CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Candidate Vs Interviewers | Rizwana Malik (ASP) Interview

This Is a Mock Interview Conducted between A PMS (Provincial Management Services) Candidate and CSPs, you can call it a training session before appearing the commission, and these kind of mock interviews are conducted to check the preparation of candidates and their confidence. The similar type questions that are being asked are also part of these interviews,

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

Rizwana Malik (ASP)Interview _ CSS-2020

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | The Question Answer Session

so am i coming

yes please how are you

i’m fine sir good

so you are coming all the way from

malaysia yes

so you can introduce yourself to all of

us tell us about

yourself i am rashvana malik from

british council service

basically i belong to the beautiful

valley of kuwait

my father was a civil servant in

rajasthan civil service

while my mother was a homemaker and i

was born and bred in kuwait

i did my matrix from faji foundation

model school quater

later i did my ics from garrison academy

and then i did my graduation with


from sardar bahadur khan women


and so ever since my childhood i

am into sketching writing performing


and debates and other likewise


during my university time i was

president of drama society

and  i have always been into observing


and i believe so that my observation has

given me an insight

and my intention towards writing has

given me strength to speak on social


so that made me question that what is my

role in this society

that spurred a desire to be in civil


for me   though i have taught at

international islamic university and

army public college as well   but i

kept on writing for britain news network

and   in 2017 i was appointed in

  british and civil service as

assistant commissioner   where i got


to work as a section officer in women

development department

  there i wrote various proposals for

the placement of women of balochistan

likewise   during throughout the first

wave of covert i have worked with dc


  and   furthermore recently so

i’m working in naptech as assistant


and i also got married recently   this


and talking about my future plans i have

a desire to do something for senior

citizens of our society

and i also want to go abroad to continue

my education

to have higher studies and so that i can

serve my people with

better excellence and professional

skills that’s all sir

thank you do you care for the senior

citizen we are the senior citizen

now you reply yes we are going to raise

few issues

few questions sir there are various


related to senior citizens okay you tell

me what are the

major issues of bluechistan according

in your view sir all the issues of


are lingering because of two basic

things first is

mistrust between center and province and

second is under development and

education also comes

in under development so what do you

think how you can

we can bridge this gap this mistress how

it can be braced

sir in my opinion we can bridge the gap


having more development activities in


which also includes educating the masses

this will decrease the distrust

element and likewise   other than

development we can

further enhance nfc award as

nfc award has had a very successful

  it has been very successful in

bridging the gap between   province and

center likewise such incentives should


  exaggerated and enhanced more and


what is   what are your views about the

cpac how it is going to help within

because we are

already developing the seaport sir it

will help

us as it will create more jobs for the

local people

it will be helpful for the local

fishermen it will be helpful

as the whole area will be developed the

infrastructure logistics will be


so that will become a major metropolitan


so definitely people of the area will

also be benefited

now the issue is that blue chip the

this is the biggest province of pakistan

and area wise

and the population is all scattered well

if we compare the population it is hardy

how are you how much is the population

so it is five percent of the whole


the area is very vast so

the when the infrastructure will be

developed what type of infrastructure we


you will prefer because you say when you

talk about infrastructure we were

talking about

highways roads bridges all sorts of

yes sir the rate

in this modern world when they are

making cost-benefit analysis

they find out that extension of one road

about say 100 miles road 100 kilometer

road will

not be beneficial because there is no

traffic on it

very little traffic on that road

so these are the problems but still i

feel that

cpac is going to make a difference yes

sir because

what are the major problem major

projects under cpac

which you feel that they will be useful


so the special economic zones that will

be made

on the  

specimen of the chinese special economic

zones they will be very beneficial


then the dry port the airport being

built over there

in fact a pc hotel which has already

been built over there

itself is a very good opportunity as it


because in this way we are benefiting

the foreign direct investment

we are benefiting the visitors it will


as development will go on in that area

it will also attract more visitors it

will it might also add into tourism

factor as

  furthermore it will also add into

wind energy we can tap that resources as

various investors from

  abroad they will come and they will

be more attracted towards investment

there will be better   lifestyle over


for example a person who is coming from

another country he will

be having basic facilities while

residing in that place

  definitely he will be more attracted

so the whole image will be changed

the recent incident which occurred there

and the killing of miners and much

now you tell me it was mistending on the

part of the local administration

or something else because killing is of

course a terrorist activities

but these are the things which are

happening because of the

interference of   there are certain

other elements external factors

so what do you think we the

administration local administration

could not handle it properly

because i i hear that out of 11 killing

it were not even pakistanis they were

not blochy one they were not even

local they were hazara from afghanistan

and three were the real

regime yes sir five of them  

were avani’s so definitely


cannot be blamed throughout for


but yes administration has to have some


    impact on  

overall the thing   for example we need

to be

more   you know strict as far as

fc posts are concerned   they should be

more straight like the surveillance

activity should be

further   enhanced in

and there should be more their security


the security has to be more foolproof

can you identify few

major social issues of five social

gender issues of blue chistan

sir first of all i believe that there is

a disparity between male and female

education over there

secondly workplace harassment is a

spurring issue which was not

being highlighted in past but now as a

female ombuds person has been designated

specially for every province

  there are many cases being reported

over there

and furthermore   there are there’s

patriarchy all

as well that is very prevalent over

there especially in rural areas

  so there are multiple issues these

are the major ones

thank you you said

beautiful valley what is

what is so beautiful in the valley of


sir the beauty of kuwaita is of unique


because generally we see across the

pakistan there are green mountains

but the barren and dry mountains of


have their own peculiarity to them

which is what i found beautiful because

i have grown

i have been bred i’ve been born and bred

over there

and i have absorbed that beauty and

that also gave me a motivation towards

writing so

furthermore if we look at the literature

of balajistan if you look at the

temperament of balochistan we find a

kind of symphony

that is between the nature of that area

and between the temperament of people of

that area so so because of all these

things i find it very beautiful

which of the which of the four or five

peaks surrounding quitter


should like boast which of the

four or five peaks surrounding quetta

so are you talking about mountains yes

all right

sir   kuertas basically has two main

mountain ranges

  zargoon and chilton range furthermore

is also there no no just tell me which

peak fancy you more

koi murdar

is more peaceful as well and i have been

to that area

why the situation in balochistan is not


to to normalcy what’s happening there

why so the major issue is   under


and mistrust between province and center

what do you mean by mistrust between

province and center sir it was

more in the past however it has

diminished because of

  the 18th amendment and nfc award in

particular the people over there

in past had various issues like their


on royalty issue on gas likewise

people generally used to have a

perception that they are

underdeveloped so because of this

mistrust which was basically spurred by

foreign elements

but there was definitely some something

that existed

truly that was factual on it whole

controversy has been

exaggerated by the foreign element and i

hate monsters

so the basic thing so that was obviously

  the province was not given its do

share royalty on gas

likewise the province remained

underdeveloped for a long time

and   such issues sir

i mean the issue of missing persons so

that is also one of the important issues

what is that

sir missing persons   are people

who   who might be with the

who might have gone who might have

joined some exclusive organizations and

they are missing we do not know

about them where they are right now and

it is alleged

it has not been proved   however their

number has reduced recently from four

thousand to two thousand

  which shows   that   the state is

working on it definitely state is


to tell that where these missing persons


but a majority of them there’s like

nothing can be said about them whether

they themselves have gone somewhere or

whether they have crossed the border

illegally or anything okay

balochistan has a and b area

so if balochistan is declared as area

which it was declared for six seven

years it remained

the entire blush sun was under the

regular law

so if it is again declared area so

you think the law and order situation

will improve there

yes sir i believe that if b areas are

declared a area the law and order

situation will improve

because definitely it will come directly

under the umbrella of law

all the proper rules will be applied on

us as we

see that in the areas so but why was it


why was it reversed five years ago  

you see from area the entire

area again again to b area

sir   i’m not aware of it

however i’ll check it sir working of nab

how do you view the working of nab

sir national accountability bureau yes

sir   nab is   the body that

works on accountability of people it


works on the corruption cases all the

corruptions that happen

is doing the job you see   perfectly

it is   performing its duty  

judiciously and more productively or

there’s something

needs to be done to improve it’s working

there have been various allegations on

nav and

consequently there have been some 34


from nab so as to improve it for example

to decrease the custody ours

likewise about public officials who are

performing there are some demands that

they should not be always punished

because sometimes

it these are the orders from authority

which they have to comply

and likewise demands they are underway

sir talking about my personal opinion

yeah i think still it is alleged and

nothing can be said

however there’s always like arrest of

a person during inquiry

sir this is also one of the demands this

is also among those demands arrest of


without   you see

material evidence coming coming on

record against him you were resting

these are all part of those 34 demands

and the demand and the demand period for

90 days

that should be decreased as well so all

those things

they are you see people are talking

about it

and finally

  what do you gain from english


sir as i have told before i have gained

the insight

into what our social problems are for


from by learning literature i realized

that there are various social issues

now my perspective of looking at various

things has changed

now i am more solution oriented and

i think i’m more sensitive after

studying literature

who was bernard cho what was his  

speciality in english literature what

did he do sir george bernard shaw was

father of modern drama and he wrote the

famous canada

and he talked a lot about women rights

and he was

it can be said that he was a he was a

kind of feminist he spoke a lot for

women rights

through his dramas as well

what is steam of consciousness

sir stream of consciousness is

dissection of somebody’s mind

this technique was majorly used by

virginia woolf especially in her novel

to the lighthouse and in other work of


was a room of one’s own this is a

technique whereby a writer

tells the reader what is going through

the mind of character

what is the difference between the

concept of art for art

and art for life

sir art for sake of art has lesser

number of ethic codes

while art for sake of life is

particularly didactic

it is meant to transform the social life

towards betterment

in urdu literature who

is the follower for art for life’s sake

so um sir i would like to guess maybe

these are progressive writers

shwak ahmed group maloku what is spoil


sir spoil system of america

is what i know it is that when a

government comes

in power it brings with it bureaucracy

of its own choice

what is third june poland sir third zone

plan of pakistan was whereby

the pakistan’s it was decided that

pakistan will come into being till

1948 it was in third june plan and

likewise the areas

having majority muslims will be pakistan

will be declared as pakistan and areas


otherwise will be declared as last

question is

what was marshall plan

martial plan martial martial purana of


yes sir it was after world war ii


the president of usa said that

they will flow some monetary aid to the

countries which are being forcefully


  into communist by soviet union

thank you thank you sir one i will


your some of your options subjects

what went wrong with the recorded case

that led to the imposition of billions

of dollars penalty

to the pakistan by the international

courts sir the tithian company was here

  it was hired for recording


and later on the project could not

work as pakistanis stopped them from

coming and

starting their work and later on they

took the case

to the international court and britain

court written some court

that labeled some fine against pakistan

don’t you think it was to do with the

intervention of the court supreme court

  in nullifying the award

of the project

okay what is what are the investment

disputes in the international law

sorry investment disputes in the

international law

sorry sir okay   what is feminism

how you define it sir feminism talks

about equality of

men and women in social life in domestic


in economic political and all spheres

okay   what is the 25th amendment   of

the united states constitution

sir 25th amendment of united states

constitution says that

the american president the one in

news in these days is that says american

president can be impeached if he is not

sane or

like that okay thank you let’s conclude


the formal part of interview let’s go


debriefing and informal discussion what

do you think

do you have any answer for us

any answer for all of us you want to ask

yes you want to listen

this one i think

mashallah you have already made in life

you are very very competitive process

you are

part of the civil service of the

province definitely you are intelligent

you are communicative you are confident

and you have got work experience

now you are going to another forum where

nothing except the same things will be

will happen now you are i’m glad to say


i feel that you are fully well prepared

for the situation today

you can improve one as your interview so

you have got few days update great


especially for your u.s election


be very analytical and be very critical

if the issues are from

you you are going to be so spokesperson

of the black

so now a lot of money is going to block

on foreign


this this is one of the options mother

think about it you must go there with


open mind and out of

out of box thinking everybody is

interested in development


it is not visible the peak is





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