Careem Pakistan Has Started Sucking Blood of Its Captains

Careem Pakistan Exposed

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Careem (Online Taxi Service Like Lyft/ Uber) provides online taxi service in Pakistan but nowadays this company has started sucking the blood of people especially its captains who are working with Careem as Captain all the time day and night sun & rain but recently Careem days they have started a very inhuman situation for its captains. I wanted to write on this topic for a long time but due to some engagements I could not write but now all the limits have been crossed. Careem is an online taxi service and is providing its services in many countries of the world. It has been a few years since he came to Pakistan. So any online taxi service is a great service for both the driver and the ride because wherever the ride is waiting and wherever he has to go, he doesn’t have to worry as much as before he has to find a taxi personally and then discuss the fare with it. In that sense, it is the best alternative to offline taxi service for riding and so are many people who have their own cars and still haven’t any private jobs. The online taxi service ended their unemployment in the form of a captain or you call it an online driver.

These Online Taxi Services became a great source of income. This is not the end of the story, but I would like to draw your attention to the real issues that I am going to share with the online taxi service based on personal experience and from many other people.

I have been with Careem Pakistan for almost one and a half years during which I have pointed out the many strengths and the weaknesses of this service which I am going to point out here.

In today’s article, I would like to draw your attention to the bonus amount given on Careem’s Daily Rides and I will continue to point out more shortcomings in the coming days as I have said before. It’s been more than a year with Careem, but when I talked to people who started their journey with Careem as a captain before me, they said that Careem Pakistan was very good for its captains in the beginning. There used to be a great bonus program (Note! Careem is offering two types of services in Pakistan online car and online bike/delivery service.

In the beginning, every company takes some steps to get the attention of the people, which increases the tendency of people towards this company and very soon these companies gained popularity, Careem Pakistan did the same in the very beginning and ran a campaign of various daily guarantees and bonuses which was quite successful but as time went on Careem Pakistan Started Compromising its quality by removing daily guarantees in favor of its captains.

Careem Just only keep on giving bonus money on daily earning and it would be something like that in the beginning if a captain has to complete 500 pkr earning then he was given 150 pkr as a bonus but he had to fulfill some conditions (Note: Let’s make it clear that the actual amount to complete the earning of 500 pkr was around 700–750 pkr, out of which Careem would deduct 25% of his service fee. It should also be noted that like other online taxi services, Careem also deducts tax from each ride, and according to Careem, they deduct only 25% of tax, but in fact, it is not true at all. Careem often deducts between 25–30% taxes, even if they are not satisfied with the tax, they get tax from the bonus and guarantee they pay to their Captains.

Careem Pakistan Bonus Tax

In the same way, this service started squeezing the blood of its captains. Here, I will share some facts with you in this regard, which will give you all an idea of ​​the extent to which Careem has lowered his standards.

Careem Pakistan Bonus and taxes

As you can see in the screenshot above, Careem used to give a daily bonus to his captains on normal days, but now he has reduced the bonus amount and increased the earning limit from 500 to 900 pkr. Before That used to be 300 pkr but now it has been reduced to 150 pkr, which is utterly unfair and excess.

As the month of Ramadan is on and with such change in Bonus amounts, it becomes very hard to work in this month while fasting. As i mention above Careem has started sucking the blood of his captains and this is indeed a violation of human rights while in other countries the situation is the opposite and better in regards to online taxi services.

Therefore, Careem Online Taxi Service should think for its Captains, with due regard for human rights, immediately stop oppressing its Captains and their rights in this Holy month of Ramadan and even in the other months by reducing the bonus amount, they should make things easier for them instead of putting more burden on them. I also request the concerned Govt authorities to keep an eye on all these online service providers and make them obliged to abide by the rights of their employees and the laws of this country.

If any of you have had a bad experience as a captain or ride then be sure to share your experience in the comments, I will write a lot on it very soon

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