CSS Mock Interview By CSPs | Anza Abbasi (Assistant Commissioner) Mock Interview

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Anza Abbasi (Assistant Commissioner) Interview | CSS-2020 Mock Interviews

Candidate Welcome by Panelists | CSS Q&A Session

i’m elder among five children

originally i’m from larkana and my

family moved

to islamabad when i was 14. i did my o

levels and a levels from city schools


capitals campus and afterwards i joined


for a bachelor’s in public

administration and after

graduating i am aspiring for a career in

civil services

so no work experience

but it’s not a proper employment

so in this public policy and governance

these were the majors yeah these were

the majors

a lot of my subjects had governance

aspects and then like e-governance or

governance along with law etc you can

tell us

about this public policy-making process

yes there is the policy process

identify give me the number one first

step second

agenda setting second is policy


third is policy legitimization fourth is

 policy implementation and fifth is

policy evaluation

there is one policy termination but

there are some scholars who add it and

others who don’t add it because they say

that a policy is never terminated

and it keeps on the process is a cycle

that doesn’t end so it really depends

which scholar you’re following

and then i think governance what is the

difference between governance and good


or how government works well there is

good governance has eight


first one is accountability second is


third is consensus oriented decision

making for this participatory fifth

is efficiency and effectiveness six

is equity  one is rule of law and the

final one is responsiveness so these are

eight characteristics by untp

that they find in a good covenant this

will have these gay characteristics

there is a general criticism that there

is a poor governance in pakistan

how to improve it so first and foremost

 governance can be improved by

looking at the key issue  over here we


a widespread corruption as you can see

the corruption perception

index is 120 of pakistan’s rank is 120

and other than that

world bank’s  corruption controller

for corruption is i guess

23 or 32 percent i’m not sure so first

issue is corruption we have to

deal with that for that we need

accountability and accountability has to

be top to down so people know that

people at the higher level are being

held accountable for the corruption they


people that they know are also held

accountable and we also need to

introduce merit-based improvement

and across and also merit raised


because most of the times tenders may be

given on basis of favoritism

so we need to have strong merit based

policies in order to make our

governance better and in order to reduce

corruption what is your

views about this  your recruitment

process don’t you think this is merit


says css is one recruitment process the

government has so many other recruitment

processes and other than that we have so

many other processes where

 ministries are directly inducted

i’ll give one example that there was

recently a news about

using  those

game shows if i’m correct that

those game protectives to recruit people

in railways somebody suggested that to

the minister

so that’s not how you recruit people

into a service and secondly

our civil services like css has a lot of

resources devoted to it if we look at

other recruitments

that are apart from css  a lot of

times like recently we saw the

ppsc like punjab the tessies our exam

was leaked so there is an issue

coming in when it comes to

administration of exams and making it a

transparent process css is

far better off than other exams but

other exams are suffering so we need to

make it

proper across the board

britain has separated itself from

european union

do you think it is a good decision on

the part of britain or not in my opinion

it’s a very bad decision

okay why because they are once they

separate from it they’ll have to pay the

customs union secondly they’ll have to


separate free trade agreements with

other countries and

thirdly their middle class will be

affected because before that middle

class could easily go into other

countries and fight employment over


and now they would be suffering there

was one couple especially they showed on


which has shifted to france because it

feels like that it wouldn’t be able to

get benefits

of eu from uk after brexit

what are the arguments which they have

advanced when they went for the

referendum and they went into the


finally they have passed the law

because they feel that they will be more

independent they will be suffering and

they will be

dealing with different nations on their

own so there was this argument that we

would be more sovereign if we

quit eu and especially it was said that

we are sending a lot of

billions to eu and they can be

transferred to

the national health services however

later on it was proven that a lot of

these claims are not true for instance

boris johnson’s campaign used one

law that eu regulates the pillow of

the agency and there’s no such eu law so

a lot of times the games that they use

were fake and they were based on fake


 the same tactics that donald trump

used to come

used to come to power were used in

brexit so it was  you can say a death

over there

more than actual facts of going against


today is the 7th of january something

has happened in u.s congress

yes sir what is the news sir according

to what i have

read it’s basically that today congress

was supposed to announce that

 who would be the president and it was

supporters of donald trump they stop

into capitol hill and they

 basically vandalize property over

there and now

there is a curfew in the area and how

they say

how they announce congress on what basis


announces sir they’re supposed to i

cannot recall it exactly

but what i can guess is that they are

according to the official process once

the president is elected

on the 7th of january the electoral

colleges they go to the congress and


certify about the election results of

their state

so finally mr joe biden has been

certified by the congress today thank

you so much

hapless set what is pakistan’s nuclear


sir pakistan i’m not very well versed in

the issues but what i remember is that

pakistan is a new first use policy that

we are not going to be

using our nuclear weapons attack and

secondly there used to be

that was the older one but the new one

doesn’t say that new one says that

yes pakistan can be the first user of

nuclear weapon you understand that is

that is the

that is new doctrine

why why why should

we be having nuclear weapons when we


they are they can cause immeasurable


they can wipe out the the mankind from

earth why and still we are having and

still we are trying to improve on them

every day we are trying to increase the


we are doing it knowing that this is

going to

one day  god proved if there is some

accident there

 how much damage will it cause or


can we use them in our fight with each


can we can we afford to do it and to

answer the first question yes there is a

practical need to have nuclear weapons

despite the risk and that is deterrence

we are in a very troubled neighborhood

one of our neighbor is not willing to

talk to us and it is

accusing us of activities that we are

not doing and it is sending its

checks  attacking our trees

and saying that rescue clear terrence is

his word deterrence

what deterrence tomorrow if someone you

see if

he gets mad he says okay you see

i’m going to use the weapon come what me


otherwise my enemy will overrun me

so if i don’t don’t see any any

escape route for me i might decide

it is you see i might decide to use

nuclear weapons

the point is they are so destructive

should we be having such weapons

in order to protect our own self

so my in my personal opinion definitely

nuclear weapons are a danger a very

dangerous thing however at the same time

we it is the need of our

state we need at least for we need to

have some

nuclear deterrence against india and

india so far

in our history hasn’t come on to have

very friendly relations with us so we

need it and

india is continuously increasing its

nuclear capacities and it’s buying more

and more weapons and doing more deals

with other countries so we need this for

our security purposes

is there some arrangement also

to fight back the enemy with

limited nuclear weapons with

which can cause limited damage

then using nuclear weapons you see

we have tactical weapons which can be


in case which would cause limited damage

limited damage let’s say so if i’m

correct then

we are trying to have enough good enough

nuclear weapons to have some credible


and a rest of our arsenal would be

conventional weapons

there are tactical weapons now we have

developed tactical weapons also

which can cause which carry nuclear

load and which can cause limited damage

otherwise if you use nuclear weapons


it will be total devastation it will

it will damage that area only

where that is targeted a limited area

let me say one miles radius or

half a miles radius

 next level

you you have done your public


what is the role of next paper or

 what is he known for in public


sir max weber is known for giving

bureaucracy the characteristics or

theory of bureaucracy

and he defined bureaucracy as a most

efficient organization through which

a process is conducted and he gave a few

characteristics of prophecy

what were those first one was a


along which there is a division of labor

and specialization like there will be

special government departments

responsible for certain things secondly

there would be  reliance on

written rules and procedures according

to which bureaucracy will conduct its



the rememberation would be fixed and it

would not matter fine

what is the role of district

administration in the overall governance

of the state

said that district is the lowest level

of the government

and it is district administration is

responsible for

managing the district and it is directly

related to people

and all the issues within district b

municipal issues or other

issues administrative are come to


is there any role of district

administration in

in the formulation of policies

at the national level sir district

administration basically implements

the policies and if we look into the

theories of policies so they say that

best type of policy making is what is

which is

  bottom-up so emergency at street

level bureaucrat

is more responsible for implementing

policies and more responsible for

evolving policies according to the needs

of the people so if we look into the

theory of bottom-up policy making

a street-level bureaucrat or you would

say your dc or ac is more

responsive in policy making when

compared to higher level of

administration or government bodies

greta thunderberg what did she do

sir greta lindbergh was a teenager in

norway and she basically went on a

school strike

against because the government was not

taking enough steps

against climate change and she got viral

on social media

after which people especially youth


a lot of climate marches and protests in

order to

demand their governments to reduce

carbon emissions to the

level of agreed in paris climate subject

which is

two degrees okay fine one what is


as far as climate change is concerned

global warming

 in arctic region something series

very serious is happening there taking


what is that sir the polarized in arctic


it’s melting pressure from us and it is

increasing the sea levels

and which is dangerous for everyone

around the world because it would

encroach the land

if we take example of pakistan so we

have a danger of karachi coming under

the sea

it is emitting carbon carbon more than

it is absorbing they are the global

carbon sinks

this arctic  sheet

is the global carbon sink most of the

carbon emitted

is absorbed there but now the ipcc

released a report according to which

this is being reversed

yes that’s what i’m saying now they

instead of

they being seen they are emitting carbon


yeah because of melting

they are melting and things underneath

they are coming up and

they are emitting carbon emissions

and finally 18th amendment

is being  is in the news a lot why

why it is so in or first tell us

 18th amendment was one amendment

or a plethora of amendments

so if the 18th amendment was basically

it had

amended a lot a huge section of

constitution so it was one act but it

had a lot of

how much  i cannot recall the exact

number but i can say that there were 23

major changes made that i didn’t list

oh no no it is 102.

102 articles different different


were made and they were part of the 18th


thank you thank you for correcting me it


it was we we all know the past

within half an hour 102 amendments they

were passed within half an hour this

18th amendment

what is justice what is justice

sir justice is  the delivery

of  justice system or just the concept

of justice

how how are you going to define the word


so doing the just thing or being

 doing like if i can import plato so

he said they’re doing what you ought to


was justice and aristotle defined it as

 as one possible  giving people what

they ought to have like is distributive


and then another concept was  i’m

sorry i’ll have to read on that

okay okay you have been a student of

public administration

what is management management

by objectives the management objectives

is a concept

according to which certain objectives

are set and then the management

tries to reach those goals and

objectives and that’s defined management

by objection

something more  there is also a

concept of budget by objective

associated with management by objective

that where you set certain objectives

and then you follow them

we have been talking about climate


what are the major  music

effects of climate change on pakistan

sir first and foremost the major effect

of pakista  of

 climate change is change in weather

pattern if we see

that moonsoon patterns have been

shifting  quite a lot

and the rain precipitation is falling we

have already bought

scars and that is adding into our water

crisis issue

another  issue we have of climate


like recently we had the locust attack

and  the u.n

environmental program said that this is

because of climate change because the

rains that happened in

the iran and balochistan region where

it’s supposed to happen in that region

and that gave breeding ground to the

locust and we had the worst locus prices

in 25 years

other than that we are seeing that the

sea is encroaching the land in karachi

and small issue is somewhat also related

to climate change

i should can you suggest any majors

to eradicate corruption in pakistan

so first and foremost the measure would

be to identify where corruption is

taking place

and is to have an accountability drive

across the board like if we if there is

somebody is identified as

involved in corrupt practices that

person should be held accountable

regardless of their status or their

social economic background

so first would be an accountability

drive second would be

a merit-based  provision of government

contracts like for instance if there is

a government contract given on basis of


and that person has paid someone then

they are going to not going to be

very cognizant of the quality of the

service they provide so we have to

make sure that every transaction that

takes place is

on the basis of merit and thirdly we

have a lot of corruption in

 our informal economy we are not

documenting a lot of transactions that

are happening so we need to

 document that as well

thank you and what is the basic

summary of mokadam so

it is a very long book i haven’t read it

but i’m sure the next time we meet

okay so what is the major difference

between muslim political thought and

western political thought

the muslim political thought and i don’t

personally see much difference because a

lot of muslim scholars took the ideas of

the greek

philosophers and they brought it in

like the idea of democracy or

philosopher king al-farabi

said that there was a prophet king

instead of philosopher king and

because we can’t have a philosopher king

so we will have a

 because we can’t have a proper team

so we’ll have a council of democrats

so in many ways there isn’t much

difference there

but difference that comes in it comes in

the time of

enlightenment where the secularism was

promoted to a wider degree so in my

opinion the classical

thought of western thought you’re saying

they’re the same okay

similar okay islam

support democracy or not

so in my opinion we just support

democracy because if we look into

other time of profits we always

consulted people before making a

decision so

the process of consultation is there so

islam supports democracy

should there be universal franchise or a


let’s conclude this session

how do you feel about your peripheral


so i need to do a little bit more on a

few concepts and few definitions

we have not discussed so many things

anyway you are very good you are

articulate and

mashallah you are intelligent you are


in our rating you are very good today to

me to me

they will speak for themselves coming


larkana in lord khanna you have a fair


but i have been there i go there very




what you need to do is


it may start from here so you know keep

it thorough about what you have written

here everything will be

it it will be sort of a verification of

what you have written


especially in the student life


a little disappointed that i’m not

­spending time with them

taking your selection of work


they keep on changing as well

what did you do during the lockdown

what’s your opinion on 18 amendments

will be there but i think you need to

work very hard

it’s a competition between very good


they say

best of luck


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