How To Write An Essay On A Good Citizen | Good Citizen Essay 1

A citizen is an inhabitant who enjoys the full municipal and political privileges of a town or country. As such he is a member of a community. This community is made up of many citizens of whom he is one. The community gives him a chance to lead a peaceful life and, in return for … Read more

How To Write Essay On A Football Match | Football Match Essay – 2

Introduction: One day the captain of the Don Bosco School Football XI sent us a challenge for a friendly match. Our captain, Rafi approached the principal to seek his permission. The challenge was accepted. An order was circulated in the school about the date and time of the match. Large Crowd: A large crowd, consisting … Read more

How To Write Essay On Football Match | Football Match Essay -1

The Civilians and the Ravines are the two most outstanding football clubs in our city. Each has a large following among the local football fans, and whenever these old rivals meet in a match. It is certain to be heavily attended. Last year these two teams met in the final match of the knockout tournament … Read more

How To Write Essay On “A Drought “?

Malaysia is an equatorial country. It gets plenty of rain throughout the year, and droughts are an unusual occurrence here. Last year, however, there was a serious drought in my state. It lasted nearly three months. For the first week after it had stopped raining, people felt rather relieved. It was a welcome change from … Read more