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Wasif was the son of Malik Muhammad Arif Awaan was a Famous Poet, writer, and Teacher from the Khushab District of Punjab Pakistan Awaan was Born on 15th Jan 1929, he was also known by another name Babu G Huzur.He was proficient at hockey, receiving many awards both before and during college, later he started … Read more

Guftagu 14 By Wasif Ali Wasif | Books Wasif Ali Wasif | Pdf Books Free Download | Urdu pdf Books

Guftagu 14 pdf Book  By  Wasif Ali Wasif in the Urdu Language. You Can Download Urdu Pdf Books, English Pdf Books & Lots of More Pdf Books From This Site on your PC/Mobile Device to read or Can read it online, This File can be download from the link below. This file is pdf format supported & can also be read only from the same Download link. Click The Download … Read more