How To Write An Essay On Holiday Picnic | A Day At The Seaside

On last summer vacation, we spent a day at Hawk’s Bay with some of our friends. Hawk’s Bay is at a distance of eight kilometers from our residence. We all decided to go by taxi. It was a happy union. We set out for the seaside merrily and cheerfully. The weather was pleasant. A cold … Read more

How To Write An Essay On A Dacoity?

A Daring Dacoity Was Committed : Last year a daring dacoity was committed at the house of a rich landlord, in my village. It was at about midnight when eight dacoits armed with pistols and swords entered the village. The village watchman saw them but dared not stop them. He was so frightened that he … Read more

How to Write Essay On Cricket Match | Essay On Pakistan India Cricket Match

Cricket is a very interesting outdoor game. I am very fond of playing cricket, and I am a member of our school eleven. I am equally fond of watching a really good match. The other day I went to see a very fine match between India and Pakistan. It was a fine day. A large … Read more

How To Write Essay On A Cricket Match | Cricket Match Essay -2

Cricket is an interesting and exciting game. It gives pleasure to both players and viewers. Once I had a chance to scan an interesting and exciting cricket match. The match was played between Pakistan and West Indies at Karachi Stadium. The match was very exciting ad there was a huge gathering at Karachi Stadium. The … Read more

How To Write Essay On A CRICKET MATCH | Cricket Match Essay -1

Last Sunday a friendly cricket match was played between our XI and the Grammar High School XI on our field. The GHS won the toss and decided to at first. But the pitch unexpectedly favored our bowlers. They were able .to to dismiss the opening batsmen for only five runs on the board. One of … Read more

How To Write Essay On A CITY OF PROBLEMS?

Big cities are generally thickly populated all over the world. People from different parts of a country come to the big cities and they have different natures and constitute a society in a big city, therefore many problems are produced in a big city due to thick population and the different nature of the people. … Read more

How To Write Essay On A BUS CONDUCTOR?

Introduction: A bus conductor is a useful public servant. One comes across a bus conductor at least twice or thrice a day . Wherever buses run, we can see the bus conductor. His Appearance & Dress: A bus conductor has a typical appearance. His dress is always shabby. A leather bag hangs by his left … Read more

How To Write Essay On A BIRTHDAY PARTY?

The twenty-first birthday of my eldest brother fell on the 10th of this month. My father gave me a grand dinner party to mark the occasion. A large number of relatives and my brother’s personal friends had been invited to attend the party. At my grandmother’s request, the party was held at our house. She … Read more

How To Write Essay On A BADMINTON MATCH?

Last Sunday, we played a friendly badminton match against the Grammar High School. We had to play five games in all four singles and one double. Our school was represented by Ali (Captain), Rashid, Hamza, and me.The first two games were not well contested. Our captain easily defeated his opposite number in straight sets, 15-7,15–9. … Read more