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A Brief History Of Pakistan ByJames Wynbrandt | Pak History Books Pdf Download

A Brief History of Pakistan by James Weinbrandt. Introduction: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, located in the northwestern corner of the Indian subcontinent, is of historical importance. Its strategic location, its role in the birth of civilization, and its influence as a crossroads of political and religious ideologies have placed it at the forefront of world events. Geographically, present-day Pakistan has long been a gateway between Eurasia and the subcontinent, and  East and West.

Its culture and history have been enriched by countless invaders, traders, and settlers who have been part of the region’s past. Some, like Alexander the Great and his army, merely passed through but left a lasting mark. Others, such as the Arab armies that spread the message of Islam and the British who imposed Western ways, became an integral part of the region’s culture and character.

Mankind’s greatest works of art and architecture, of verse and word, were created here. Today, the region once again plays a major role on the global stage: it is a key player in the global struggle against terrorism, a cauldron in the heated conflict between secular and theocratic rule, and a crucible in the struggle between authoritarianism and democracy. A poster nation for India, and a nuclear power whose relationship with its neighbor India has made it one of the world’s most volatile regions.

Most Westerners know very little about this region or nation. Although an independent state only since 1947, its homeland has a history unique to the rest of the subcontinent that it shares with India. Here the Indus Valley Civilization, one of the oldest and greatest in the world, flourished contemporaneously with the Egyptian and Mesopotamian empires. This region has also been the cradle of spiritual awakening. Hinduism originated here after the Aryan migration to the region which began around 1700-1500 BC. A short distance away, Buddha attained enlightenment, founding a religion and philosophy that transformed the region. Islam, which would have an even greater influence, gained a foothold in Asia

One of the most fictional dynasties in history, the Mughals, a government so rich and powerful that its name is synonymous with these attributes today, ruled from here, as for years robber princes, religious zealots, and ruthless vagabonds. are During the British occupation, what is now Pakistan became a central theater of the Great Game played by the West against Russia for regional dominance.

Pakistan’s role as a geopolitical base grew after independence, aligning itself alternately with the East, and the West, and as an independent in its foreign policy. It often sided with the US as an important ally during the Cold War. This is where the U-2 spy plane shot down by the Soviet Union in 1960 took off. Pakistan also helped turn Afghanistan into the Soviet Union’s Vietnam in the 1980s. In the new century, it has become a major battleground of a new global struggle to fuel terrorism through radical Islam against progressive and secular social forces.

Politically and economically, Pakistan’s domestic history has been troubled. Periods of civilian rule marked by corruption and political turmoil have been replaced by military dictatorships. Financially weak since birth, Pakistan has since seen an improvement in the economy, which, while impressive, still leaves a majority of its citizens living in poverty. And ambiguity about Islam’s role in government and society fuels conflict.

Today, these issues have once again put Pakistan at a crossroads. How it resolves these dilemmas will have ramifications far beyond the country’s own borders. The purpose of this work is twofold: to provide an accessible account of the people and events that have shaped what is now Pakistan, and to provide a basis for understanding so that readers are better informed in considering the next chapter of its history. can be done

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