3 Best User-Friendly CRM Software

Are you looking for the Best CRM software? Then this article is for you! Our team has spent countless hours reviewing and ranking all the popular CRM software available on the market these days. These include Hubspot, Salesforce, Freshsales, Pipedrive, Monday CRM, and EngageBay. And now we are excited to walk you through the comprehensive review of the top 3 CRM software that performed exceptionally well during our testing. Also, no matter which CRM software you choose, don’t forget to check out the links we have added in the article. These links have maximum discounts already applied to them so you will end up saving a lot of money.

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Importance Of CRM Software:

By now it has become extremely important for a business to keep track of their customers’ behaviors because taking care of your customers has become a major area of concern. The happier customers are, the more products and services they will buy. To achieve this purpose, most businesses rely on Excel spreadsheets to track sales, and customer data, and create reports. But the problem with this approach is that your important data gets scattered across various people, spreadsheets, and systems, which makes it complicated to use the information and collaborate on sales. And this is where CRM helps you.

CRM software entails every aspect of interaction a company ever had with its customers. It gathers data into a centralized form, giving everyone in your business access to all the information they need from a single platform. It manages your contacts and helps in communicating with your potential buyers and customers. In addition to this, CRM software allows teams to automate various tasks that increase sales and revenue. Now that you know why it is worth spending a few bucks on CRM software, let’s see which CRM software is the best option. Keep in mind that we will cover our picks in descending order, so let’s get into it to see which CRM is our Number 1 Pick.


Taking the third position on our list is Hubspot. HubSpot is a leading CRM software that offers software and support helping companies grow better. This CRM is best for marketers because it is a full-featured all-in-one CRM platform that allows businesses to increase leads, and accelerate sales. The reason why we have our heart on Hubspot is because of its robust features which take its functionality to the next level.


Its Pipeline management tools help you create your sales process ideal and keep you focused on important deals. You can add, delete, and edit deal stages and properties without the help of IT and assign tasks to your teams to push your deals forward.

Email Marketing:

Hubspot also does not disappoint when it comes to email marketing. It provides email integration to trigger email campaigns, log responses, and update contact records. You can set up email workflows that automate various tasks like email sends and contact list changes.


To manage your projects HubSpot offers Projects which is one place for all your tasks, files, and communication. It allows you to stay organized and effective at the same time by allowing you to assign owners, set due dates, and add attachments for every task in a project. This is the dashboard here. If you take a look at reports, HubSpot has changed the game by housing all the metrics in one place. You can create custom reports based on your reporting needs which gives you more flexibility to analyze all the activities. So you can evaluate your performance and figure out what is working and what is not which helps you make data-driven decisions while planning.


Now, If we talk about the pricing structure. One of the best things about HubSpot is that it offers different plans to fit every budget. Firstly, it offers you a free plan which has basic tools for organizing contacts, lead communication, and appointment scheduling. But we don’t recommend the free plan, because the feature set is very limited. Besides a free package, HubSpot also offers 3 paid packages.

Starter Plan:

Firstly there is a Starter plan for $50 monthly which includes 2 paid users, if you want to add more, you will have to pay an additional $25 monthly. It includes all the features available in the free plan plus more features like live chat, meeting scheduling, conversation routing, stripe integration, and more.

Professional Plan:

Its second tier is the Professional plan, which is $500 and included 5 paid users. For an additional user, you will be charged $100 per month. Including all the features you get in the Starter plan, this plan unlocks various features like sales automation, custom reporting, phone support, and more.

HubSpot Enterprise:

Its highest tier is HubSpot Enterprise which is for $1200 monthly with 10 paid users, you need to pay $120 per additional user. In addition to all the features in the professional plan, it offers hierarchical teams, sales analytics, predictive lead scoring, and more. But we recommend you go ahead with the professional plan as it’s more worth buying because it has all the features that a company would need.

Overall, we believe that HubSpot is not a good option for startups and small businesses because the free plan has limited features and its premium plans are quite expensive. But if you are a large enterprise, you can definitely choose HubSpot as it offers a complete set of features in a single place. But, if you have made up your mind about HubSpot, click the link here to avail the maximum discount.

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2. Pipedrive CRM

Next on our list, we have Pipedrive which ranks 2nd among the best CRMs. Pipedrive is a powerful CRM solution for sales activities that allows sales teams to keep track of their leads, focus on the right deal, and is easy to use. It allows the sales team to work smarter, not harder! You can manage your entire sales pipeline by updating deals through dragging and dropping. You can also add custom stages and fields to match your sales cycle. With Pipedrive, you don’t need to manually search social media for contact on a lead or to keep a complex spreadsheet to know the worth of deals in your sales pipeline. Pipedrive will take care of that.

Smart Contact Data:

Its smart contact data features allow you to get an idea of leads based on data available online and via social media profiles. Users can send quotes, proposals, and contracts, as well as create eSignatures with the help of SmartDocs.

Integrated Email Marketing:

It also offers integrated email marketing, with the help of Mailchimp CRM integration you can send customized emails to a defined list of customers. What we really like about Pipedrive is that despite being a sales tool it provides a complete picture of everything in the CRM system as well as detailed project information that can be accessed by clicking on the project’s name.

Pipedrive Dashboard:

Again, Pipedrive does not disappoint us when it comes to dashboards. You will be able to combine your data into customizable dashboards to get a full picture of your business. And you can even share these dashboards with anyone in the world.

Report Section:

Heading over to the reports section there are reports templates that you can simply use and you can just dive right in and start customizing them or you can just build a new report from scratch. It is to create comprehensive reports and keep track of your goals that are customized specifically to your business. These customizable reports can be used to track any custom metrics relevant to your business like tracking numbers of new deals, the average age of deals, and recurring revenue. Although Pipedrive has many advanced features we must say ease of use remains one of its best features.

Pipedrive Pricing:

Having said that, when we look at Pipedrive pricing plans below.

Essential Plan:

The essential plan costs $15 per user per month and has simple features like lead and deal management, a customizable pipeline, deal reports, and 24/7 live chat support. This plan is mainly for startups who want to get organized and set up simple sales processes.

Advanced Plan:

Heading toward the next tier, we have an advanced plan for $29 per user monthly. It has all the features of the Essential plan along with some additional features like customizable email templates, email scheduling, visual dashboards, workflow Automation, and more.

Professional Plan:

When you move up, then there is a Professional plan which costs $49.90 per user per month. This plan unlocks some great features like smart docs, autofilled templates, eSignature, and one-drive document integration.

Enterprise Plan:

And the last one is the Enterprise plan which costs $119 per user monthly. This plan offers you unlimited customization. It includes everything in the previous plans plus security rules, phone support, and an implementation program.

Now, which plan should you pick? Well, the most widely chosen plan is the Professional plan which provides all the features required from a good CRM software to boost performance and revenue. So we think that Pipedrive is a better option for small sales teams to help them stay organized, manage their sales pipeline, and track progress towards sales goals. If you are interested in getting started with pipedrive? Check out the link here to get the maximum discount on your purchase. Pipedrive also offers its customers a 14-day free trial to help you decide if it is the best option for your business or not.

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1. Freshsales CRM:

And finally here comes our highest-rated CRM, Freshsales. Freshsales is an all-in-one Al-based CRM for email activity, email capturing, lead scoring, and so forth. It is the best CRM choice overall for small teams because it offers fundamental features at an affordable price and can be used immediately after signup. Users can manage their leads with automatic lead nurturing features and track their sales Pipeline with the help of advanced analytics which shows potential value, progress, and expected timelines.

Artificial intelligence (Al)-Powered Bot:

It has artificial intelligence (Al)-powered bot that turns website visitors into leads by engaging them in real-time conversations. In addition to its lead management capabilities, it provides more than 30 direct integrations including messaging tools, project management, and marketing and finance apps.

Email Managing:

Not just that, Freshsales allows you to send, manage, and track emails. You can manage your company’s email conversations, send effective outbound campaigns and improve sales performance. It also allows you to connect your email inbox to Freshsales so you can send emails easily to your contacts and record their responses. You can also manage your campaigns within the CRM.

Powerful Analytics Functionalities:

Again, as everything is easy to use in Freshsales, it’s quite simple to create reports in Freshsales. It has powerful analytics functionalities which help its users to make data-driven decisions. Freshsales’ powerful reporting features build visual reports to evaluate your sales by time and measure your sales cycle and velocity. And monitor your team’s activities and performance. Additionally, it allows you to uncover insights into your business metrics by creating custom reports, and dashboards and keeping track of your progress. And the best part is that it has a clean and easy-to-understand interface which is perfect for beginners.

Freshsales Pricing:

Talking about the pricing structure. Freshsales offers a free plan for unlimited users which has some basic features like a task, an in-app phone, lead, and deal management.

Growth Plan:

Then there is a Growth plan for $18 per user per month. With all the features in the free plan, it has some upgraded features which include visual sales pipelines, sales sequences, custom reports, and much more.

Pro Plan:

After that, the Pro plan is for $47 per user monthly, which has everything in the Growth plan along with some advanced features like multiple sales pipeline, Whatsapp Business, and time-based workflows. Heading on to a more expensive plan, Freshsales offers you an

Enterprise Plan:

Enterprise plan for which you will have to pay $83 per user, billed monthly. It has more advanced features as compared to the Pro plan. But we recommend you go for the Pro plan, as it is equipped with sufficient features you can expect from a CRM.

Conclusion: Which CRM Is the Best?

Based on our evaluation, Freshsales is the best CRM software due to its combination of ease of use, powerful lead management features, and affordability. It can generate and nurture leads with its advanced functionality. If you can’t afford the premium plan, you can click here to get into Freshsales free CRM. You should definitely check that out. And if you are unsure, don’t worry! Freshsales Offers a 21 days free trial, so you can test the service without spending a single penny. Also, tell us which CRM software is your pick in the comment section down below.

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