CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Candidate Vs Interviewers | Waseem Akram (IG) Mock Interview

This Is a Mock Interview Conducted between A PMS (Provincial Management Services) Candidate and CSPs, you can call it a training session before appearing the commission, and these kind of mock interviews are conducted to check the preparation of candidates and their confidence. The similar type questions that are being asked are also part of these interviews,

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

CSS Mock Interview by Waseem Akram (IG) Mock Interview | CSS-2020 Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Interview Q & A Session

how are you  i’m fine thank you sir

there is another name of mr waseem

who is he the famous name of

Hashim Akaram

yes where he’s posted  sir

currently i’m posted in evatabad

okay okay you tell us about yourselves

just introduce yourself to us

sir my name is i was born in the

parkland area of district malaccan

from where i have done my schooling

after my ba in private i did my master

in sociology with gold medal

i am national award holder from british

council of pakistan

i am solution oriented initiative and


currently i am working as assistant

director in kp police department

how do you feel this merger of water

with kp

this sir it’s quite

 amazing development

and a welcome move like the people up

 partha want to be merged with the kp

this was a wish of the people

of qatar earthquake

yes sir and  for the last

almost two years two three years rather

i will say what changes have occurred

there in

fata sir actually  100 billion

have been allocated for this development

every year but unfortunately

due to a lack of priorities and

political will only 0.4 percent

of the allocated amount have been spent

how much 0.4 i guess

zero point four four percent out of 100


yes sir

why so much less money has been spent

sir there are

there is lack of political will and lack

of prioritize

prioritizing things particularly in

merge area the kp government has gone

for any local government election

in photo or not yes sir they’re gone

yes back in 2018. no i’m okay

now there is a local government system

is there

i think  local government system have


abolished here right now so there is no

local economy

system so you have done your master’s in


yes sir can you identify

five major social issues of pakistan

yes sir please number first is elia


that is our literacy rate is only

59 percent right now

and the second one is poverty the third

one is

climate change the fourth one is gender


and the fifth one is unemployment

so i think the first one is very


and if i order

two of them so one is elder tracy and

the second one is

gender inequality

are you in touch with the newspaper yes


what is happening in u.s congress today


today is the ratification of

electoral wood so

joy biden will be a confirmed president


united states today but the trump team

is also ready to

fight it yes they are going to make


100 objections they said yes sir they

actually want to

make some hindrances what will happen


if the senators

in the congress they make 100 objections

and the vice president of mr trump is


yes sir but what i believe

nothing will happen only trump wants to

politicize this thing

you have got you offered the subject of

international relations

yes sir how many countries are in the


 there are around 197 countries

197 yes they are also members of the

united nation organization

you were foodie and you used too much

mobile i will not make any comment i


we have got question on this

laser after it he is using

what do you mean by foodie do you eat

lot of food

no sir actually i am

desirous to get good food good i have a

good taste of food

so i want to taste the food up

i mean that is good that is that is a

good thing

if you want to  have good food

that is a positive thing why are you

written as your weakness

sir actually sometimes you you you don’t

have the opportunity

is this word available in the dictionary

is it there

have you checked up foodie

um no i think this is a little bit

informal word this is of your own making

i think

yes don’t use such words

too much usage of mobile yes

that should be that is a big that is

everyone nowadays you see is having this

problem it’s a very serious problem

so actually this is for the my study

purpose as well

um i have  also liked

various pages and groups join various


yes you play cricket cricket is your


yes sir you play yes sir regularly


no sorry due to my job compulsion  it


now already quite difficult to play

cricket on daily basis

but sometimes we play cricket  on

departmental level

somewhere in a bhattabad with different


so so can you do you have any idea

about the  you see the

correcting structure of the country and

what problems

 how or how could we can improve the

 prospects of cricket in pakistan

the first thing is sir  actually i’m

only playing cricket

not watching but there is one problem

and that is the politicizing the cricket

like for example recently muhammad amira

post baller have

resigned from the international cricket

that was the reason

with the with his administration so

i think our prime minister should take


seriously and mr mr akram

when you write something here so you

should be very sure about it

and by is hobbies hobbies you mean

i i don’t play cricket yes if you don’t

play cricket

don’t write this as your sure experience

i’m playing cricket but

i don’t watch cricket these days


these days

police encounters police is

very trigger-happy why

 because there are certain loopholes

in the system

so we must address all those issues

like for example extra judicial killing

particularly the days like

in few days back there was an incident

reported in islamabad

so was that extra

judicial killing or something else said

it was

an unfortunate incident and

also comes in the

domain of extrajudicial killing as per


first inquiry report you as

you are posted

in the subdivision you see as an sdpo

yes let’s say asp in some

district this your sp or dig he

asks you to

get to get hold of mr a

who’s a notorious  you see

criminal and he’s posing a lot of

problems it’s very difficult to

 send him to the court and get his


he’s a headache for the entire province

and he says he gives you the order you

just get hold of him and

kill him conk him off what will you do

sir exa as i mentioned extra judicial

killing is

not legal things so we must

report that case to the court and

we have no authority to

deal with such cases what will you do in

this situation

what will how will you respond  sir

actually this is

a illegal order

from my boss so i will

handle it very

carefully what do you mean by carefully

sure i will respond no

because this is not come into my comes

in my domain

you will respectfully say no yes

good  why our police force has a

coercive mindset

harsh their attitude is harsh towards

the people

so basically a problem lies in the

police early 1861

so actually the police was met for the

brutality to oppress the

masses that’s why the problem lies over


but that 1861 act is no more invoked now

we have the

police order 2002. yes sir but certain

provinces have

revived the police order 1861.

also they are there is only one province

but in in the other three

police order 2002 is very much

functional it’s there

sir actually the police order 2002

was  something positive development

but actually

that was not imposed with later


tell us about the positives of police

order 2002

 sir there were two three things like

for example

dispute resolution committee and

external audit of the police

particularly through local community

judicial commission so it was

a safety commission sorry so it was a

certain positive things

sir winston churchill you know was the

prime minister

of  england yes he said

that bureaucrats are slaves of the lamb

posts what is that connor

what does that mean they are slaves of

the lamb

sorry sir what is lamppost i don’t know


the meaning of limbo

electric pole in the street yes sir

so it has a limited visibility

you see it has a limited visibility

just like this beyond this beyond

this there is dark there is darkness yes

sir if you allow me to guess so

the bureaucrats have certain limitation

and they are working under that

limitation so

they have no clear-cut directions from

the bosses

and from the government executives the

pragmatic application of

law rules and regulations

don’t get bogged down in the rules and


because that will

you see hurt the interest of the people

public interest

will be served so pragmatic application

of laws

quick resolution no red tapism

yes thank you well

i’m very impressed by your

points that you made about the social

ills of

pakistan in which you enumerated the


issue as much as literacy yes

tell me more about the gender issue that

you see as a social problem

 madam if you  look the backward

area past pakistan particularly

the merged district of kp and

particularly the balochistan so there


certain pathetic situation of women we


there is need to address like for

example gender-based violence

a lack of education  in those

particularly women’s

approval areas and lack of job

opportunities for those

backward women like that

do you know about sustainable

development goals yes ma’am

and which of the goals do you think

address this issue

goal number five thank you

and how much do you think pakistan has

done in achievement of

goal number five

there are certain loopholes like for

example we have certain

laws for gender development

but unfortunately those laws do not come

into practice

so that’s why it’s quite difficult for

us to

achieve those goal particularly on goal

number five

thank you very much welcome man

sir if i set his

political  the current political post

aside so dear his his struggle

of 22 year continuous struggle of 22


 in politics and

the making of a cancer hospital

in lahore in his cricket career

so i like his team management

and his struggle a lot

all right what was the main since

special was your option subject

what is the main message of rahman baba

through his poetry the main message of

rahman baba was that

to educate the masses and

educate them to to avoid the ignorance

and there must be peace within the


and related with your current profession

right what is the what is the major

cause of deforestation

especially in kpk is it timber mafia

is it population expansion what it is

sir there are certain

 reason i will just mention few

the first one is timber mafia and the

second one is the people of

northern area particularly don’t have

the alternative option

and third one is lake up

environmental education and the fourth

one is

why your department is not doing

anything regarding awareness education

especially against timber mafia

 sir if you currently currently your

department is doing very well

under the pti government

so there is certain loopholes in the

society as well

so we cannot educate the masses

within a limited time did you ever start


awareness campaign or something like


yes  in yearly basis we are doing that

 particularly in seasonal basis in

spring season and autumn season we

well euros gold medalist in sociology

and i’m surprised you

ring off

because of low scoring the first reason

was that

and the second reason was pashto was


more interesting to me

okay so

you mentioned cricket you played you


you didn’t want to watch it yes who was

the kerry packer

kerry pecker was  who introduced the

day and night match

and  ball

the cricket ball the color ball yes

not the ball yes it used to be played

before that

okay who’s your favorite president in

history of united states

ibrahimovic why because he

saved the union of america

during the civil war and that was his

great achievement yesterday civil wars

were initiated it was

fought and thousands of people died so

how did he save america

 actually sir  there are certain


 he disassociate him themselves from


united states so he’s re-unite those


and bring them back and

he the the the the the anti-slavery

 fight were due to 13 and 14

act of the united states on his farm and

he was not very popular we were saying

that he is very popular but he was not

very popular that’s why he was murdered

so don’t you think that we should have

selected some other president or he was

not that popular

the sir according to gallup servant

i asked you who was your favorite


first he was a very

hardworking president and number second

he was the most shiv

and intelligent and particularly in the

case of civil

war so thank you

welcomes now you tell me

do you watch news on the electronic


yes sir do you tell me

what is the future of this electronic

media in pakistan

sir the future is very bright but we


work on certain areas like

there must be certain prerequisites

and moral code for the journalists

and for the common people as well

because guarantee i

feel the electronic media has gone dull

rather i will say is it do you think it


because they are they allege that there

are certain restrictions on

media which has been imposed by the

government yes rightly said sir

there are certain restrictions on so

media particularly

electronic media so those restrictions

must be

that can you tell me something about


in  something new is coming

what is yes sir there are a lot of

tourism opportunity particularly in kp


like mountain tourism eco-tourism


others so there are a lot of opportunity

but the

it particularly need the government


for example the development of roads

the projection of those areas

particularly cumbraat

kavanaugh etc etc

recently two houses have been purchased

in kesakhani bazaar

why the government of kpk has bought

these houses

 sir  actually it was for the

cultural revival

why they have bought it to promote

the cultural site

what what is the importance of those

houses  actually

it was  for the purpose of  saving


archaeological sites for the tourism

tourism purpose


we conclude this formal session

and now we go for the debriefing as if

you have got any questions you can ask

and we will tell you our own opinion

your own observations

if you have got any question please

sir i have only one question and that is

i’m little bit  these day a little

bit weak in

communication like in  talking into

english and that’s why

you are kind of experienced you are an


officer of the government of kpk

and in my view your communication skills

are fine

you can speak well and your body

language is also good

and of course your experience your

personality is fine

and you are quite confident and if you

observe that you think

before you speak and that is a good


the only thing i can

point it out that you need to be there

is a

some sort of knowledge gap you need to

update your knowledge about things


there’s tourism it is a big slogan of

the capital government

the forest we have not asked question on

this because of time constraint

we are not asking many question of khan

issue is there

kpk is very hot

or that police reforms are there health

system has been improved

that was the in fact that was the lab


the current prime minister has been

making a lot of experiments so

there are a lot of good things about

that so i will suggest you

that and then weaknesses which you have

pointed to this it doesn’t go well

so you need to look into these things

again and be careful

because whatsoever you will write in

this paper

even before the commission they will

give you some some something like that

and you will fulfill it fill it be

careful whatever you write that

need will be discussed in your interview

you will justify it

so i think you are very good but

when i asked you that question about

extrajudicial killings

yes you were in doubt you you were

thinking what

answer you should be quick to say that

no regretfully instead of saying no

you should be very clear in your mind an

illegal order is in

and that will not be implemented carried


and you should say it with full

confidence don’t be in doubt

you were in you were in doubt yes

 and then about cricket

if you can’t answer the question

ask do you don’t don’t say that i watch


i play but i don’t watch you said this


i mean it’s very strange how is it


you see if you play cricket you will

watch also cricket is being played

a lot of cricket there is a lot of


on the television and also avoid such

questions okay sir answers okay sir

thank you i i think you had very good


but carrying forward this argument when

you say something is your hobby

then you’re expected to know everything

about it right ma’am

 it’s not just for example if i say my

hobby is flower decoration

then i have to know all the forms of

flower decoration whether it’s japanese

art or european art or american art

then you when you make a claim you have

to sustain it

right man so you should know all the

records of cricket

okay international not just pakistani

same goes for hiking who mounted you


ketu first who went to everest first

which are the peaks which have yet not

been mounted

you know nobody ever climbed it up so

you have to be very clear on your data

right but other than that  you’re

logical you’re coherent

and you’re confident thank you so i wish

you all the best

thank you so man yeah and and another


don’t coin your own words

right foodies are very hipsters

it’s not about wanting to eat foodie

means that you know

all the right foods in the right place

yes then you can be

a food you know

okay you have got an opportunity to


service my home  now you are going to

you will be lucky to get inshallah you

will be selected

going for this examination is a hell of

a task which we have been

which we have done in our in our days to

agriculture and forestry tomorrow

subject so thank you very much best of

luck for you

thank you so much

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