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I had a beautiful woman, curvy and sweet,
I thought that it was all to a woman
But tides came, and heaven took her,
From that moment onwards, I became so lonely
So lonely than the desert,
I looked at the desert, and lo, it said to me
“Yo! Don’t be sad, you can find an oasis.”
But I laughed,
“An oasis in this dry land?” I asked.
The desert shook its head and spoke,
“Whence the tides came from, must they return.”
But I didn’t understand what the desert meant,
I looked at an oasis, and lo, I was surprised,
Seeing a lot of animals drinking and bathing there,
I then remembered what the desert might have meant,
Ye, love is like an oasis and a beautiful woman, a fountain of life,
I then recalled those moments with my love,
Bathing each other,
Those moments were really fun and enjoyable,
So I had another question for the desert,
“Where did the oasis came from?”
But there was no answer,
I was really angry and wanted this oasis to dry up,
And as I was in the desert, I stumbled upon a rock,
Rolled over that hot soil, scorched by the sun,
I wept as a baby cries for milk,
I had almost lost my life,
The rock was really angry with me,
“Man! Why are you hitting me?” It spoke.
“Because I can,” I responded aggressively,
“Yo! Your heart has become hard as mine.” It said.
Giving me a strange feeling,
Those words made me realize I was lost.
I was so angry with myself, and hence pushed people away from me,
Such was the pain of losing a beautiful woman,
“Lo, will she come back? I want her back,”
Were my thoughts and inner desires,
Sometime later
I realized I needed someone special
Someone to love and someone who was going to love me
Did I have to be hard as that rock or soft as her love
All were questions burning in my mind
But, all I needed was a beautiful woman to love


Where, why, who, what are all questions
But to whom must I ask,
Lo, I kept on asking, I kept on searching,
“Where are you, my love?”
“Where can I find such a beautiful woman?”
In the middle of the night, I heard voices,
“Young man, be quiet, for the walls have ears”
They spoke, but they didn’t give me an answer,
But I kept on asking, believing the solution was right ahead of me,
“Where do beautiful women live?” I asked.
“If you promise to be quiet, we will show you,” they spake unto me.
“Pinky swear,” I promised.
I wondered why they wanted me to be quiet,
I was searching for a beautiful woman, did I had to be quiet,
So they spoke to me;
“Listen young man, a beautiful woman is precious,
Rare like a diamond, shiny as silver,
Those who find her want to keep her,
For she is a jewel to all who get her,”
I was happy listening to this,
“So this is why I must keep quiet, ugh?” I laughed.
And I swore,
“If I meet a beautiful woman, I will keep her to be mine.”
But there was now one problem,
Where was I going to find such a beautiful woman?
If she was rare, then, it was going to be difficult,
So I went back to the cave again and inquired one more time,
And they spoke;
“Women are plenty,
But a beautiful woman can’t be spotted with the natural eye.”
Lo, I looked around me, and I saw lots and lots of women,
With different structures, reasoning, or social IQ.
They looked feminine,
But were they feminine enough to become a beautiful women?
I had questions.
Surely, the voices were right,
I could not discern beauty by first sight.


I looked through the windows, and lo, I saw my neighbor,
She was very beautiful, but there was one problem,
She was very very quiet,
I had to make up an excuse to get her talking,
One day, I had to throw my ball over her house,
Last time I did that, I had to be beaten by her muscleman brother,
Looking at all these events, made me realize why I need a woman,
A very beautiful woman,
Looking again, I realized I had been deceived,
My neighbor wasn’t quite,
For every time we started talking, we couldn’t end,
One day I had to ask her,
“Why do your stories never end, dear?”
But her response was a warm smile that left me blushing,
Oh, I wished that smile to turn into a kiss,
Oh, I wished I could get a step closer into her mind,

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