CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Candidate Vs Interviewers | Abdul Sami Sheikh (ASP) Mock Interview

This Is a Mock Interview Conducted between A PMS (Provincial Management Services) Candidate and CSPs, you can call it a training session before appearing the commission, and these kind of mock interviews are conducted to check the preparation of candidates and their confidence. The similar type questions that are being asked are also part of these interviews,

This Interview Panel is comprised of four to five interviewers or panelists who are Retired Civil Servants, professionals, and experienced in conducting such interviews, It is just prepared like cross-questions environment and answer section between candidates and panelists as make it easy for all readers to get and feel them also into the same candidates’ situation, so I am sure this will be helpful for all competitive exams candidates who are getting into it.


This Mock interview was conducted earlier, so officials and their Posts mentioned during this question-answer session were holding their offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are question-answer session holding any of govt offices are might be changed or retired at the time when you are reading this interview, so cross-check before appearing in any exam next future.

Abdul Sami Sheikh (ASP) Sindh (U) Topper Interview _ CSS-2020

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | The Question Answer Session

please feel comfortable you can

introduce yourself to all of us

sir my name is abdul sami sheikh i am 24

years old

i have been raised and educated in

karachi i graduated with bachelors of

civil engineering

from nad uit karachi i’ve been recently

recommended as an assistant engineer

in irrigation department of saint

government and i aspire to be part of

central superior services

my hobbies include reading non-fiction

books and watching tv shows

and in my spare time i

also like to be socially inclusive and


with people

so you are coming from karachi and

karachi urban

how many districts are in karachi

division sir there are seven districts

in karachi

seven yes or seven districts

so there is karachi south there is

karachi east

there is karachi west there is karachi


there is krachimaleer there is karachi


and the newly created one that is

karachi kemari district

karachi kimari district district

nothing has seven distinct sorry they

became eight

six emperor sir now they are total in


no total seven no total seven because of


and what is the population of karachi so

the population of karachi

is 16 million the urban population of


there is some sort of a

criticism about the population census


yes what is that what do you think about


do you think it is it has got some

logical background or it is only for


sir i would say that there is some merit

in this criticism because the


agencies that have been conducting some

small surveys

have mentioned that the overall

population is

clearly over 20 million karachi whereas

the official consensus

says that it is 16 million and for that

reason there is criticism that

it underplays the numbers in karachi the

current consensus

this is something something is cooking

up there

because in fact this population census


done in one day from morning till


i doubt their criticism is

correct because they feel that

everything which is here

because there is a ruler saying there is

urban sing then karachi

urban karachi and then there are certain

parts of karachi which are

falling in the ruler areas

now you can tell me what are the issues

major issues of karachi sir

i would say the number one issue of

karachi is the sanitation issue

the problems of public health another

would be the increasing

crime rate the street crime in karachi

and third would be the water situation i

think these three according to me are

the top three problems of karachi

just you feel that infrastructure is


sir i would say that the overall

infrastructure is also not up to the

mark and for that reason

the overall roads as well as the s

also i mentioned the sanitation problems

there is also the ethnic problem in


there have been ethnic tensions brewing

although they are low at this moment but

i say

i think that they are still there

so you have done civil engineering yes

sir why you want to join the

civil services sir i would say that

compared to the irrigation department

these services provide for much more

satisfaction because these are general

administrative services and for that

reason their

impact upon people is much more

immediate and another reason why i would

want to move from the irrigation

department towards

federal central superior services is

that i think they provide better

opportunities in terms of career growth

and career stability

any update about what is happening in

washington they have certified

day before yesterday they have certified

joe  Biden presidency

but still they are moving against the

trump what is the latest news

sir trump has said that he will not be a

part of the inauguration of  Biden


and i think that’s the latest one on

january 6 the mob

came upon the capital hill but still

after the mob was removed

they passed and certified that  Biden and

kamala harris

will become the president and vice

President of the America

still she wants to move the

speaker of house speaker of the house

she is planning nancy what she is


says that the cabinet should remove the

president because he can still do harm

to the country in a few days that are


till he is president and for that reason

she is saying

that unless the cabinet does not take up

the removal of the president

the congress might invoke 25th amendment

lately there was a issue

in district in balochistan 11 people

were killed

and they have been demanding the prime

minister’s visit

yeah but the day before yesterday there

was a speech

of the president a prime minister he


i will not go because they are

blackmailing you what do you think

sir i believe that the prime minister

should not

have used that word even if even if he

believes that they are blackmailing him

it came as insensitive in my personal


and i think of course the demand is

harsh i would say because

everyone would then demand that prime

minister visits them over little


i think but this incident was big enough

that prime minister should have visited

you have offered this history of

humanity as one of the subject

when the history of usa

when the constitution of usa was written

the debates started in 1787

it was written in 1776 then it was

ratified in 1778

sir pardon me but that was articles of


that was pre-constitution the original

constitution that is

in effect in america right now was


in 1789 can you please

identify five major social problem of


sir i would say the first would be


second would be the political


third would be the women disempowerment

fourth would be the i would say the


and fifth would be the urbanization

and planned urbanization i think these

five problems according to me are the


social problems have you been to a

police station

yes sir i was recently to a place i went

to a police station

so so do you have an idea of what it


of you see

there are rooms

for different functions the of the

policemen have to perform sir

the once i visited there was the

district intelligence branch

where i went for my verification there

was also one

for dsp a room for dsp was there

and there was also along with that and

there was also the investigation office

the investigation of sp

superintendent of the university sp yes

the superintendent of

the police station i’m talking i’m


about the police station so that i

cannot recall

that police is your first choice so

police station is the most important

component of

police organization so so

try to you know what are the different


you might start someone might call

  ask you this question so so

if you know it then it will be good

how can you or

how can you trace the historical


of of the police in pakistan

sir the police was functioning according

to the police act of 1861 that was


during the british era then there were

reforms little reforms but the major

reform came

came in 2002 with the police order 2002

but over time the police was developed

and evolved to the provinces

and now province the police department

is a subject of home department of

provinces can you name

some of the key features of police order


sir i would say one of the main key

features was the public safety


there was also public complaints police

complaints commissions

the police order to also invest

dividing the police the especially the

investigation part of the police

and empowering it and training the

junior as well as the senior staff

so that they can pursue the

investigation has that been done

no sir that has not been done because

the provinces for example recent law sin

police of 2019

has merged the public safety commissions

and police complaint

commissions and also the same police law

has changed the composition

of these safety commissions it has given

much more power to the provincial

level ministers in that and for that

reason i believe that

that and accountability mechanism of the

safety commissions

has been politicized



  authored a nuclear deal

with major powers in 2015

what was that about and what is its

status now

sir think that deal with obama

administration in 2015

it was officially called joint

comprehensive plan of action

in which iran agreed

to limits it its nuclear amplification

in response to the lifting of american

sanctions on its economy

but it was the trump administration

repealed that plan of action

and again reinstituted those sanctions

but  Biden administration has shown

interest in again

renegotiating that deal what was iran

supposed to do

as far as its uranium enrichment process

is concerned how much it was allowed to

to what level under the comprehensive

sir sir i am not sure about the exact

number i think it was similar to what

international atomic agency recommends

it was three and now iran has reached up

to 20

and it’s threatening that it will


increase the level of enrichment of a

sanctions are not lifted

how global warming is

affecting the ecological balance of the


sir if we are to start with the marine


because of the rise in sea levels the

marine life is

disturbed also with the ongoing

deforestation because of global warming

and fossil fuel industry

many plant species as well as animal

species that are that rely on those


are also being depleted for that reason

there are also wildfires that generally

kill those

male species of animals

and i think as far as our impact on the

ecology is concerned because of fossil

fuel industry

we are giving rise to some ecological


and that include floods heat waves and

for that reason the overall ecological

response has been very erratic and


what are the carbon sinks of the world

sir i i think i can recall

only one that is amazon ran forest

in south america and the arctic region

the yes what is happening there in the

arctic portion sir

the glaciers are melting and for that


the permafrost that was still in

those glaciers is also being released


being added to the overall carbon

footprint of

it is supposed to absorb the world


this arctic region but now

because of this melting it is exposed it

is open now

and it is itself emitting carbon


more than it it used to

absorb so how serious

can be the situation one can know

  nehru mr nero

he did not agree to the cabinet mission


which ultimately led to the creation of


what do you think could have been the

  underlying factor in his mind

for taking this decision sorry sir

i am unaware about particular details to

make a guess no not details but

one when you see there’s

there is so much on it available in the


okay if you don’t know  

you over thinker

what do you mean by overthinker weakness

sir i tend to overthink about little


and for that reason i think it is one of

the weakness because it takes up a lot

of my time

this is this is not good sometimes

overly polite

yes only what do you mean by overly


sir i cannot say no to most of the

people who ask for favor

and i think the service i’m going for as

my priority

i think this can be construed as a


with these weaknesses how can you

expect to be a good police officer

because you can’t say no to

your friends to those who approach you

sir i believe since it’s a personal

weakness i have been working on it and i

have constantly seen

improvement in this weakness the thing

over time it can be overcome

sami ned stands for

sir okay

and the thing which was sir was just


the situation in the united states of

america two days ago

don has written an article about

about the situation and there do you

know about it

have you read it well i must have read

it because i read dawn in detail but i’m

not sure about the particular because i

can the article was about the

u.s now u.s   president legitimacy over

the rest of the world

regarding dictator of the democracy and

the civil rights and the human rights

have you read it yes sir there was

editorial do you agree with the main

theme of the editorial yes sir i would

agree with this

and i would also add that even before

this incident

i would say that the united states had

no claim

to claim to be a leader of democratic

nations in the world

okay so do you agree there is a lot of

corruption in the synth irrigation


sir i would say that there is corruption

in the department

in the overall departments and for that

reason irrigation is no exception

i would agree with you that there so in

your short or long tenures

span how how were you instrumental

in reducing it or countering it

sir i should add that i’ve been recently

recommended as an engineer i have not

formally joined the organization

okay so you are in incubation period

right now yes sir you can see that

regarding history of united states of

america when i

say the word ku klux klan

yes what does it mean sir it was a

terrorist organization it was the

white supremist organization that

believed in the white supremacy

it erupted during after the black black

courts were

enacted in the reconstruction period of

united states history

okay   what are the

three or four main pillars

or actions taken during the new deal

sir there was the number of laws were


if i make recalls do you i don’t expect

exact name of the laws what they were

aimed at

sir they were aimed at demand recovery

in the economy they were working on

kinesian model of economy in which

they wanted to generate demand in the

economy and for that reason these

stimulus was given to the workers

the highways were built the agricultural

subsidies were given

social security was enacted this is this

is the first most appropriate word you


basically keynesian if you use the word

keynesian economics then you have to

  define that what keynesian economics


it’s not demand poll it’s the active and


role of government in the spending in

the economy

anyhow so

who was the author of declaration of

independence sir thomas jefferson was

the author of the declaration of


right tell me three major


of the character the prince by

michael sir he must be ruthless

he must cultivate ties with the


of that region in which he is ruling and

third would be that he should deceive

the deceiver

okay something regarding fox

sir i cannot exactly recall that quote

but he

there was something about lion and fox

in that all right

thank you

what is the composition of ecce

so the principle of policy are a few of

the guidelines that are mentioned in our

1973 constitution

in which the some of the principles are

led that the

government or the state should pursue

but those are non-judiciable policy


sir one would be that government would

try to enhance the islamic way of life

in the

world another i would say would be the

election of local government in the

state and third would be the women

empowerment the equality of

what was the impact on creation of


sir i would say that it

led the muslims towards unity with the

india hindus in the subcontinent but

over time they realized that there were

irreconcilable differences






it’s a good posture to start with to

begin with to sit

but not necessarily throughout the

interview you have to sit like a reward


that was good




thank you so much thank you

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