5 Tips For Getting An Internship With Amazon

Are you looking for an opportunity to launch your career with one of the world’s leading online retailers? Amazon is a great place to gain valuable experience and establish yourself in the business world. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 tips for getting an internship with Amazon. From researching the company to networking with recruiters, these tips will help you get on the path to success. Read on to find out more!

1) Utilize Amazon’s Career Page

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world and they have a dedicated career page with many great opportunities available. When you are looking for an internship with Amazon, the first thing you should do is check out their official career page. You can find open positions and learn more about what Amazon looks for in potential interns. The page also has some great tips on how to craft a successful resume and make a good impression when interviewing.

In addition to listing internships, the career page provides valuable information on Amazon’s company culture and values, which will be important to keep in mind during your application process. Taking the time to research the company before applying can give you an edge over other applicants and make sure you are a great fit for the internship. It can also provide valuable insight into the organization that may help you get accepted into an internship.

By utilizing Amazon’s career page, you can make sure that you have all the necessary information needed to start your search for an internship with Amazon. It also gives you a great place to start researching the company and begin making connections that may lead to an opportunity with this powerhouse tech giant.

2) Check Out Third Party Websites

If you’re looking for an internship with Amazon, one of the best ways to find opportunities is by searching third party websites. These websites often list a variety of positions that are available within the company, including internships. Some of the most popular job search sites for internships include Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. When you search for Amazon internships on these sites, be sure to narrow down your search by location or job type. This will help you find specific opportunities that match your skills and interests.

You can also utilize company-specific job boards, like Amazon’s Career Page, which can provide additional internship opportunities. These pages may list more specialized roles and provide a better overview of what it’s like to work with Amazon. Make sure to read all the job descriptions carefully and submit your application before the deadline.

Once you have identified some potential openings, you should contact the hiring manager or recruiter directly to discuss the position and find out if there are any other openings that you may not be aware of. You can also use the internet to find industry professionals and influencers who can offer advice on how to secure an internship with Amazon. Don’t forget to research the company’s values and culture, so that you can tailor your application and stand out from the competition.

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3) Attend Career Fairs

Career fairs are an excellent way to get your name and resume out there. Amazon is often represented at many of the larger job and career fairs, giving you the opportunity to meet with recruiters and hiring managers in person. The key here is to make sure you stand out and give a strong impression. You’ll want to dress professionally, bring several copies of your resume, and be prepared to talk about yourself and your skills. Additionally, make sure you know what Amazon is looking for in an intern and come armed with questions that show you’ve done your research. Finally, be sure to collect contact information from everyone you speak with so that you can follow up after the event.

4) Incorporate Amazon into Your Job Search

If you’re looking to land an internship with Amazon, you should take a proactive approach and tailor your job search to incorporate the company. Start by researching Amazon and getting to know the company’s mission, values, and culture. You can learn more about Amazon on their website and by following them on social media.

Once you know the company better, you can start to tailor your job search to increase the chances of Amazon taking notice. This could involve researching relevant positions, creating or updating your resume or LinkedIn profile to reflect your skills and interests, and including relevant keywords in your job applications.

Also, be sure to use all of the resources available to you. For example, you may want to reach out to people who already work at Amazon, as well as alumni from your school who may have held internships there in the past. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – many of these people will be more than happy to provide advice and answer questions.

Finally, consider attending career fairs and other networking events where Amazon recruiters might be present. These can be great opportunities to make a personal connection and stand out from the crowd. With some persistence and creativity, you can increase your chances of snagging an internship with Amazon.

5) Get Connected

One of the best ways to get an internship with Amazon is to network with people who already work for the company. If you have contacts within Amazon or know anyone that does, use them as a resource. Reach out and ask about their experiences, what departments offer internships, and any advice they may have for applying. Additionally, attending industry events and conferences can be beneficial in connecting with potential contacts from Amazon. It’s important to remember to be friendly, professional, and well-informed when meeting potential contacts.

Additionally, leveraging social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can help you build relationships with recruiters and other employees at Amazon. Creating a profile that showcases your qualifications and projects that you’ve completed can make you stand out to potential contacts.

Finally, it’s important to stay active and engaged within the community. Follow Amazon’s blog, follow relevant industry news, participate in online discussion groups, and comment on posts. By doing so, you’ll remain up to date on opportunities within Amazon and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company.

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Amazon Internship Eligibility Criteria

Amazon offers a variety of internships for both undergraduates and graduates. Generally, applicants should be able to demonstrate a strong academic background as well as leadership qualities and ambition.

For undergraduate students, Amazon usually requires applicants to be at least 18 years old and have finished two years of college or university studies. Those with more than two years of college or university studies are also eligible to apply. Amazon also states that applicants should have an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.2.

For graduate students, Amazon often requires applicants to have completed at least one year of graduate school studies. Like undergraduate applicants, those with more than one year of graduate school studies are also eligible to apply. Graduate applicants should also have an overall grade point average of at least 3.2.

In addition to the academic requirements, Amazon also looks for certain qualities in their interns. These include the ability to take initiative, think strategically, work independently and be a team player. Interns should also be able to communicate effectively and have problem-solving skills.

Amazon Internship Salary

When considering an Amazon internship, one of the most important factors to consider is salary. As a world-renowned employer, Amazon offers competitive salaries and benefits packages for its interns.

The salary for Amazon interns will depend on several factors including the type of internship, location, and experience. Generally, Amazon offers an hourly wage that ranges from $15 – $25 per hour with a median rate of $20 per hour. This rate can vary depending on the intern’s specific role and level of responsibility.

Interns at Amazon are also offered other perks such as medical and dental coverage, tuition reimbursement, and access to Amazon’s employee stock purchase program. Additionally, some interns receive bonuses or sign-on bonuses based on their level of experience or the duration of their internship.

In summary, Amazon offers competitive salaries and benefits packages for its interns. These packages vary depending on the intern’s specific role and responsibilities, as well as location. Additionally, some interns may receive additional bonuses or sign-on bonuses.

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