5 Tips To Get The Best DUI Lawyer

Here are 5 tips for finding the best DUI lawyer to get the best outcome from your DUI case. Now, these 5 tips are legit. these are the tips by professional DUI Lawyers given over the years to their family members, friends, and contacts when they are asked about finding a great lawyer.

1. Experienced Lawyers With DUI Charges

Choose a lawyer that has experience with DUI charges. DUI is a serious charge with severe consequences. And a DUI charge actually is technical in nature and opportunities to get the best outcome, they often lie in the fine details of your DUI case. And it’s been my experience that lawyers who are not experienced with DUI cases, they actually miss those small details that can make the difference between winning or losing your DUI case.

2. Existing Relationships with the Crown

Now, your DUI case will be handled in the courts by a crown whose job is to convict you. And that crown is different in every court and every crown has different nuanced ways of handling DUI cases. So, for example, your fact situation may be handled differently in Court A versus Court B. And when you get a lawyer with a relationship with the crown, that lawyer will know how the crown will likely move ahead with your case. And by understanding your specific case and how the Crown operates, the lawyer will be better prepared to formulate a strategy, a solid strategy to get the best outcome for your case.

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3. Low Fees are Red Flags

if a lawyer is offering you a much lower fee than other lawyer fees, you should be concerned. I mean, generally, there’s a market price for lawyers that deal with DUI charges. And and that market price may vary depending upon several factors about your case. But if you find a DUI lawyer who’s willing to take a lot less of your money than other lawyers, that is a huge red flag. I mean, yes, you’ll be saving a bit of money, but I’d worry about whether the lawyer can get you the best result for your case because the pricing really is not consistent with what’s going on in the market and the answer with whether they can get a great result for you. My guess is the answer is no.

4. Does It Feel Right

all good DUI lawyers will give you a free consultation. And after you have your meeting, ask yourself, you know, did the lawyer make sense? You know, did the lawyer promise something that seems too good to be true? I mean, did the lawyer listen to your concerns? Ultimately use your gut feeling and make sure there’s a right fit between your needs and how the lawyer will represent you.

5. Check Google reviews OF DUI Lawyers

Google reviews matter. Every lawyer I know tries to get Google reviews from the client. So before you retain a check online, I mean, does the lawyer have Google reviews? If they’re experienced, they will have Google reviews. If they don’t have a lot of reviews, that’s potentially a red flag. And finally read them, read those Google reviews. Do they make sense? This is important because some unethical lawyers will buy fake reviews and reading those reviews may give you a sense of whether those reviews are real or not.

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