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CSS BALOCHISTAN TOPPER ATIQ ULLAH (PAS) | Provincial Administrative Service

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

now you can introduce yourself to all of

us we are four people jointly interview

my name is Atiq Ullah

i was born in district Pishin

there is a district along Pak Afghan Boarder along Baluchistan

i’ve completed my early education from

my home town and then i moved towards Quetta,

from there i completed my

main English literature in linguistics

from Numl university with distinction

and then

at the same time i completed my m.a

political science from the university of


with a distinction and gold medal in it

 continuing my studies i just defended

my field thesis

 in political science from university

of Baluchistan when it comes to

competitive exam in 2016 i qualified pcs

 but i was not educated and

then in 2018 again i qualified PCS and i

was located as a section officer

in 2019 i appeared in css and i

qualified and i was allocated to the

foreign services of Pakistan

when it comes to

my experience and practical life in 2016

i started working with the British council

with democracy reporting international

as a young parliamentary associate i was

placed with the public accounts

committee Pakistan

in 2017 again i was  i started another

project with the british council

 i was  placed with the research

wing in the provincial assembly of

Baluchistan and then

for six months with the translation in

the provincial assembly of Pakistan

when i just completed my  PPSA training

that is some sort of common training for

PCS officers from Peshawar and

my first posting was with the

Baluchistan  commander operations center

that was constituted for

dealing with the Covid 19


then i was posted as a so police for some months and

in april i was

in april 2021 i was posted as a section

officer with

cpa camp office  islamabad that is a

administrative wing of sngd balochistan

thank you

you come from Pishin district  yes

sir can you introduce this district

operation to all of us what is where it


when it comes to the population of

district Pishin


0.8 million people are residing in

district Pishin it is an administrative

unit of how many people

around 0.8 million black people

according to census 2017

and  the literacy rate of machine is a

72 percent very good  where when it comes to

its the the social political and cultural

orientation operation it is culturally

rich basically the

founding member of

Pakistan Muslim league

in 1930s Qazi Muhammad Essa belonged to district

Pishin it is the the main

source of income

of the people of Pishin is from agriculture

we have got some good apples

grapes and

other watermelon like fruits which are

in abundance in district fishing

that is a brief about Pishin,

this is master of philosophy

now you tell us something what is philosophy ?

you define philosophy and make us

understand what is philosophy?

philosophy  if we talk about

 philosophy talking about concept of philosophy yes

divine philosophy philosophy is the

again now you are a master of

philosopher of the political

if we precise it in one sentence or in

one word is it the the desire to learn

or to

the study of wisdom i would say

acquiring wisdom is philosophy

in precise words

so in political science when you did

your master of philosophy


just give me the feel

that you looked into the philosophy of


 i looked into

the federation of Pakistan and the

effects of 18th amendment on the

federation of Pakistan

a case study of balochistan my

particular concern was balochistan

in terms of legislation after 18th

amendment in terms of administrative

improvement in balochistan and in terms

of financial management in Pakistan

i just looked into these three areas

in the post

okay you have looked into

this part

now there is

 a lot of criticism and people say

that we should revisit

18th amendment

now they want to revisit the 18th

amendment or they want to revisit

financial commission about i would say

 we need to see it from multiple


when we see its financial angle

then we say the federal government is

obviously desirous to

revisit that part of the


and when we see the

the the devolution of employees

 that is something the provincial

governments want to revisit

so the federal government wants to

revisit that financial aspect of the

18th amendment because

 they cannot revisit it

administratively  article 160

of the 18th amendment says that

after each nfc award after samantha nfc



the formula or the share of the

provinces should be increased it cannot

be decreased so this constitutional

cover has been given to the


the nfc 7th nfc award now the provinces

wants want

to  now the federal government wants

to revisit that particular class of the

18th amendment and when it comes to the

with the rest of the evolution of

employees federal government is

appreciated that they should be you tell


you mean

without revisiting that class

you cannot make any changes in the nfc

criteria of our distribution of



it can be increased but it cannot be

decreased okay it can be increased

but cannot be decreased the share of

provinces can be increased but cannot be

okay share of provinces

you mean share promises cannot be yes it


we have seen


role of

especially international organizations




we keep on listening the role of imf we

kept on listening the role of w

who and wto and

this imf world bank what do you think

what are these institutions why they are


into our business

 sir these are multilateral financial


the basic aim of these institutions is

to balance the international  economic

development paradigm


they are

out to

help the developing countries like

Pakistan and other developing countries

in the overralling of their health

sector on the ruling of the education

sector in the overriding of their

governance sector in the overriding of


administrative sector

so  they they contribute if we

take example of world bank world bank

helps developing countries in the

completion of mega development projects

like dams

roads motorways bridges

 which are quite essential for the

socio-economic development of developing


these are financed by world bank or

asian development wing when we look at

the imf it helps in balancing the

macroeconomic stability of a country

like Pakistan or other developing


if Pakistan is facing current account

deficit and

so Pakistanis dollar Pakistan are other

developing countries they look towards

the imf for a bailout economic bailout

to fulfill their news of dollars

similarly other financial and

multilateral financial institutions are

attached with the

imf with the conditionalities of imf

country is financed by imf it’s the

macroeconomic stability our

macroeconomic sector is financed by the

imf other development partners

contribute in the socio-economic

infrastructural development of those




finance minister was in washington

the negotiation almost failed

he is back

now don’t you think that i am an

international organization and they are

just controlling the finances of this



i would say that

to some extent


argument is justified that imf is

controlling our financial


but when we look into the depth of the

situation we see that

our own financial paradigm is stumbling

our current account deficit is widening


for foreign exchange reserves are

depleting and our

growth economic growth rate is

decreasing so we have to

go with the conditionalities of them

which are quite harsh

like imf is

trying to

to impose its will on Pakistan by saying

that cut your development budget


energy prices increase

gas prices and increase petroleum prices

which is ultimately burdening the common

main and at the same time

which is increasing the cost of

production in the country which is

making Pakistan and competitive

international market if our products are

on competitive international market we

will  not be able to

increase our



once our exports do not increase our

economy will remain stagnant as it has


for quite a long time so therefore imf

 the conditionalities of imf are

quite harsh

and they they have controller but

Pakistan does not have any other option

apart from  coming to the pressure of


you were parliamentary associate

that’s where the project of british


so what do you think that

grant or aid whatsoever

that help you to

assist the parliamentarians of religion

assembly  yes sir  i was  back

then we were working on three different

laws it was local government law it was

higher education commission law

and it was health commission law these


laws were


were giving

a technical expertise

from the british council from Pakistan

institute of parliamentary services

which was also the project was financed


british council so we were contributing

our path towards the legislation of


essential laws

my last question

there is a debacle

in kuwait the pledge on government has


the new government has been in the


what are your views what is your

analysis about the fall and remaking of

the government  certainly

comes to the description of  the fall

of the palestine government

in a democratic country in a

parliamentary setup it is a positive

sign that there has been a change in the

government from within the parliament

from within the provincial assembly

 representatives of the same political

party they

resisted the monopolizing nature of the

chief minister so they brought a


change in the from within the house

now when it comes to the future  there

obviously there will be

multiple challenges because  half of

the parties divided over the

supporting  jam command who was a

previous chief minister and half of the

parties supporting  dulkadoos injured

so it is it would be quite interesting

to know to look at the

future developments that how they but i

believe that they are quite good in


management and political engineering

they will be able to form a government

under the leadership of kudus vision job

by taking juif into the government and

excluding pta because pti is

no but last night the they were

having a press conference

will be the chief minister and saleh

bhutani will be speaker of the assembly

so that will that will be with the help

of jui

 this is what  so far we know about

the political developments which are

taking place in a meeting

was there the defense minister


multiple stakeholders are involved they

are trying to convince the pti

leadership of balochistan to go with the

kadus bisanjo but


but that press conference they gave the

oppression it has been decided that pti

will be supposed  sporting  i don’t

think so because yarmouth is quite in

antagonistic towards those who are now

coming to into power he could go with

aliani but it would be quite interesting

to look if he is ready to go with the

qudoos bisenju and saleh bothani because

they are having some sort of tribal

rivalries among themselves


they have fielded their own candidate in

the ship of yarmouth and they are

looking for support from those of

aliani’s group and from the those of

np and other gurus because np is

concerned about its political gains

which they have made in the shape of


job division and chairman district


many of the developments are taking


okay thank you

best best is your number one choice

so what is the motivation for that


it it is my passion to serve in the

administrative services


district administration in

other positions of the

so therefore i aspire to be allocated to

Pakistan administrative services there

are other

there are


areas where you can

work and serve the

serve the country but sir i i see my


and my desire or my interest in Pakistan

administrative service my personal

what is good governance

how will you define

in one line i would say

when the government

responds to the desires to the needs of

the people at their doorstep

in the shape of public service delivery

i would call it good governance


from english literature

how is bernard shaw known

in english literature

he was


orientation was leftist because he was

part of fabian society and when we

look at his

dramas which has written like dharms and

the men in which he was anti-war figure

what i perceive him from that drama

because  the way he has mocked those

people who idealize

the people who go to war and they we we

make heroes those heroes themselves are

afraid of death afraid of war so i would

say he was leftist as well as anti-war


in english literature

two international

awards were conferred on him

what were those

i’m sorry

nobel nobel prize


how do you see plea bargain as a tool of


sir  i think  plea bargain is a

stigma on the process are on the

mechanism of accountability in Pakistan


triply bargain

space is given to those who are involved

in corruption that they by returning the

the money which they have stolen  by

returning that money they are given free

end one thing and then they are not

dismissed from their service they are

they remain in their position of power

whatever that may be

and they they

somehow some say

some say are

it is perceived that they do not

return the whole money they return a

small chunk of that money

and the the the main cause is a


prosecution of our accountability

mechanism we are unable to prosecute


who are involved in corruption and then

we tell we give them an option

whether they want to return that money

if they do not return then the

process of prosecuting them takes a

quite long which is a burden on the

extract as well as on the performance of

that person as well because if he is not

involved then

his time is vested his energies are

wasted his respect is compromised if he

is  convicted

it takes a long time therefore  our


has given space to them which is quite a

stigma on our

like you’re right nine

nine  hundred billion rupees

were recovered

through plea bargain

that day he was the the dg nab


in those cases

none of the accused was sent to jail

they said they were convicted

and the money was taken


as a result of plea bargain

they were allowed they were released

and none of them was convicted none of

them were sent to jail

you’re right

it’s a stigma

what are these

some of the

features of police order 2002

some important measures which are


for improving the police working

some some of the important features of

buddhist it established a complete chain

of command in the police

department and  the position of ig


like he became equal to that of sheep

second he was he was

created to grade 21.

no no

no no you must go and  study the

police order 2002

because this is your second choice

when you go back please have a look at


there were quite a number of

you see

reforms it was it was reformatory in

drastic reforms were introduced proposed

and  introduced in that

order you you should go and

study them because psp is your second


balochistan we all know is there is a

and b area

don’t you think if it is all a area

 sir this is quite  right we need to

 transform this into all the whole

province into area but

before transforming them we need to see

the challenges which are faced by the

provincial government because i was

working as a so police and

especially the main obstacle was that of


levies into police

the hierarchy their promotion seniority

and their perks and privileges

these all things were involved which is

quite a daunting task for the provincial

government if they convert levies into


it is quite probable that there will be

political  repercussions for them

so first there is a

need to make a comprehensive plan of

converting levies into police

and assuring them that their seniority

is not compromised assuring them that

their personal privileges are not


the second challenge is that of tribal

people who are not ready

to go with the police

because  they think that

police is not

according to the culture of that those

tribes in particular areas of the

province but now i feel that people are

ready for for this conversion

they find no difference between levies

and police when it comes to performance

rather police is more  is performing

well beyond the jurisdiction of their


and now there is a another trend that is

rising extremism which the pulley the

levy which levies is not equipped

and ready enough to counter therefore

they need

that expertise

my last question is

how do you see the


the insurgency of bloat nationalists

going on in

before 2010 there was a rising trend of

insurgency but now we see that this

trend is declining

due to multiple reasons the first season

is 18th amendment which has somehow

demoralized the no nationalist they have

lost ground to the people because people

do not trust them once people trusted

them in 2013 but

they do they fail to perform despite

having multiple

financial resources at their disposal

and  insurgency  the insurgents

especially in turban

and punjab

in these areas middle class insurgency

was taking place which is which has been

mainstreamed by engaging

the locals of those areas into the

mainstream by giving them jobs like we

have seen in turban educational enclave

has been established in which cadet

college is their university medical

colleges their law colleges their


universities there so people are being

engaged with the stay

with stakeholders and

now government has also announced 600

million billion rupees project  in

which  infrastructure development is

there  health facilities are to be

developed okay thank you

Atiq Ullah you said you were selected

for foreign

and you didn’t

accept it or what happened i deferred it

for a year from 15th of november our

common training program will start


so now i am i’ve just qualified the

return part of css 2021 and now i aspire

to change my group from

fsp to php or pass

so technically you’re still in the

foreign service yes i am but you

deferred it i deferred it for a year on

15th of november our training will start

common training program will start

but that means you lose your seniority

yes i lost myself

very well

can you tell us something about him

was the president of brazil from 2003 to


he belonged to the national workers


he was the leader of national workers

party during his regime brazil

especially the middle class of brazil

emerged as a dominant force brazil

developed progressed

while taking the downtrodden along with

because in most of the countries when we

see the development paradigm we see that

the poorer are further cornered and the

rich get richer but in the case of

brazil under the leadership of lula de

silva this was an exception where

the middle class also expanded people

got many and

though rich people also made many but

along with this the

middle class was also expanded and

people from lower class also made money

there was something quite positive that

is true lula was a big favorite at that

time but then why did he have a downfall

in politics

these things happen he became

the victim of political vendetta at the

end of

elite establishment at the end of his


political party insiders

he he was victimized and he was


no i don’t think so it was the

even the the the claim or the accusation

i guess him was just of a plate which he

does not own which is where he does not


where nothing was  concrete was there

against him it was a political vendetta

to oust him from the mainstream because

elites didn’t like him


you said one of your favorite books was

faith and feminism

do you think they’re

they are in harmony or they’re in


they are

you are talking about faith in feminism

or the book

no i’m talking in principle in general

not the book

they are in harmony

but the thing is that who who interprets

religion that that matters

it’s not about religion and feminism or

faith and feminism it is about the

interpreter that matters if

 interpreter is you know orthodoxy as

 affairs is that if it is  another

orthodox person he would obviously say

that there is

no no no right for women in the religion

but if  we see a feminist who is

interpreting the text although he or she

would obviously find

they are in harmony so it matters it

depends on the interpreter and how do

you interpret i interpret they are quite

in harmony and

religion is something that

is not only for men that is for women as

well and

it facilitates women as much as it

facilitates men

it is unfortunate that our historical

trajectory is something

in which man has dominated the paradigm



quite in harmony could you tell us

something about rikudik


was a project

in which natural resources like gold

copper and silver were to be excavated

from chargi district of balochistan

now it is under the

state sponsored company of china

they are excavating gold from that

area  with the 48 percent of 50 of the

shade is given to the

state of Pakistan and 50 percent of the

share the income or the revenue

generated through it

goes to china  out of that fifty

percent two percent is given to

Baluchistan and the rest of 48 percent

is  goes to the federal government but

there was a problem before china came in

because earlier on it was you know the

canadian company the chilean and the


i don’t have i have not heard this

okay thank you

which era of the European history

fascinates you the most

the revolutions of 1848

fascinates me the most when it comes to

european history

because it was at that point

when things started changing

the overall social economic political

religious paradigm strategy though

revolution took place in france in 1789

changes started to take place from there


its climax at its culminating point was

1848 when

those powers are preachers of


had no space

no more space in the society they had to

come to the pressure of liberals and

those humanists who were struggling for

the rights of men and women


what do you think the talibans are going

to have an inclusive government and if

not why not

i think taliban are going to form an

inclusive government but definitely it

would take time

because the thing

if we study the


demography of afghanistan the geography

of weinstein it tells us that it is a

100 years old issue


sometimes we see that other ethnic

groups are dominating kabul and

sometimes pashtuns are dominating kabul


keeping in view if she is a teacher if

it’s treated or something so taliban

will need

some time to form an inclusive

government by

taking on board to to develop that

trust deficit which was there to develop

trust among those communities it will

take time and taliban will definitely

because they have no other option if

they do not

there is a possibility that that country

will plunge into civil war

 and  waziristan cannot afford any

more civil war because it is on the

brink of collapse already so they will

have no other option apart from

performing an inclusive government thank

you very much

i hand over to my colleague

okay well i think

what did you know about the proclamation

act 1858  proclamation at 1858

it was an act by the british parliament

in which

india was

declared as

means it was formally given to the

british government and it was taken from

the east india company

which was running the administration of

india before the proclamation

well that’s nice okay what was the delhi

Muslim proposal

daily Muslim proposal what was that

 daily Muslim proposals were presented

in 1927 by the Muslim leadership

for a separate electorate and

for joint electorate and they were

they gave space to the congress and

invited them for discussions to have

joint elected and common struggle

against the British

okay i have read political science as

well i have a question you have read

john locke

should be divided into two parts

upper house and the lower house

have been taken in the 1956 constitution

of Pakistan

history legislation has not been cast a

balance corrected the constitution

it was a unicameral because


two units

means the

west Pakistan was

formed into

west Pakistan was formed into one unit

the four provinces of west Pakistan were

composed of one unit and east Pakistan

so equal seats were given to east and

west Pakistan i think 150 150 seats were

given that’s how they thought that

one federating unit would

balance out the other operating unit in

case there is


that’s nice my last question is is there

any difference between nazism and

fascism there isn’t much difference but

if we talk about the leadership if we

talk about the party organization and

their tactics there is a slight

difference but there is no

big difference between them what major

difference is between fascism and nazism

fascism was in italy and nazism is the

fascist version of germany

okay thank you

thank you thank you sir thank you very


we conclude the

formal interview now you can ask

question if we can give you our feedback

if you like


you give all your feedback

you are good very good there is no doubt

you have

done a lot of homework everybody

unless you are going for these

competitive exam is not an easy job

and after doing in the provincial

service then going for the federal

services now again coming

to that shows your ambition

and your motivation for administrative

service this is something very positive

and you have your academic

qualifications are very good and you

have been very responsive to all of us


you should be clarity





you have done a good job very good

of is

i wanted you to highlight that

exactly which you never mentioned you

only spoke of china china is just a

newcomer and it’s a very superficial

thing but ricotta has a very deep

history which you as a person coming

from balochistan one expected you to

have spoken more


all these details of the issue so what

i’m trying to say is okay even if you

have knowledge you don’t express it

your evaluator will not be able to

evaluate you

the way they should so when you are

framing your response think it out and

spell it out putting all the elements in


but otherwise you’re a good candidate

i’m sure you’ll do very well

wish you all the best

well your answer regarding u.s history

political science and Pakistan excellent

excellent answers critical questions

questions say i’ve said package openings

thank you so much


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