How To Write An Effective Complaint Letter And Resolve Problems

How to write an effective complaint letter and resolve problems

Writing an effective complaint letter is an essential skill in a world where consumer rights and customer satisfaction take priority. Whether expressing dissatisfaction with a product, service or addressing a negative experience, a well-written complaint letter can be the crucial first step to obtaining a satisfactory resolution. In this article, we will explore how to write a complaint letter … Read more

How to Write A Letter To Your Father telling him about your exam preparation?

532/17, F.B. ABC,City.March 21, 2018 My sincere ascendent, Your benign honor is upright at cooperator. My communication is at ability, and I am thought a minuscule nervous virtually it. I conceive I am quite up to the pit in all subjects but Science frightens me to die. I get been working rattling harsh to pee … Read more

How To Write A Letter To Courier Company For Issuance Of Flyers?

Letter For Flyers To A Courier Company

The Manager, ABCD Courier Company, Lahore Sub:     REQUEST FOR FLYERS Dear Sir, We like to bring to your kind notice that we (Your Company Name) is a regular customer of your esteemed organization for the last many years with quite a handsome amount of daily postage. It is requested to kindly provide us with at … Read more

How To Write A Letter To Courier Company For Poor Service?

Letter For Poor Service

May 21, 2019 The Manager, ABCD Courier Company Islamabad Sub:     COMPLAINT FOR POOR SERVICES OF TCS ____________ BRANCH Dear Sir, We like to bring into your kind notice we (Your Company Name) is a regular customer of your esteemed organization since last many years. However, we are not getting proper services from your Branch ___________________________. … Read more

How To Write Job Termination Sample Letter?

ob Termination Sample Letter

January 9, 2018 Mr. ______________ HR Executive Subject: TERMINATION OF SERVICE Dear _____________ This is to inform you that your employment with us has been terminated with immediate effect as your services are no more required by us. The reason for termination is your frequent/habitual absence from Office along with your irresponsible attitude towards your … Read more

How To Write A Letter To Release Your Bank Guarantee?

Bank Guarantee Releasing Sample Letter

March 4, 2020 Manager, Finance ABCD Pvt Ltd Address Subject:         Release of Bank Guarantee via Reference # ________________ Dear Sir, Indeed it was a pleasure working experience while serving your esteemed Organization through supplying, recruiting manpower, and meeting the ABCD Pvt Ltd standards. Though ABCD Pvt Ltd is in disaster and passing in difficult conditions … Read more

How Write An Application For Receiving Less Salary Than Agreed?

Less Salary Letter Sample

Ref_______________                                                                                    August 22, 2018 ABCD Pvt Ltd. PO Box # ___________ Address Tele: ________________ Fax:  ________________________________ Kind Attn:      Engineer Mr._____________________                         Human Resource Department Manager Subject:           Salary As per Agreement – Asst. Foreman Electrical Dear Sir, We wish to inform you that the following two (2) Workers were selected by your Company’s … Read more

How To Write A Referral Agreement Between To Parties?

Letter For Referral Agreement

Referral Agreement THE PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT ARE: First Party:                   _____________________________ _____________________________ Second Party:              _______________________________ _______________________________ Whereas the SECOND PARTY may from time to time refer new companies to the SECOND PARTY for a referral fee. The Parties agree to the following: 1. The referral fee shall be calculated as follows: No. Category … Read more

How To Write A Purchasing Order Letter?

Purchase Order Letter

October 12, 2021 ABCD Services (Pvt.) Ltd. Address Tele: _______________ Fax:  ____________ Attn:    Mr. ______________             Contract Incharge Subject:           Purchase Order – Drum Unit UG-3220 Dear Sir, The Drum Unit (UG-3220) of our Fax Machine (Panasonic UF4100) is getting out of ink. Kindly arrange ONE (01) Drum Unit of the mentioned specification as soon as … Read more