Swat Nama Da Khushal Khan Khattak Pashto Book Pdf Download

Swat Nama Da Khushal Khan Khattak | Swat Nama Pashto Pdf Book Swat Nama Da Khushal Khan Khattak contains a description of Khushal Khan’s journey to the beautiful valley of Swat in the Pashto language. In the aforesaid scenario, at his fall in favor of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and his endeavors for his survival, … Read more

Armaghan e Khushal Pashto Book by Mian Syed Rasool Rasa

Armaghan e Khushal Pdf Download By Mian Syed Rasool Rasa Khushal Khan Khattak was a prominent Pashtun poet, warrior, and tribal chief of the Khattak tribe. Armaghan e Khushal Pashto book written by Mian Syed Rasool Rasa. This book contains research studies on the Life and Works of Khushal Khan Khattak and a review of … Read more

Firaq Nama Pashto Pdf Book by Khushal Khan Khattak

Firaaq Nama by Khushal Khan Khattak | Pashto Books free download Firaaq Nama Pashto Poetry book written by Khushal Khan Khattak. This book contains Pashto classic poetry and prose in the Pashto language. Khushal Khan has elapsed approximately five years of his invaluable life in imprisonment by the Mughals. Due to his most sensitive nature, … Read more

Da Khushal Khan Khattak Rubayat | Pashto Books Pdf Free Download | Pashto Learning Books

Da Khushal Khan Khattak Rubayat Khushal Khan Khattak was a Pashtun warrior poet, tribal chief, and freedom fighter from what is now Pakistan. He lived during the 17th century and was born in 1613 in the village of Akora Khattak, located in the Kohat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Khushal Khan is considered one of … Read more

Khushal Khan Khattak By Dost Muhammad Khan Kamil Mohmand

Khushal Khan Khattak By Dost Muhammad Khan Kamil Mohmand Khosal Khan Khaṭak (1613 – 25 February 1689; Pashto: خوشال خان خټک), also known as Khushal Baba (Pashto: خوشال بابا), was a Pashtun poet, chief, and warrior. Khushal Khan served the Mughal Empire protecting them from Pashtun warriors over most of his lifespan. After being expelled from … Read more