CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Candidate Vs Interviewers | Aman Sadiq (PCS) Mock Interview

This Is a Mock Interview Conducted between A PMS (Provincial Management Services) Candidate and CSPs, you can call it a training session before appearing the commission, and these kind of mock interviews are conducted to check the preparation of candidates and their confidence. The similar type questions that are being asked are also part of these interviews,

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

CSS Mock Interview by Aman Sadiq (PCS) Mock Interview | CSS-2020 Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

my comment sir

yes please please take your seat thank


your good name is sir that’s correct

feel comfortable and please introduce

yourself to all of us

sir my name is aman sadiq i belong to

district nurse

from where i have done my higher

secondary schooling and i have received

bachelor’s in maritime studies

from pakistan marine academy in 2012

and ever since i have been working as a

junior navigating officer

on board ships and serve besides that

i have been awarded with a bronze medal

in a poetry competition

organized by united poets laureate

international in 2015

and sir besides that i was an athlete

and sir my other interests include


swimming book reading and sir this is

going to be my first appearance in css

and my first interview

so how you got the idea to go for the

civil service exam

sir actually the diversity that is

associated with the civil service

attracted me

because as far as my job is concerned

for eight

years i have been doing this job and if

you are a navigator

you will remain a navigator for the rest

of life but as far as the civil service

is concerned you

get to know more about country and about

the world

and sir the diversity associated with

basically attract me in this regards

you have done your bachelor degree in

maritime studies

can you tell us what are these maritime

studies and what were the nature of your

job sir the maritime studies

is basically what we study in pakistan

as compared to other

regions sir this is totally related to

the navigation

and shift construction cell so

as far as the maritime the degree title

is concerned we do not study as such

things in it but sir as compared to the

other countries they do study about the

ports about the trade and other things


so this degree is basically concerned

with the navigation and

the ship construction knowledge and you

have been traveling on the merchant


sir i have been traveling for eight

years who is the

regulator of oceans regulator of oceans

or imo international maritime

organization is and because there is no

demarcation as such

sir how how do you fix your boundaries

say pakistan has got certain boundaries

and what is the international law how

they are regulated sir this is in

accordance with the united

king united nation convention on laws of


on clause that was  concluded in 1982

so basically that is  associated with

it and that demarcate the

c boundaries in reality but there is we

keep on listening about this

china south china issues so can you tell

me what are these issues and why they

are fighting with each other

they are not happy with each other

chinese and the other south

asian countries so basically chinese are

violating the unclass

that was concluded in 1982 because they

are nine dash policy

and as far as the recent  recordings

are concerned now it has become ten

dashes so they are there to

to bring their hegemony  their oceanic


and they want to bypass and overlook

other nations who have also

 their part in the ocean for example

the philippines

and the vietnam also so they are


making their ocean their islands in the

ocean and they are

doing this military procurement and

other sort of

military installations and on those

islands there is a general saying that

it could be the flash point

between us and china the south china sea

do you think

there is a possibility for decision

issue there is a possibility

in  particularly when we talk about


which was  separated or somehow

separated from china after the

conclusion of

chinese revolution communist revolution

in 1949

so basically in that area the united


united states of americans navy and

particularly their sixth fleet

is there to  defend  taiwan

and they have intervened in the first

taiwan crisis in 1956 and also in the


as recent as in 1996 so there is a flash


to some extent now there is a cpac

the see under the cpac chinese

they may be having the first gawadar and

this new route road network and on that

south china sea route

they are exporting let’s say they are

exporting to middle east

what is the distance sir it is a

distance around three thousand

thirteen thousand kilometers  and what

will be the distance

this gabada to kashgar

it will be around 25 hundred 2400 to

2500 kilometers how much time they take

when the ship is moving from shanghai to

 say this the port of other

to put up sir it will take around 11


and how much time they will take if they

bring it from kashgar to gwadar

from gawadar to kashgar if it depends on

the transportation

in particular but  the whole

if we compare about the distance from

peshawar to karachi in that regard the

trailers get reached in about 32 to 36


so in that we can make calculations in

that regard

in a couple of days they can reach

that’s true sir that’s true in a couple

of days they can reach from kashgar to


you are from no shera

they there is a general talk that a lot

of tourism is being developed in

kpk can you tell us what reforms they

are making what type of tourism they are


the first thing which they are doing

that they are

 basic  they are originally

focusing on the infrastructure

because there are a lot of  spots to a

response northern areas

for example sir we have malam jabba that

we have in

before we didn’t have any sort of

communication and metal roads towards

that so they are building it

and the places like kumrat which is also

regarded as the paradise on earth

by by imran khan by the prime minister

of pakistan so

they are doing this thing on the first


the second he said they are promoting

tourism to on diplomatic level also

because they feel that pakistan has this

there is their potential to attract the

foreign to a risk towards its nectar

so that are the things i know about the

tourism how can you bring

oceans near to kpk so we we can’t

it’s natural you can bring but sir the


we can do is the management of rivers

the indus river

for example yangthis river in china and

the mississippi in the united states

they have been doing a great job in that

regard and they are earning

billions of dollars on it so the

management of rivers can bring

oceans closer to cleveland that’s what

i feel

that this is a weakness it could be a

personal weakness

non-punctual in prayers

when you are writing about weaknesses


strength it should be more focused on

professional issues

and you have done one of the paper by

gender studies

yes why did you opted for the subject

sir gender studies has this sensitivity

to make us closer to the gender issues

which pakistan is passing through

at the moment not only pakistan but

particularly if we talk about the


so to know more about these general

issues i opted for gender studies

have you looked into the problems of


sir i i have looked what is the

population of transgender in pakistan

sir i’m not sure about the population

but you can find it

in the census of 2017.

you can find the figures the figures are

there yes

and look for it what was the function of

merchant navy what is the function of

virtual navy

sir merchant navy is based on or the

total marketalism

of a nation for example if you are

building merchant navy

you are basically involved with the


 with the with the world so merchant

navy is basically

concerned with the trade matters and you


i mean a country use ships etc

to transform its goods from one place to


thank you why you have

fancy for ps

sir what i feel that

pakistan administrative service has this

potential to empower

a person in this regard to materialize

his or her vision in its true sense

what is your vision sir i the valuable

community service

for the contribution in the valuable

community service is one of my

visions that i feel for my country sir


that you can contribute in any service

in police in customs in any public


it’s public service what’s so special

about it so pakistan administrative

service as i mentioned earlier

the diversity  related to this

service the scatter has no match no

other what do you mean by diversity can

you explain that

so for example if a person is assistant

commissioner he will not be an assistant

commissioner in

in that district management but he will

switch on to other

 departments also will he will

in the later stage of his duties or her


he will switch on to other departments

so that diversity i am talking about so

you get to know

more about departments and about country

jack of all trades to some extent sir

thank you

okay what is the how will

you describe the provincial

bureaucratic structure of a province in

the the tree in hierarchy the first

second third

right down below sir in the province in

 administrative service

sir basically we have a chief chief


on provincial level and then we have on

divisional levels

we have commissioners chief

commissioners and then

if there are then on district level we

have dc’s and if there is a larger

district like

 noshira my district we have adc’s


assistant deputy commission for that

and on the sea level we have assistant


police is your second choice

what is how the provincial police

officer is now known as

after the introduction of police order


sir the police order of 2002

as i have studied about it it has

somehow de-politicized police

unlike the police act of 1861.

so that is one  the reason i think but

that not up to

the mark the second thing is no no no no

try to understand

you see the provincial head of the


what did how he is known as now

after the introduction of police order

previously used to be

known as inspection general police and


sir he is igp  inspector general


please sort of say something else

we have no idea about the hierarchy

police hierarchy

or organization tree

so this is your second choice and you

should know about it

so the ppo provincial police officer

then the ccpos then

then the dpos and cpos so

basically we have inspector generals

then on the city level we have ccpos

capital city  police officers and

 which cities sir  the

capital of provincial capitals ccpos

and sir we have on divisional level we

have rpos regional police officers

and on district level we have dpo

a district police officer that is a

superintendent of police

and sir on the sea level on on the lower

level we have asps and then

it is transformed into shows and other

what is continental shelf

continental shelf is the boundary that

is the baseline is

measured through basically the the

continental shelf

as per geological term is a slope

that is made with  with the the

with the land and the shore the

interface between the ocean and the


so that is basically where the

 the base line of internal waters

and external waters or the territorial

water is mars

america has succeeded in

you see getting hold of a few

arab countries and has you see

made them to have diplomatic relations

with israel

what is what is in the offing what do

you think is likely

to happen further at the global level

sir the united states of america

originally wants to to balance the

arab countries with iran in in true

sense but

what i feel the united states of america

is using the shatter belt

region theory in this regard that will

be the best to describe the situations

the shutter belt in this regard i mean


united states of america has

successfully deployed its politics

in a region that is already in turmoil i

mean that

we name the troubles and it’s right

there in in the middle eastern region

so he has concluded this political


very successfully and the second sir in

as far as

the future of this issue is concerned

the recognition of israel is concerned

the israel will be getting

more stronger in in the years to come

because sir the military edge and

the superiority particularly if we talk

about the air superiority and the air

procreatement that has been described by

you know

that has been given by the united states

of america to state of israel

basically that is dominating the

factor of the israel on other regions so

the i think the rest of other

arab countries and the world will come

to accept

israel in this regard sir

 you gave a certain opinion on south

china sea that’s correct now

pakistan voted in favor of china on

south china sea

why do you think so

as we have great diplomatic

relationships with chinese

in the past they have also cooperated a


in pakistan and secondly we are now the

part of seo after

2017 we are the member of seo so

the thing which i want to describe is


pakistan is more is in more favor of

economic oriented foreign policy at the


so china is the best partner partner in

this regard and that’s why they have

favored their will in in the matter

so you think that no principles were


in this and do you really believe that


is trying to establish its hegemony or

is it deterring

american hegemony in the region and

speaking of the unclause that you

alluded to

the unclaused definitions

as far as the continental shelf and all

is concerned

is about the natural lands

yes ma’am so do you think that it is

really violating across

china is  violating in particular on


and if pakistan is doing so but on the


lens if we see it the real politic is


ma’am because pakistan is now as i

mentioned earlier is on the run and on

the venture to boost its economy

and china is the best in cpec

in regard to cpec in regard to bri

because china

is influencing the world and

dominating the world through the

regional connectivity projects

so i feel pakistan is doing that because


that and and the second thing which i

want to mention is pakistan is losing


in the middle eastern region and it has

al always tumultuous and fluctuating

relationship with the united states

of america on the other region that’s

why pakistan has opted

to do the favor in to do the favor of

chinese in

in the matter man would you also like to

throw some light on

the pakistan oman maritime boundary


pakistan and oman boundary have

basically that was demarcated after the

gawadar was purchased in

1958 and as far as the demarcation

that will be

i i i particularly don’t have any

opinion on that

member in regard to unclass i

am very sure that will be on on that


so you’re not updated about the

legal battle that we had in which

pakistan won

the case of continental shelf no ma’am i

didn’t study it i

i will study about it thank you yeah

give it up thank you sir aman so


brought you from navy to civil service

okay don’t you think that you were more


in merchant navy someday you were on the

shores of egypt

another day mombasa africa

european country isn’t it more

interesting then

civil service so diversity as i

mentioned is one of the reasons

i opted for civil service the second


that i want to mention here is the

employability issue for pakistani


as i have been in merchant navy since


and now it’s 2020 so i

sell for only 40 months in in this

tenure and that’s a contractual job also

that’s not permanent what is blue waters

blue waters are high seas i don’t know

you tell me

so blue water is the the region

as i have the understanding that is


the exclusive economic zone

and that comes under the international

seabed authority

okay so am am i right

to say that blue water belongs to a

country or not

 no sir that’s the human heritage

and basically that’s what blue water is

no man’s land

yes okay it does not pertain to any

particular country

why the colors mostly the colors of sea

ships are white

what’s the reason sir as far as the

merchant navy ships are concerned they

are not white

i would like to say that we have red


at the bottom and then we have black

color at

in the upper but  as far as the naval

ships are concerned they are slightly


but  lighter tone colors yes sir why


i don’t have any idea about the naval

ships but the merchant ships i have i

have the idea sir

why they are  several asking about you

regarding the

trade with china and all that i’m sure

you must have  visited it

what is the malacca dilemma for china

so the malacca strait is one of the most

important choke points

of the world one of the most important

choke points of the world that

all almost 80 percent of world trade is

passed through that

so the malacca dilemma is that the

taiwan taiwan

has a great navy in that region

so the chinese basically fear that if

in the time of crisis the taiwanese

navies will block this

the taiwan the malacca trade and


almost 90 percent of oil has been

transported through malacca strait from

the middle east and from africa

so that is one what is the history of

 monk monkey sharif in your district

manki sharif has appeared very famous

and that he al already contributed in

the independence movement of

pakistan and he was one of the friends

of kaidyas of muhammad ali

also what is the second amendment of

history of

constitution of united states second

amendments are i

i don’t what was the only amendment

which was done and was then was taken

back in the constitution of united

states of america

sir i i didn’t study okay

thank you sir

question you could tell us something

about this

terrorist tariff dispute between china

and u.s

and what are your views about who is on

the right

because this is a recent phenomena

during it was raised during the

government of trump

sir that was at the time of donald trump

when he

imposed extra tariffs of more than 500

300 to 500 billion on chinese goods and

he basically fears that the chinese

are dominating and they are stealing

their intelligence

intelligence here which they have


the donald trump but i as i am

i have this particular opinion about

that they they are

basically trapped in tucson they are


have been trapped in a tusi data trip

that is international relations

best define it they have a fear of the

rising chinese because

the mood is an international

organization they have mentioned that in


china is going to be the largest economy

in the world

so the american nationalist leaders like

donald trump

do not accept it but the protectionist


their protectionism is is their right


chinese are have already retaliated back


imposing tariffs on the american goods

what is the result what’s so far whether


chinese have conceded

no sir actually because the the it has


that much impacted the chinese economy


the expert international expert says

that chinese

despite the allegations which have been

made by the americans that they are

losing jobs and their industries are

toppling down

and they are losing everything in

agriculture it doesn’t seem

like this that china is but in the long


i believe sir china is going to win

what is happening in ladakh

sir ladakh is the contagious region with


 and azad jammu and kashmir and also

with the

indian occupied kashmir


sir the war in the himalayas between

the india and china as they have the

history of battles in 1962

when china penetrated in their region so

the second thing is sir their

irredentist claims of chinese

are there and they are fighting over

that issue

okay man we conclude our this formal

session and now we start

the debriefing session with you we will

give you our feedback

about your interview and if you have got

any question you can raise them

sir you don’t have any particular

question at the moment

okay aman you are quite experienced

you are knowledgeable and you have got a

pleasant personality

and your communication skills are fine

you can speak

well and your body language is also fine

and you are quite confident but still

i think you need to

update your current knowledge there

seems to be some

knowledge gap and

just try to update it and when you are


anything say it whether it is chinese or

usa have a

listen to both sides the argument are

from both sides chinese they have got

their own argument the

usa has got old indian have got their

own viewpoint and chinese have got their

own point of view

as a student of this

as a civil servant rather i will say now

because you have got an empire

quite a chance to get through it so try

to analyze the things in the pragmatic


so i think best of luck from my point of


i don’t know i have whether i’m right or


you when you are talking

you see while you’re giving answers you

shake your head like this

what’s  is it natural or it sure is

it is natural or you want us to

accept what you are saying is right no

no sir i think it’s

natural style it’s natural sir actually

sir i was a debater in

right i will do that

do try to look at all sides what you

have read on south china

sea is one perspective there are other

perspectives and it’s not as simple as

just pakistan being an ally of china and

that’s why we are wanting to

for our economic gains there are

political gains also

and and i gave you the hint of


how does it define continental shell and

does philippines

really have that extension of

continental because

here there are seven contenders

to south china sea yes it’s not just

philippines yes

and that is because of the problem of

definition of the

continental shelf and these islands that

china has artificially created yes so

does the

unclaused definition fall on this or not

first so


i have a question regarding this because

we have been

scared a little because of lot of

suggestions about interviews the people

say that you have to

you don’t have to give everything in in

your answer because it will consume a

lot of time and

people that is true don’t give

everything but

you should look unbiased and you should

look as though

you have read it with a critical mind


the position that you’re presenting is

not critical it’s just that you read any


from west on south china they say

exactly the same

right so it shows that you have

it’s not about throwing information in

but it’s about

showing how analytical and critical you

can be because

in civil service it’s not about the

issues that we are asking you

right it is about  mastering that


to analyze situations because whether

you’re going to foreign service or

police service or administrative

services you will be in situations where

there are no precedences you will have

to create your own precedence and you

can do that only

if you have the ability to critically

analyze the situation

and get all your facts right right so

and that’s what the examiner is looking at

not about your knowledge but about your

approach towards life

and the information that you have very

kind thank you so much


let’s start with other things u.s

history i asked the very basic things

second amendment and the amendment that

was taken back you should have known

that okay


though personal comment i hope you won’t

mind it

try to look for a  or

i suggest rather let’s let’s not mince

the words

i suggest you to  look for a better

glasses frame for yourself i i think you

need to change it

secondly you need a good hair  makeup

or re-over a redone since i don’t have

it so i can’t no i don’t know

what it’s called but you need it i’ll do


thank you thank you

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