Super Intelligence Tests By Dogar Brothers

Super Intelligence Tests By Dogar Brothers “Super Intelligence Tests” is a book published by Dogar Brothers that aims to provide readers with a comprehensive guide to preparing for intelligence tests. The book covers a range of topics including verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and spatial reasoning. It provides readers with practice questions and answers … Read more

Hassas Idaray by Brig. Syed Ahmad Irshad Tarmizi Pdf Urdu Book

 حساس ادارے   بریگیڈیر ریٹائرڈ سید احمد ارشاد ترمزی Hassas Idaray (Profiles of Intelligence) is in Urdu pdf Book format   By Brig. Syed Ahmad Irshad Tarmizi  in Urdu Language. You Can Download Urdu Pdf Books,English Pdf Books & Lots of More Pdf Books From This Site on your PC/Mobile Device to read or Can read it online,This File can be download from the link below.This file is pdf format supported … Read more