CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Candidate Vs Interviewers | Rida E Zahra (FSP) Mock Interview

This Is a Mock Interview Conducted between A PMS (Provincial Management Services) Candidate and CSPs, you can call it a training session before appearing the commission, and these kind of mock interviews are conducted to check the preparation of candidates and their confidence. The similar type questions that are being asked are also part of these interviews,

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

Rida E Zahra (FSP) Interview CSS-2020

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Question Answer Session

can i come in

yes take your seat

how are you i’m good sir how are you

you can introduce yourself please to all

of us tell us about

something about yourself sir my name is

i got my primary year education from all

over punjab

which played a pivotal role in shaping

the person that i am today i’m very


very open to meeting new people because

of that   i did my o levels from

cathedral school it was a missionary

school   again

it taught me a lot of things studying  

with the people from all sorts of

faiths and    i did my a levels from

lahore grammar school and then my

bachelor’s from lahore school of


  in my free time i like spending time

with my dogs i have a lot of them

and i also like traveling whenever i get

the time

and money

so why you are looking for the civil


   sir    two three primary reasons

  first is   sir i believe   

because    i have looked up to my

father and my brothers and growing up

i’ve seen them in service and i’ve seen

them do a lot of good

  therefore i wanted to

do the same for the people and   to do

the same that they did for the people

  second is that i believe that    you

know after

  once you’re it’s like magical’s

hierarchy of needs once you’ve fulfilled

your physiological and your social needs

you climb up to

  self-achievement and i think there’s

no better achievement than competitive


  so there’s a need to you know feel

good about yourself and to

get achieve something in life   that

was another reason i wanted to

join civil service   

that’s primary two reasons yes you have

been in

  law business you have done this law

business economics

also   in a level yes in my advances

my graduation yes what is the size of


pakistan what is it    sir if you would

allow me to take a guess

  i cannot recall the exact amount it

was a    close to

   so i believe

  i’m sorry how do you see the economic

future of pakistan keeping in mind

the current scenario so i believe that

  there are a lot of challenges being

faced by pakistan today and

we have a lot of constraints especially

after covet in 2020 we do not have a lot

of opportunities to grow in a lot of


  the trade is restricted at the moment

also we because we have been going to  

imf   for this was the third

consecutive year   for pakistan third

consecutive term for pakistan in which

we were going to imf so we

also have to follow their    plans and


they want   the structural adjustment

programs for example which we have to

follow if

we are to take loan from them so we have

a lot of constraints and i believe there

are a lot of challenges however

i think we are at least in the last

quarter there have been some growth

and there have been some   positive  

  in terms of trade as well in terms of

export and we are going towards positive


and as compared to other countries  

which are going in negative growth for

their exports

  i believe   that   in the coming

year things are going to stabilize to

some extent

after   once   the thing goes away and

  once pakistan   needs to work a

little bit harder in terms of his

  economics   but yes

now there is a criticism on cpap

that it is a death trap for pakistan

because we have to pay about 6.7 billion


which is less than what we have to pay

to the imf

do you think it is so   sir

i believe that it is not a dead trap  

i do believe that there are no black

invites in this there’s a lot of gray


so when we say that we have we owe a lot

to imf that is absolutely true and

considering our economic situation it is

not going to be easy repaying that sort

of debt

  because our foreign currency reserves

are   not in a great place right now

however also i also believe

that pakistan this is a great

opportunity for pakistan to grow in the

first place we do not have

a lot of projects this this level

massive scale projects in pakistan

available right now that can give

pakistan the opportunity to grow its

exports to such a large extent

  so i believe that though   the

giving the loans back is going to be

very challenging for pakistan but if

cpec was not available i think

the opportunity available for pakistan


work with china   so closely   the

port that connects

us     the gawad airport is a great

project we have our

10 se    secs  

the our special economic zones   so all

of this is

opportunity for pakistan to grow and

growth is the first step in repaying the


  so i think   it it cannot be called


debt trap it can be called a challenge

  in repaying the loan however dead

trap i believe sir is a

a stretch i would call it a stretch yes

it’s an opportunity for pakistan for


there is a perception that there is a

shift of pakistan government

foreign policy and we are tilting more


a new block than the previous one where

we used to be say saudis and

us but now we’re tilting to another

block can you make your comments on that

sir i believe it has if you look at


pakistan has always had a very

hyphenated foreign policy from the very

beginning since 1947 we have always had

a tail towards united states


after that we also had it towards saudi

arabia there was always this

geostrategic partnership between saudi

arabia and pakistan

and we were exporting arms and these


and therefore we were also taking a lot


funding from saudi arabia so we always

had a natural till towards that however

in the least recent times we have

been seeing that because of cpac cpac

can be one reason

also there is    when pakistan joined

the shanghai corporation organization in


they have been some sort of coalition

with not just china

in terms of trade but also with russia

as well

  and   i believe     now pakistan

is dehydrating its foreign policy

towards not just

russia china and iran block but also

we’re moving towards

turkey and we’re moving towards malaysia

which i think is very good for pakistan


associating with just one country saudi

arabia or just

a united states is not very favorable

for pakistan

in terms that we can be   isolated

diplomatically isolated if we just stick

to one or two countries so i think now

that we are

moving towards malaysia turkey and other

countries and associating with

the bigger block i think it will be a

very favorable for pakistan

i also believe that we should not take


in this particular scenario like siding

with just russia or china bloc would not

be very favorable

for pakistan or completely leaving

united states saudia bloc because we

have worked very closely with saudi and

we have worked very closely with united

states over the

past six seven decades so i believe we

need to keep a neutral approach when it

comes to

  our foreign policy and we need to

associate with ourselves with each and

every country   when it comes to our


economics as pakistan is struggling

economically we need to focus on trade

with each and every country rather than

picking sides or picking blocks okay

thank you

what strategy will you propose

for the better economic development of

the country

   sir i would first

like to apologize i’m not an economic


for the last at least six seven years so

i cannot go into nitty gritties of

economics however so first i believe

that there are certain things for


i believe that   in order

for our    for our foreign exchange

reserves first need to be considered


if we’re not paying for it imports our

imports for example oil which is

a very big   determinant in our

the growth of our economy if we cannot

pay for our

imports we we cannot actually sustain

our economic model so we need to foreign

our foreign ex currency resource through


  through   whatever chance we can get

to get something in pakistan that would

be our first step  

second would be our export

infrastructure we need to  

increase our    revenue through  

improving our export infrastructure and

increasing our exports so we can


   have a more

better exports and better economic

conditions in pakistan

which are the major sectors which

contribute towards the gdp

   sir i i’m sorry i’m not fully aware

of that but if you would allow me to

take a guess

i would say textile   must be   one of

the leading   our expert

  because we are exporting cartoon and

we are also exporting manufacturing

cloth in pakistan   

i have read dried dates right

no i’m sorry i would not services

industry agriculture

and and foreign remittances

foreign remittances is a big source of

foreign exchange to pakistan

what do you think could be done to

improve its flow towards pakistan

make it still better   so i believe


one of our highest foreign remittances

are from

saudi arabia uae and these countries and

i think

we need to   i would start at the base

level sir that in

order to improve remittances we first

have to send people abroad and for that

we need to improve

  the skill set in people that we have


so we need to have more vocational

training centers and the sort of

training that is required to send people

abroad so they can

actually be a productive member of their

services and they

they can then therefore send money to


so i believe it starts at   teaching

people the

relevant skills at this level that they

can be more productive

okay how serious is the crime of money


  sir i believe that it at least right


if pakistan is in a big trouble because

of this  

economically as well as   

sir money laundering is illegal transfer

of money

through informal channels   it’s

it has three steps it’s a placement

layering and then integration

that is correct that is correct


and clearing that is that is

how money is how you hide your money

conceal your dirty money

that is money laundering so sending

money abroad is not

money laundering the very act of

yours that you’re trying to in order to

hide your dirty money money which you

have earned through corruption

or through crime what you do

in that regard that is money you open

bank accounts you

  you see you buy property

binami properties you buy land so

that is money learning washing your

dirty money so

so coming you are answering my question

how serious is this

so i believe that right now pakistan

needs to

take some drastic steps to curb this

because   we have been in the fatf gray

list for quite a while now

and that is proving detrimental for

pakistan not just in terms of economics

but also in terms of

the pakistan’s image abroad

and that has also hindered investments

for pakistan

here i believe that sir pakistan has

been taking some steps and pakistan has

been able to

at least take care of   21 out of the


  items in the imf list and we are only

left with six or seven and we have

time to february to do that so i believe


  it has been a big problem for

pakistan but but pakistan is taking the


steps in the right direction to actually

curb money laundering

and i believe that with a few more

measurements and

maybe introducing a few more bills  

that are aimed and directed

at   curbing this

menace would   prove to be beneficial

in me okay

okay iran has increased the

rate of its urani   in enrichment

it has raised it to 20 almost

very nearing 20 percent from three

why why iran is doing that

so i believe one of the reasons would be


president tr  p’s unilateral withdrawal

from the jcpoa

  iran was not left but

there were a lot of sanctions on iran

again so once

the treaty was the whole pact was

violated iran did not have a lot to work

with in that particular situation since

it was adhering

to the joint comprehensive plan of

action till   this time

and it did when it was unilaterally


ira it was not    it was not iran’s

iran was no longer bound to actually


  the uranium  infringement numbers


therefore iran will be able to

make atomic bomb bomb with that level of


sir i i do not know the physics of it

but i believe that iran is going in that

direction but there are a lot of

national and international pressures  

iran’s leading scientist physicist who

was working on the plan was assassinated

a month or two back i’m not exactly sure

date but    there are a lot of

hindrances in the plan

so i’m not sure if iran would be able to

go ahead with it and also

  the new president of united states oh

biden has

committed that you he would enter the

jcpoa again and

  intend to work with iran in this

scenario so i believe that

it might not be entirely possible for

iran in the coming months to

actually make here what is red tapism

  sir red tapism is a lot of paperwork

involved or when it comes to actually  

going ahead with if

we talk in terms of establishing new

businesses so that typism would be

difficulty when it comes to paperwork

and all the steps that are involved in


which makes it difficult for a process


smoothly function

okay one small question from the

history of pakistan what is the

importance of the sarya damathan

and aligarh movement in the history of


  sir so specially when it comes to

the education system and the education

for muslims in that time

  which was a a a

factor that played a part in

establishment of pakistan

so before his efforts toward education

the muslims muslims were mainly

not in the center stage when it comes to

politics in the

  in the subcontinent as well as in

other scenarios

muslims were lagging behind in every

situation and people were taking

this interstage in terms of government

jobs and other  


he created his awareness among the

people of subcontinent about

learning english about learning

languages about

getting the education not just the

education   islamic education but also

the best in education so they can

compete with

the northwest but also the foreigners

who were working there

so i believe that was   the first like

foundations that

okay how can we control gender-based

violence in

in this

religious theme as well that it’s

somehow justified in terms of that

and pakistan is taking some steps in

that direction

to actually

we are going in the right direction when

it comes to gender-based volun

when it comes to reporting these cases

there are a lot of

shame associated with gender-based

violence and domestic violence

because of which women don’t necessarily

report so i believe  

on paper there needs to be some more

amendments but i also believe that

the practicality needs to be focused on

how we can actually

promote women from coming out how we can

actually increase the

  women to report these crimes and then

take decisive measures so they are not

hindered when other women are not

hindered to actually go ahead with it

what is a decent work and

what is the contribution of a decent

work in

economic growth so i have to apologize i

am not aware of that i will read on it

i’m sorry

thank you

is very different from other districts

in a way that it has

a lot of different land features so


if we start from   

has mountains   it’s a mountainous area

then if we come down there is mountain

which is called the mountain waves

we go further we have a river

what are the six ps of marketing

product price placement promotion   

in hobbies and sports you have written


would you make us understand what is

this hobby animals

sir i have a lot of animals at home so

that takes up a lot of my time i also

rescue animals

don’t you think that there is an

appropriate word to describe it

keeping pets animals itself can’t be

described as a hobby

  sir yes you’re absolutely right

okay your favorite president in the

history of united states

and why   sir   

i would say  

sir i would like to go with  

roosevelt wish roosevelt  

and frank he was a person why i said i

believe that he took  

he did a lot for his own country and in

that terms after the great depression of


he took a lot of steps   the new deal

the first and second new deal that


brought the united states out of the

great depression and i know that world

war one what were the main features of

new delhi

  one of the most

major and important was the social

security act of the night

1935   which is still applicable to

this point in which  

he established that it was the state’s

responsibility to actually

  take care of its citizens in terms of

health and education what

what do you know about iran contra gate


okay coming towards your business

administration measures

what is the conclusion or the major

findings of hawthorne studies

so i cannot recall it at this point

thank you

okay let’s conclude over this interview


and we can go for the debriefing if you


if you have got any question you can ask

okay i think you are very good

  your communication skills are very

fine you are articulate

  you’re confident you’re intelligent

i think you are very good but you are

competing with the very good from punjab

so you have to keep it up and you need

to improve your knowledge

and when is your interview so my

you have to work very hard this is my

advice today we place you in a very good


after seeing it i think

it is more or less the same our

knowledge is better

rule of

it is one of the goals of sustainable

developments your 17 goals and also

one of our goals is to have

a decent work for economic growth

have it with either me or anyone else

throughout the interview you sat with

cross legs like this

okay which is not a positive

straight back i know it’s your

that’s the basic purpose you came here


eye contact

so then you start staring towards  

ceiling or


you need

thank you

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