4 Possible Causes Of Your Breathing Problems

It’s important to keep your health at its optimum state at all times. Just like the most common health tips, good health can be achieved by living healthily. And when it comes to being healthy, your breathing becomes important. Medical experts such as the best cardiologists would suggest that difficulty breathing is your body’s reaction or coping mechanism to a serious medical issue. It also has links to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Breathing problems are challenging, especially in accomplishing day-to-day tasks. From physically demanding activities like exercises to simple ones like going down the stairs, having difficulty breathing is incapacitating.

Breathing problems have become more alarming at a time when a widespread virus is attacking our respiratory system. Shortness of breath and cough are probably scaring you now more than usual. But, aside from being known as a common symptom for Covid-19, what might really be causing your breathing problems?

Here are some common health issues linked to breathing problems:

Heart Problems :

Cardiovascular disease is notorious for being the most common health issue in the world. In the USA alone, it was revealed that one person dies from heart problems every 36 seconds. That’s an estimated 659,000 deaths annually. This shows that not only is cardiovascular widespread but it’s also one of the most fatal too.

Heart Problems
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If your heart is in a poor condition, it might be having difficulty pumping out blood from the lungs. Irregularities in your heartbeat can also lead to shortness of breath because of its disrupted activity. Similarly, chest pains brought by inflammation in your heart and arteries can also result in a feeling of being out of breath.

To fully understand your heart’s condition, it is best to consult with a cardiologist and learn to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle. After all, the role of the heart is vital to life, and taking the necessary steps to keep it healthy will do you well in the long run.

Asthma :

Asthma is another common issue people suffer from for the majority of their lives. It is a known lung problem that causes inflammation in your airways and so they get narrowed. This leads to difficulty and irritability in breathing. Aside from having shortness of breath, you might also be suffering from asthma if you see yourself wheezing, sweating, having tense muscles, and feeling tightness in your chest.

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Asthma attacks can happen from mild to severe for people, so not everyone experiences it the same way. Different environmental triggers also contribute to it, so proper maintenance and observations are important. Understanding patterns of when and how you experience asthma attacks is key to prevention.

While asthma attacks can be extreme to some, there are many medications and treatment plans you can access to address them. Proper communication with your doctor to identify the severity and persistence of your asthma is required to make this happen.

Anxiety Attack :

Psychological and mental problems are difficult to deal with. This becomes harder when not only do they affect your state of mind but they manifest in your body too. From hair loss and appetite changes, mental problems drive your body to react differently. This is why a holistic approach to health is important when it comes to having overall healthy well-being.

Anxiety Attack
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One of the mental issues that have adverse effects on physical health is anxiety. Similar to asthma attacks, anxiety attacks also involve shortness of breath, sweatiness, and tension in your muscles. This might also be coupled with feeling uneasy or restlessness and heightened emotions.

Anxiety is a serious issue that will only get worse if left unaddressed. If you are going through emotional distress, it is best to talk with a psychologist, therapist, or even a friend. Since psychological problems are often intertwined, anxiety can also develop into other issues such as depression over time. Finding out the treatment that works for you will help you to not only be mentally healthy but productive too.

Allergies :

Allergies are left undetected by many people. Many simply go on with their lives just well without noticing allergies to substances. This is because people experience allergies differently. Some feel itchiness, some catch a cold, some suffer from cough, some get rashes, some have difficulty breathing, and some experience all of them at once. As much as a lot of people experience minor allergic reactions, they still remain serious in many cases.

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Triggers and irritants like pollen, dust, smoke, fumes, extreme weather conditions, and certain food are important to identify to prevent any form of allergic reaction. Some experience allergies seasonally so preparation and treatment are also called for.

An allergic reaction might be minimal for you, but it can be stressful to deal with in the long run. Having to experience the same symptoms without pinpointing what’s causing it will be a problem. You can prevent this from happening by getting tested by professionals so that they can determine the chemicals and substances your body might not be reacting positively with.

Key Takeaway :

Having difficulty in breathing is a distracting condition to suffer from. Feeling it minorly doesn’t mean that you can just brush it off. In many cases, breathing problems are indicative of underlying health problems that you need to identify and address. These problems only get worse over time and would lead to even bigger issues for both your well-being and your financial situation.

While breathing issues are commonly associated with Covid-19 today because of respiratory infections it leads to, there are many other things that can cause them. Heart problems, asthma, anxiety, and allergies are some of the health conditions that you might overlook and undermine. These conditions are not easily detected and so you need to get professional help and evaluation to fully understand your body.

As the popular saying goes, “health is wealth”. Health problems can prevent you from functioning well and becoming more productive at work or in school. Therefore, no matter how minor it is, you need to listen to your body and become aware of your physical state. This will help you be more active and live a more fulfilling life in the long run.

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