Anti Narcotics Force Past Papers | Sub Inspector Past Paper 31-01-21 MCQs


ANF Past Papers MCQs – Anti Narcotics Force Past Paper MCQs – ANF Sub Inspector MCQS – Anti Narcotics Force Mcqs

Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) was established on 21 February 1995. The Anti-Narcotics Force is the principal agency for combating supply and demand reduction of illicit narcotic drugs that enter Pakistan mainly through the long porous border with Afghanistan. These drugs are then smuggled out of Pakistan through the Pak-Iran border, long Makran coast or by sea and air. The national strategy on drug interdiction envisages active and effective cooperation from other law enforcement agencies as the ANF is thinly spread due to its inadequate numerical strength. The ANF has its Headquarters at Rawalpindi with five Regional Directorates at Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta. In addition, it has 28 Police Stations in the country. Seven Control of Narcotic Substances (CNS) Courts have been set up to try the cases of persons arrested on the charges of drug trafficking.

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The oldest seaport of Pakistan is :

  1. Karachi Port
  2. Port Qasim
  3. Gwadar
  4. Pasni
  5. All

Sher Shah Suri real name was:

  1. Fareed
  2. Fiaz
  3. Jamal
  4. Abid

Jannat Ul Baqi is situated in:

  1. Madina
  2. Makkah
  3. Taif
  4. Jeddah

what is “Fateh -e- Mubeen” meant for?

  1. Hudibiya Pact
  2. Ghazwa e Badar
  3. Ghazwa e Uhad
  4. Madina Pact

What is the second name of mosque Quba:

  1. Fatah mosque
  2. Harm mosque
  3. Mosque Qablees
  4. Mosque Taqwa

When Hazrat Abdul muttalib died:

  1. 581 AD
  2. 570 AD
  3. 567 AD
  4. 578 AD
  5. None of these

Who constructed mosque Zarrar?

  1. Muslims
  2. Kufar
  3. Disbelievers
  4. Hypocrites

Hashim Ibn Abd al Malik is from?

  1. Abbasid Dynasty
  2. Ummayad Dynasty
  3. Fatimid Dynasty
  4. Ottoman Dynasty

Hazrat Khalid Bin waleed died in:

  1. 642 AD
  2. 625 AD
  3. 580 AD
  4. 535 AD

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