pros and cons on the british economy

and only

time can decide where it goes from here

how will you explain your strength

leadership you have mentioned

leadership yes sir leader or leadership

leadership so how will you explain it

sir i just have a feeling that i have a

better acumen

in controlling a project or any

authority that is given to me because

recently i have such

instances where i was given certain

responsibilities to handle a group of


and i had a better performance in them

in my final year project i had

i was the leader of my group and i had

to control

the activities of my group while

streamlining all of the participants

other than that i was also selected as a

hostile prefect in the final year

in my final year and i had more than 150

students under me

and i believe that i performed all right

can you give us the


description of our land

pakistan sir if we start from the north


himalayas and karakoram range extend

from the kashmir valley into the gilgit

baltison region

and they are also induced mountains the

himalayas and

karakoram have a rather high peaks and

pakistan boasts

four of the eight hundred thousand

dollars in this world  the peaks that


above eight thousand meters as we move

towards the west

 on the border there are also some

mountains but they are not as high as


himalayas or karakoram and then in the


blajistan is known as a plateau because

you you move on

you have mountains we have plateau yes

sir and then lochistan

yeah the other mountain area that we

have are on the western end of the


the chagi mountains and after that we

have macron coastal range in the sun

we have mountains just say we have

mountains just mountains

we have mountains yes we have mountains

and then we have pleasure

we have plenty of valleys we have


i perceived that you were asking a whole

landscape layout

what do you know about the working of a

district working out district

administrative district of our country

so administrative district there is a

district officer on the top

on the top of administrative and then

there are the sales

under it the district officer controls

all of the sales that come in its

jurisdiction after that the sale there

are union councils under it

union council heads were are recently

as per the law  last time there were

some elections and union consulates were

elected and our union consulate then

divide contains

a few villages in that region who’s

running their control

can you give us the organization

hierarchy of

a police organization under the police

order 2002

i do not really have the

complete knowledge about that okay

bureaucrats accuse politicians

for their political interference in

their working yes

likewise  politicians they also

have a lot of complaints against the

bureaucrats that they don’t cooperate

in the in the in the accomplish of their


what is your take on it so bureaucrats

 are here to run the country and its

basic administrative machinery

because the politicians has come into

the power for five years

and we have not ever seen a party that

has repeated its

success in election in pakistan so

bureaucracy has a complaint that

politicians just come out of nowhere and

do not really have any administrative

acumen and

they try to impose themselves but we

have to understand that politicians are

elected representatives of our people

so bureaucracy should try to take them

under the  should try to convince them

and should explain them about the

working of the government rather than

just complaining

that bureaucracy is not listening to

them there should be harmony

between both the departments and


as for the reservations about the

politicians that politicians are

bureaucracies not listening to the

politicians their politicians should

also try to just

have stocks with the bureaucracy and

should listen to their issues

because any any issue that bureaucracy

might have about the politicians those

can be solved

with simple talks and i do not believe

that these issues are

so much elaborate to that okay

why despite  you see the ongoing

intra fund dialogue there is fighting

going on there is violence

terrorist acts are being have been

carried out

sir afghanistan there are many

stakeholders that are currently working

in afghanistan firstly there are the

local afghans

those are divided into different there

is the talibans

and then there is the northern alliance

and the current afghan government

there are afterwards in the external

stakeholder the united states

and pakistan and other border regions


we have also heard about indian

interference in the region

so until and unless all of these parties

are satisfied about the dialogue

these commissions will continue so


and the mainstream major stakeholders

that are pakistan u.s and

the afghan people they should rather to

try to

work things out among themselves and

after that i believe that the

security concerns can be addressed what

was the

policy of strategic depth and

and and what what did we gain from it

so strategic depth it was that pakistan

was surrounded

in the at the time of independence

pakistan already had a threat from the

eastern border

over the issue with india and pakistan

feared that if it’s

issues with afghanistan because

afghanistan laid claim over the

nwf region and claimed it to be a part

of afghanistan

so pakistan army needed to have some


flow in the gwan region and needed to

have a government that was

friendly with pakistan pakistan and so

the strategy depth is this term that it

enables pakistan to have some

some sway in the ghan region so that if

if god forbid we

suffer an attack on the eastern front we

have the shorty that we can

retreat and move towards the western

side and we do not really have some

serious threats from that end but

but what did we gain from it

from the policy of strategic debt i did

not think that we really gained a lot as

much as we lost over it

because although we had some

initially we had some advantage that we

had allies in

afghanistan but over time these allies

really just hurt

pakistan economy and pakistan security a

lot harder

because once the afghan war was over and

the soviets retreated pakistan army

really did

pakistan did not have enough budget as

the american aids were

stopped and pakistan army could not

really sustain these people that

it had created there and this resulted


serious damage to pakistan’s economy

thank you sir so mr fahad

you play football sir i haven’t played

it for over

a year i used to play during my


currently i just watched your favorite


how many international goals yes we’re

currently standing at 102 goals

and how many golden boot award

i believe two or three i’m not sure

about that

you’re definitely not sure which

last movie watched last movie i watched

great gatsby sorry great gatsby i read

that book and i just used the movie to


any other movie i’d say

avengers series avoid that all during

this summer

all right geography was your optional


yes what is human geography so human

geography consists of  the human

like where the populations are scattered

and what kind of people are live in

different parts of the world

what are their languages their culture

and their ethnicity

and how does geography affect humans

i did not really carry a question

people of desert and people of

mountains do they have some similar


culture traditions no geography has a

huge impact on our psychology and our

physicality in fact the people in desert

they will be

they will be able to survive in lack of

water and they have

sustained some hard environments and

they can sustain if

we are talking about warm deserts they

can sustain high heat as for the

people in mountains they have lived

their life

at a higher altitude and therefore at

higher altitudes there we know that

there is also lesser oxygen so they have

more tenacity and

the people who live on the plane area

such as us we haven’t really

experienced those harsh environments so

even if we move towards the deserts

or towards the mountain we’ll have some


they’re very you know they have very

reddish complexion their cheeks are very

red why

that’s what  because of lesser oxygen

in the high altitude our body just

changes itself and our red blood cells

increase in number and red blood cells

contain a pigment on and hemoglobin

it gives the cheeks red color we have

red geology as well

all right what is the difference between

lava and magma

lava is the molten rocks that come out

of the surface

after it reaches the surface it is known

as lava and inside the surface

known as magma what is the average

temperature of core of earth

it’s somewhere around 6300 degree


53 no i don’t

from crust till the center how many

layers are there

so there are mainly three layers crust

mantle and core and then mantle is

divided into

lithosphere and asthenosphere lysosphere

is just some

little portion of metal that is closer

to us and

asthenosphere is the major portion of

mantle and core is also divided into two

regions outer core and inner core outer

core is liquid and inner core is solid

what are three types of rocks so the

basic three types of rocks are

igneous sedimentary and metamorphic

what is soil erosion soil erosion oil

oriented soil region is a process under

which the

soil particles that have weathered away

from the main rock are carried away

carried by the different means these can

be glaciers

or wind or water or any other means by

which they can move from

erosion is basically the movement of


who was the first president of congress

first president

why did congress support the khalafat

movement so congress supported lafayette

movement because at that moment

they had a belief that if they work

alongside muslim they will be able to

get a united india

and muslims make a huge chunk of indian


so congress had a belief that if they

support this

support this call for hillary movement

with the muslims they may

get some support from the muslims and

will be able to

progress tonight what was the three main

feature of a

government of india act 19 19.

what was the impact of lucknow backed on

the creation of pakistan

so lucknow back was the first real pact

between congress and muslim league and

it helped it helped create some harmony

between both the parties

and muslims accepted the congress and

congress accepted muslims call for

separate electorate

but afterwards when this congress moved

away from their

their agreed upon points under the

lucknow pack muslims

then sense that they cannot really trust

the indian

hindus and therefore they will have to

make a call for their own self

and this afterwards resulted in allah

addressed by a lamb

kaido in 14 point and then if we fall

forward in history it resulted in the

creation of pakistan

what is the process for impeachment

process of impeachment for

president in in pakistan in pakistan

i do not really think because but i

believe it would be similar to the

united states where

both the if it exists if is there any

process of impeachment

in the constitution 1973 i’m not sure

about that

thank you okay let’s finish this formal


you have got very good communication

spell skill

language personality is very fine

you accept challenges you are hard


photogenic memory

you are originally thinking tomorrow

you are analytical you are also critical

domination statistic geology or

geographical competition here

this is this is a very lethal



so you must come out with your full


when you speak you speak with authority

you speak with energy

i like it i

but your focus should be that you should

be very original

in your thinking in your presentation


but you should do more



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