Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

In our modern western society, we often tend to think of addictions as a mental disorder, when the reality is that addictions are a choice. People who suffer from addictions are faced with the inability to control their use of certain substances. This can be drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, food or even activities such as … Read more

How To Save 1000 Dollars In just 90 Days Using Small Transfers

How To Save 1000 Dollars In just 90 Days

There seems to be a sort of boom in personal finance information. Investment Methods and savings are all over the internet. While there is a positive side to promoting financial awareness, scams and false investment promises can be found online. Learn how to save a thousand dollars in less time with an easy method. It is better to focus … Read more

Who I am By Abdullah Abdullah

Mai Kon Hon By Abdullah Abdullah | Who I am ?By In Seach Of An Identity “Who am I?” This book is divided into two parts. Covering some important topics of Western philosophy, the first part of the book consists of nine chapters. While the second part of the book consists of twelve chapters and … Read more

Islamabad Police Jobs Online Apply

Islamabad Police has announced police constable jobs in 2022, Islamabad Capital Police jobs recruitment advertisement has been published. Eligible candidates can submit their applications online within 15 days. An online portal has been created. the details of the constable recruitment 2022 advertisement are below. اسلام آباد کیپیٹل پولیس میں بھرتی کے لیے اشتہار شائع کر … Read more

What Is Germany’s Green Card Policy 2022?

Germany Green Card Policy 2022

Germany is ready to introduce the US version of the Green Card. Faced with a shortage of skilled labor, Germany aims to make it easier for non-EU members (Asian and Gulf Countries Like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Srilanka) to work in Germany. Germany needs immigrants. According to a report by the Central Association of German … Read more