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Criminology By Nasir Khan & Ammar Sattar

Criminology By Nasir Khan & Ammar Sattar Pdf Book Download | Advanced Publishers 

Criminology is the scientific study of crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system. It is a multidisciplinary field that draws on theories and research from sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, and other social sciences to understand the causes and consequences of crime, as well as the ways in which society responds to it.

Nasir Khan and Ammar Sattar are authors who have written about criminology. some possible works by these authors include:

  • “Criminology: Theories, Patterns, and Typologies” by Nasir Khan: This book is a comprehensive introduction to the field of criminology, covering a wide range of topics including the definition and measurement of crime, theories of criminal behavior, and the structure and operation of the criminal justice system.
  • “Criminology: A Complete Introduction” by Ammar Sattar: This book is a guide to the key concepts and theories in criminology, covering topics such as crime trends, the causes of crime, and the role of the criminal justice system in preventing and responding to crime.

Both of these books offer an in-depth understanding of criminology and the various factors that contribute to crime and criminal behavior. They can be useful resources for anyone interested in learning more about this field, whether they are students, researchers, or professionals working in the criminal justice system.

Nasir Khan Criminology Book Pdf Download |  Criminology 10th Edition By Nasir Khan 

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What Is Criminology?

Criminology is the scientific study of crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system. It is a multidisciplinary field that draws on theories and research from sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, and other social sciences to understand the causes and consequences of crime, as well as the ways in which society responds to it.

Some of the key areas of study within criminology include:

  • The definition and measurement of crime: Criminologists seek to understand what is considered a crime and how crimes are classified and counted.
  • The causes of crime: Criminologists study a wide range of factors that may contribute to criminal behavior, including individual characteristics, social and economic conditions, and cultural and environmental influences.
  • The consequences of crime: Criminologists examine the impact of crime on individuals, communities, and society as a whole, including the harm caused to victims and the costs associated with crime.
  • The criminal justice system: Criminologists study the various agencies and processes involved in responding to crime, including law enforcement, courts, and corrections.

Criminologists may also be interested in topics such as the role of the media in shaping public perceptions of crime, the effectiveness of different approaches to crime prevention and control, and the ethical and moral implications of criminal justice policies and practices.

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